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Top 10 Cricketers of All Time

Updated on December 17, 2014

Cricket, a favourite sport for millions of lives on this planet. A bat-and-ball team game caught the attention of the whole world with the entertainment it has got. It all started in 16th century, the game was first played in England, believed that it was originally a children's game later adults too had started playing the same. Growth of cricket is seen during the 17th century in England and numerous references too available to indicate the same. Cricket became the national sport of England in the 18th century and the game too underwent major developments, new Laws were introduced in the game include three stump wicket, leg before wicket, etc. Well then soon after the game became more popular on the land of the 'Empire on which the sun never sets', it spread to other nations along with the colonial rush. In fact the British Empire had been instrumental in spreading the same overseas. By the middle of the 19th century, Cricket had become well established in many parts of the world especially where the British had their colonies. Organised competition at county and Test level developed, the last two decades before the World War - I, the Golden Age of cricket. Best players evolved from time to time, dominated the cricket world with their spectacular performance. Here is the list of the top ten all time best players of the The Gentleman's game.

Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin Tendulkar

1. Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is an Indian cricketer who is generally regarded as the best living batsman and the records prove that he is undoubtedly the most successful batsman today. He has made a world record for the highest number of ODI and Test matches. He has played 657 international cricket matches and also became the first batsman in history to cross the 34,000 run in all the forms of the game cricket. He is the most productive run scorer in one-day international cricket matches with 18,426 runs and 15,470 runs in other test matches. He also has made a record of the highest number of centuries in both ODI and Test cricket with 51 and 49 runs respectively. He also was the first player who made a doble-century in ODI history. He has been made Man of the Match 13 times in test matches and also Man of the Series around four times. He was also made Man of the Match sixty times in One day International matches and Man of the Series fourteen times. He has also constantly done very well in other Cricket World Cups.

Sir Don Bradman
Sir Don Bradman

2. Sir Don Bradman

Sir Donald George Bradman, who is generally known as The Don, was the greatest batsman of all times and he has made 99.94 as his career 'Test batting' average which is the greatest achievement in any major sports. He made his debut at the Adelaide Oval when he was 19 in his twenty years career of playing cricket and he also became the number one sporting idol of Australia. Other than the records he holds for batting average include 974 runs - Most runs in one series by any player during 1930; Most number of double centuries, 12; Most triple centuries, 2, and so on. He was the first Australian to have a museum which was dedicated to his life. His image has also been inscribed on postage stamps and some coins. The Royal Australian Mint was distributed with Bradman's image on it, a $5 commemorative gold coin. He was also initiated into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame during 2009.

Jacques Kallis
Jacques Kallis

3. Jacques Kallis

Jacques Henry Kallis is a South African cricketer and is also the greatest all-rounders. He is an alarming right-hand batsman and also is a fast-medium swingbowler. He appeared for the first Test against England in 1995. He made his World Cup bow in the 1996 Cricket World Cup. He has played in more than 150 tests and 321 ODIs. He is the only cricketer in the history to make more than 11,000 runs and 250 wickets in one day and Test matches. He scored 13,046 runs in Test matches and 11,498 runs in ODIs. He also made 270 in ODIs and 284 wickets in Test matches. He has also scored centuries on 44 instances in Test matches and 17 times in ODI matches. He has led all the S. African batsmen in runs during ODI and Test matches. Hence, he has been regarded as the best and greatest cricketer ever seen.

Imran Khan
Imran Khan

4. Imran Khan

Imran Khan is a former cricketer from Pakistan. He played international cricket for nearly two decades and was therefore considered as Pakistan's most victorious cricket captain. Khan made his Test cricket debut in 1971 against England at Birmingham. Three years later, he made his debut in the ODI match, and again played against England at Nottingham. At the peak of his career, which was in 1982, Khan became the captain of the Pakistan cricket team. As a captain, he reached the height of his career when he led Pakistan to victory in the 1992 Cricket World Cup. Imran Khan played in 175 ODIs and also in 88 Test matches. He took 182 wickets in ODI and 362 wickets in Test cricket matches. He was also called as Wisden Cricketer of the Year in 1983. Khan took 10 wickets in a Test Cricket match 6 times and 5 wickets in innings 23 times.

Brian Lara
Brian Lara

5. Brian Lara

Brian Charles Lara, the West Indian international cricket player was made his debut into international cricket in 1990. He is considered as one of the greatest batsmen of all time and on several occasions Lara topped the Test batting rankings and also holds several cricketing records. His highest individual score in first-class cricket was 501 not out. Lara also has made a record for the highest individual score of 400 not out in a test innings. He is the only cricketer to make a century, a double century, a triple century and also a quadruple century in all the Test matches. He has made a quintuple century in first class matches and he is regarded as one of the best batsmen in Test cricket history. He was the unsurpassed leading in scoring runs in Test cricket but was exceeded by Sachin Tendulkar in 2008. He made a feat of scoring many centuries against all nations playing test matches. He made 28 runs in a test match against South Africa, making a world record of the most runs ever made in a single over in Test cricket. He was presented the Wisden Leading Cricketer in the World award during 1994 and 1995. He also got the coveted award of the BBC Overseas Sports Personality of the Year.

Wasim Akram
Wasim Akram

6. Wasim Akram

Wasim Akram is a former cricketer from Pakistan. He was a real left arm fast bowler who bowled with great pace and a left-handed batsman. He is considered as one of the best fast bowlers in the history of the cricket game. He is also regarded as one of the creators and the best example of reverse swing bowling. In 1985, Akram made his Test cricket debut for Pakistan against New Zealand and began his ODI career against New Zealand in Pakistan in the year 1984. He also played 356 ODIs and 104 Test matches and he made 3717 and 2898 runs in ODIs and Test matches, respectively. He took 414 wickets in all the Test matches which he had played and took 502 wickets in ODIs. In Test cricket matches, he has taken 10 wickets in a match five times and he has taken 5 wickets in innings around 25 times. Akram has won seventeen Man-of-the-Match awards in 104 tests. He took four hat-tricks in International cricket - two in both ODIs and in Tests. He also ended with 22 Man-of-the-Match awards in the ODIs.

Ricky Ponting
Ricky Ponting

7. Ricky Ponting

Ricky Thomas Ponting is former cricketer from Australia. He is an expert right-handed batsman and is commonly regarded by many people to be the best batsman in modern times. Between 2004 and 2011 he is a former captain also of the Australia national cricket team in Test cricket and 2002 and 2011 in ODIs. He is the most victorious captain of all time, scoring 48 victories in 77 Tests. He began his Test cricket debut in 1995 against Sri Lanka and his ODI debut in 1995 against South Africa. He played in 375 ODIs and 168 Test matches and he scored 13,704 and 13,378 runs in ODI and Test matches, respectively. Ricky Ponting is the leading run-scorer in Test and ODI cricket in Australia. He scored 30 ODI cricket centuries and 41 Test cricket centuries in his career. His best ODI batting score of 164 was scored against South Africa and his highest Test score was 242 against India. As a captain, he scored 162 victories as ODI captain and 48 victories as a Test captain. Ponting also made the record of making the most Cricket World Cups ever won as a captain.

Kapil Dev
Kapil Dev

8. Kapil Dev

Kapil Dev Ramlal Nikhanj is a former Indian cricketer who was the captain of the Indian cricket team which won the 1983 Cricket World Cup. He was a right-arm pace bowler and was famous for his graceful action and strong outswinger, and was also India's main strike bowler during many years in his career. As a batsman, Kapil was a natural striker of the ball who might hook and drive efficiently. Kapil was a naturally assertive player and he frequently helped India in some tough situations by taking the attack to the opposition team. He was also the highest wicket taker in India in both key forms of cricket, Tests and ODIs. He is the only player in cricket history to have taken over 400 wickets and has scored more than 5,000 runs in Test matches, becoming one of the greatest all-rounders. He played 525 in ODI and 231 Test matches. Kapil took 553 in ODIs and 734 wickets in Test cricket matches as he was a spectacular bowler. According to the ICC cricket ratings for all-rounders in ODI cricket, his highest scoring of 631 is the best ever achieved. Kapil scored 53 times five wickets in innings in Test cricket matches.

Shane Warne
Shane Warne

9. Shane Warne

Shane Keith Warne is former international cricketer from Australia who is known all over the world as one of the greatest bowlers in the history of cricket. He played his first Test match in 1992, and scored more than 1000 international wickets. Warne's record of 708 Test wickets was made for the most wickets taken by any bowler in any Test cricket. Warne is a useful lower-order batsman, and he scored more than 3000 Test runs, and he made a record for the most number of Test runs without a century. Warne played 145 Test matches and 194 ODIs. He had taken 5 wickets in an innings 37 times in Test cricket. He has made numerous spectacular performances in Ashes series against England and also as his Test career, Warne has done excellent bowling in one-day cricket.

Muttiah Muralitharan
Muttiah Muralitharan

10. Muttiah Muralitharan

Muttiah Muralitharan is a former cricketer from Sri Lanka who was regarded as the greatest Test match bowler ever known. Muralitharan became the highest wicket-taker in Test cricket when he had overtaken the previous record-holder Shane Warne. He has made an average of over six wickets per Test, and is one of the most successful bowlers in cricket. He is the first wrist-spinning off-spinner in the history of cricket. Since his debut in cricket in 1992, he has taken 800 Test wickets and more than 500 ODI wickets, and thus became the first player to take 1,000 wickets jointly in the two major forms of international cricket. Muralitharan has also taken five or more wickets in an innings on 67 occasions in Test cricket, which in itself is a good world record. He also holds the record of Most Man of the Series awards in Test cricket and he is also the only player to take 10 wickets in a Test in four successive cricket matches. He has been able to accomplish this feat twice.

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    • profile image

      Ananymos 2 years ago

      I totally 100% agree with this list .

    • profile image

      Amil 2 years ago

      I agree with this list . But where is Viv Richards ?

    • SAQIB6608 profile image

      SAQIB 3 years ago from HYDERABAD PAKISTAN

      Loved to see IK in that list. Respest from PAKISTAN

    • profile image

      rk 3 years ago

      My test squad-----Gavaskar, Sehvagh , Bradman , Tendulkar , brian lara, Richards , Gilchrist , W. Akram , Warne , Denis lillee , Mc grath . 12th player Muralidharan.

      My OdI squad --- Gilchrist , Tendulkar , Pointing , VVN Richards , Yuvraj Singh , Dhoni , Imran Khan , kapil deo , W. Akram , Shaun Pollock , Murlidharan . 12th man Shane Warne

    • profile image

      Kshitiz Nepali 4 years ago

      We all know that Rahul Dravid is one of the finest cricketer....he is not only a cricketer he is inspiration to in my view he is greatest cricketer i love u wall

    • profile image

      cricket fan 4 years ago

      Indians , please see the King Kallis stats ( Kallis=Dravid+Zaheer) , we missed you Kallis.. you are the num 1 cricketer all time.. also thanks to your 100th ton in farewall test .. appreciate from Cricket World..

    • profile image

      Nicola 4 years ago

      Let's be honest, it is debatable if Sachin is even the greatest player of his generation. Kallis, Ponting, Warne and others probably put him to the test. It is ridiculous to even compare him to Bradman. Sachin is a great player but greatest ever? Probably not even the greatest of the last 20 years.

    • profile image

      not an indian 4 years ago

      All your comments are biased only thinking about sub-continental players who get the bulk of their stats against weak teams you people should also consider the fact the cricket is over 200 years old so you should consider players from the pre-war era such as Dr. W.G. Grace and Victor Trumper

    • profile image

      INDIAN 4 years ago


    • profile image

      indian 4 years ago

      Sachin 100th century was awesome against Bangladesh....the god of cricket took 140 balls and India lost the match....he s selfish not match winner.....India real heroes are Dhoni,kapil,Sehwag....

    • profile image

      My name is Souro 4 years ago

      Personal information

      Full name Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar

      Born 24 April 1973 (age 40)

      Bombay, Maharashtra, India

      Nickname Master Blaster ,Tendlya, Little Master[1]

      Height 5 ft 5 in (165 cm)

      Batting style Right-handed

      Bowling style Right-arm leg spin, off spin, medium pace

      Role Batsman

      International information

      National side


      Test debut (cap 187) 15 November 1989 v Pakistan

      Last Test 22 March 2013 v Australia

      ODI debut (cap 74) 18 December 1989 v Pakistan

      Last ODI 18 March 2012 v Pakistan

      ODI shirt no. 10

      Only T20I (cap 11) 1 December 2006 v South Africa

      Domestic team information

      Years Team

      1988 Cricket Club of India

      1988–present Mumbai

      1992 Yorkshire

      2008–2013 Mumbai Indians

      Career statistics

      Competition Test ODI FC LA

      Matches 198 463 302 551

      Runs scored 15,837 18,426 24,896 21,999

      Batting average 53.86 44.83 57.89 45.54

      100s/50s 51/67 49/96 80/113 60/114

      Top score 248* 200* 248* 200*

      Balls bowled 4,198 8,032 7,551 10,230

      Wickets 45 154 70 201

      Bowling average 54.69 44.32 62.15 42.17

      5 wickets in innings 0 2 0 2

      10 wickets in match 0 n/a 0 n/a

      Best bowling 3/10 5/32 3/10 5/32

      Catches/stumpings 115/– 140/– 184/– 175/–

    • profile image

      PAK 4 years ago

      No doubt Sachin is a cricket legend but statistics clearly show that Bradman is far better. Those who say that in Bradman's era, cricket was easier, why didn't any other player come up to an average of 100 at that time. There were so many legends too in that era.

    • profile image

      nikhil 4 years ago

      suresh raina is a unique legend

    • profile image

      ummehani 4 years ago

      dhoni is the best. Wo bahut ache caption or bahut ache batsman or wicket keeper he. Wo world ke best player he.

    • profile image

      chinu 4 years ago

      I always felt that Bradman's fans don't stop talking about sachin. That is what this man got. If you think bradman is best then just say it, but you can't bcoz you know sachin is there. Everytime someone tried to say about bradman added sachin into that. But Sachin fans proudly say HE IS THE BEST. stop joking here fools, admit the fact.

    • profile image

      basu 4 years ago


    • profile image

      prakash 4 years ago

      Dhon is the best because he never think negetive. When ever he is on pitcth he play slowly but after some time he start playing fastly and than he hit SIXES AND FOURS.

    • profile image

      Cric Love 4 years ago

      Really? You can't choose "best" cricketer out of a poll... You can find out who is the popular cricketer through this. But never "The Best". You need to go through performance and records for it.

    • profile image

      vignesh.g 4 years ago

      sachin tentulkar is the best player in the world...........

      no one can beat him..............

      i love sachin tentulkar very much .........................................................

    • profile image

      harshit 4 years ago

      sachin is god of cricket mind your language why sachin should clean the toilet men who think about past they are the biggest fool as sachin is current and great

    • profile image

      Seshan Samal 4 years ago

      It would be unfair to pick top 10 of all times inCricket & any other sport.

      There are players like Cook, Devililers,Dhoni,Kohli are emerging & many will emerge as well. So for those players it is not good to pick 10 all time great.

      But if we see till today Sachin, Bradman,Sobers,Murlitharan are few. But those who say Sachin is inefficient to wash toilet of Don Bradmaan I remind them that Bradmaan has himselfed appriciated Sachin. So commenting wrongly on Sachin is in directly commenting Bradman.

      So overall the debate is a waste according to me. All who give their heart out for game are great. So don't insult them by just making a list.

    • profile image

      Goutham Kumar 4 years ago

      U don't have Sourav Ganguly in this List .. lol...

    • profile image

      shahul 4 years ago


      1.Gilchrist (The Gilly)

      2.Chris Gayle(The Hitter)

      3.Suresh Raina(The Legend)

      4.Virat kohli(the hansom)

      5.Shane watson(the destroyer)


      1.Dale steyn(the crusher)

      2.Saeed ajmal(the spinner)

      3.Ashwin(the carrom baller)

      4.Sunil narine(the spike man)

      5.Bhuwaneshwar kumar(the small boy)

    • profile image 4 years ago

      1 Sir Don Bradman

      2 Sir Gary Sobers

      3 Imran Khan

      4 Viv Richards

      5 Rahul Dravid

      6 Rickty Pointing

      7 Wasim Akram

      8 Dennis Lillee

      9 Mutiah Murlitharan

      10 Shane Warne

    • profile image

      lalit 4 years ago

      I think we should not compare legends .We should see that how our youngsters to become legends .India pujara kohli dhawan vijay jadeja ashwin ojha raina bhuvi ishant .

    • profile image

      sarfaraj 4 years ago

      sachin is the god of cricket .he faced all bowler during 90s and body can point out him .he played all short of cricket still now when he was in age of any batsman can face the ball at the speed of 150 at this age.

    • profile image

      Hifza 4 years ago

      Shahid Afridi is the best player

    • Fastian profile image

      Fastian 5 years ago

      Tendulkar on top? Most of his centuries cost Indian team a victory and many times. Number one place deserves a better candidate I suppose. A captain in my opinion who steered the boat at difficult times, brought victories home, and gave his team a respectable reputation.

    • profile image

      vettrivelsurya 5 years ago

      why does savrav ganguly was nut added???????

      why sehwag was not added to his great ODI runs 219

    • profile image

      muzamil pitka kashmir 5 years ago

      The great ten players,shown above is perfect. sachin,imran,murli,shane,lara,wasim,kapil,ricky,kallis and the great sir don all are really lengends, no matter where u put them in the list but all are equally great. this is the perfect list.

    • profile image

      messi 5 years ago

      SHANE WATSON IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OF ALL THE TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      irfan kashmiri 5 years ago

      1. sir Sachin Tendulkar 2. Jacques Kallis 3. Ricky Ponting 4. Brian Lara 5. Rahul Dravid 6. Mike Hussey 7. M.S.Dhoni 8. Wasim Akram 9. Shane Warne 10. M.Muralitharan 11. Glin Mcgrath 12. WaqarYounis

    • profile image

      abdullah 5 years ago

      list according to me should be:

      1. Ab de Villiers.

      2. Jacques Kallis.

      4. Michele Clark.

      3. Sachin Tendulkar.

      5. Alaistar Cook.

      6.Mike Hussey

    • profile image

      ishant 5 years ago

      why saurav ganguly is not in the list

    • profile image

      anlo 5 years ago

      The most complete cricketer must be JACQUES KALLIS.

      Look at his statistics batting/bowling/catches.

      If you can't appreciate it you are in denial.

      Test batting he almost averages 60.

      If Bradman played as many tests as him I wonder what his average would be?

      If he played as many games as Sachin, he would be way in front.

      Unfortunately South Africa does not play as many test matches as India.

    • profile image

      carel 5 years ago

      The player with the most man-of -the -match awards is Jaques Kallis, 23times, next best is tendulkar with 19. Interesting that the one critism against him, is that he is not an match winner. Yet no other player had consistently a greater impact on the game.

    • profile image

      UMESH 5 years ago

      (1) Don Bradman (2) Rahul Dravid (3) Shane Warne (4) Mc Grath (5) Muthiahh Murlidharan (6) Sir Vivian Richards (7) Brian Lara (8) Jacques Kallis (9) Virat Kohali (10) Mahendra Singh Dhoni

    • profile image

      Cricket BO$$ 5 years ago

      Looking at the rankings and and comments clearly shows how bias the rankings and that it only cares about batting. Newsflash everyone to become one of the greatest cricketers of all time you have to be a legendary bowler, batsman, fielder, and captain. Here is the list of top cricketers of all time that I believe:

      1. No doubt Imran Khan (greatest all-rounder and captain of all time )

      2. Ricky Ponting ( amazing captain, batsman, and a fielder)

      3.Jacques Kallis (amazing all-rounder and fielder)

      4. Don Bradman ( highest average in history 99.94)

      5. Tendulkar ( most runs in Test and ODIs)

      6. Brian Lara ( highest score in Test history equivalent to 401)

      7. Wasim Akram ( greatest bowler of all time and can do damage with the bat-all-rounder)

      8. Shane Warne ( first bowler in history to take 700 test wickets)

      9. Muralitharan ( most wickets in Tests and ODIs)

      10. Glen Megrath ( amazing with the bowl and in the field)

      The master of cricket and greatest cricketer of all time Imran Khan (bat+ball+field+captaincy)

      Greatest batsman of all time: Don Bradman (bat+field)

      Greatest bowler of all time: Wasim Akram, cam up with reverse swing(bat+field+can do some damage with the bat)

    • profile image

      Cricket Fan 5 years ago

      Here the list:

      ODI team :

      1. Kallis ( Best Avg and Best bowl and Bat ) - all rounder

      2. Sachin Tendulkar

      3. Sanath Jayasurya ( Fast and Best and Most matches played ) - experineced

      4. Adam Gilchrist( Fast opener ) - Wicket Keeper

      5. Ricky Ponting ( Bat ) - Best captain all time - captain

      6. Sobers ( all rounder )

      7. Muralidharan - Best spineer in Odi

      8. Courtney Walsh ( Fast Bowler )

      9. Glenn Macgrath ( Fast Bowler )

      10. Wasim Akram ( Fast Bowler )

      11. Lasith Malinga 9 He can Bowl good in york, thas why I added in the list )

      Appologies to Dravid, Ganguly, Steve waugh and Viv Richard , I am Just Considering , who were maitained most Impressive avg in most mathcs .

      Test Team:

      1. No Doubt Sir Don Bradman

      2. Kallis ( You see his bat avg and Bowl avg and he scored 44 hundreds )

      3. Tendulkar

      4. Dravid

      5. Ponting ( Canptain )

      6. Inzamam ul haq

      7. Shane warne

      8. Muralidharan

      9. Ambrose

      10. Glenn Macgrath

      11. Dennis Lelli

      Again appolog to Holding , and steve wuagh, Imran Kahn...

      But All over ( Tset + ODI+ T20)

      Kallis Is maintaining the good Avg and good runs and Good bowl - He is the master of cricket all time

      If qusetion Please see Kallis career ,,, fantastic..

    • profile image

      nasir 5 years ago

      kallis is best

    • profile image

      carel 5 years ago

      does anyone know who won the most man-of-the-match awards; surely that will give us an indication?

    • profile image

      fshvfxfc 5 years ago

      ganguly is a cricket god and gud captain

    • profile image

      Naveed 5 years ago

      I think you all guys wasting your time only one name who is equally best in all department The great Imran Khan

      As a Bowler, as a batsman and as a great Captain. Remember he won the 1992 world cup with very weak team at that time with all round performance

      Think about it

    • profile image

      satheesh 5 years ago

      God of Cricket- Kallis ( Bowl+bat+field)

      Best Batsman - Tendulkar ( Bat + field )

      Best Bowler - Murali or warne

      I am considering only regarding the career avg.

      I don't know why Richards , sobbers, Steve waugh , Botham in top 1o. where is Ponting , Dravid, Inzi ,

      Sorry I miised where is Sanath Jaysurya?

    • profile image

      khushi 5 years ago

      Shahid Afridi is the most wanted cricketer of the world and he is best among all

    • profile image

      omkar joshi 5 years ago

      i think the list shld like this....

      Sachin Tendulkar-most runs in alla format

      Muttiah Muralitharan-most wickets

      Suni Gavaskar-1st man on earth to make 10000,

      Rahul Dravid-most ball faced

      Donald Bradmand-most avg compare to other...99.56

      Johnty Rhodes-most succesfull fielder

      ponting-most succesful captain

      Adam Gilchrist-most catches as w/k

      Anil Kumbale-in one inning 10 one had taken before nd till date

      all above have their record....(top)

      ,,most successful captain,succesful fielder,

    • profile image

      SSSKP 5 years ago

      Why there is no Johnty Rhodes. He is the greatest fielder ever in cricket.

    • profile image

      vasanth 5 years ago

      where is virendra sehwag, The father of modern cricket?

    • profile image

      Vedant 5 years ago

      If Rahul Dravid's name doesn't feature on the list then it's null and void for me.

    • profile image

      sidz 5 years ago

      the only reason tendulkar top the poles is that there are 1 billion indians compared to 22 million australians..... The stats speak for themselves. Bradman easily takes it. And im english

    • profile image

      Anish 5 years ago

      How is Bradman only 8 percent in voting and Sachin 49.Bradman is easily better than Sachin

    • profile image

      preet_jatt 5 years ago

      No ranking can start without Sachin Tendulkar because he is the top contender..It doesn't matter how much cricketers had played before and after Sachin and how much will play....

      Sachin was the best,he is the best and he will be best because of his records......

    • profile image

      maqbulbajjha. Japla 5 years ago

      1. Sachin ten fleming

      3.R ponting

      4.j kellis

      5.m jaiwardne

      6.k petersen dhoni

      8.shahid afridi

      9.D vitory

      10.wasim akram

      11.zaheer khan

    • profile image

      add 5 years ago

      (1) Don Bradman (2) Rahul Dravid (3) Shane Warne (4) Mc Grath (5) Muthiahh Murlidharan (6) Sir Vivian Richards (7) Brian Lara (8) Jacques Kallis (9) Virat Kohali (10) Mahendra Singh Dhoni

    • profile image

      Pariwartan 5 years ago

      Ricky is the best batsman and most successful captain whose captaincy made the aussies to win against world11 and win world cups.....He is god for me and an idol...I wish i could bowl him once in my life..............Hope my dreams come true

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      i think wasim akram and imran khan are among top ten and if some body have doubts they should listen sir donald breadman wht he said about wasim.

    • profile image

      deekshith 5 years ago

      where is the wall dravid and bengal tiger saurav ganguly , anil kumbla takes more than 600 wickets where is he.

      i cant able to understad why afridi is placed in the list it is biggest mystery i cant understand

    • profile image

      romi 5 years ago

      i think this list focus more on batsman

    • profile image

      satyam 5 years ago

      I am think that the Jacques Kallis is not in top 10 the veru is bestest

    • profile image

      Thuva 5 years ago

      Sangakkara 10Th

    • profile image

      syed 5 years ago

      where is sir ravindra jadeja

    • profile image

      Ranga 5 years ago

      Well said suraj..keep it up..

    • profile image

      Srinivasreddy 5 years ago

      Iam indian but i cant supported all indianplayers i supported who better played in matchwinnig perfamance i think my openion sachin is the best i see sachin batting i cant see bradmenbatting number one always sachin aftar my openion 2)sirdonbradmen 3)lara 4)ponting 5)muralidharan 6)shanewarne 7)souravganguly 8)inzamamulhaq 9)kallis 10)kumarasangakara

    • profile image

      Suraj 5 years ago

      When there are so many great players from past & present its unfair to make a top 10 list of even compare them :) all are greats in their own rights.... While some say Don played only against England and try to downride or insult him but it isn't true or acceptable as even when you only consider the number of runs & avg of any player even Sachin it will be way too low :)

      And playing likes of Lilly, Thomson, Holding, Garner, Marshall and other great genuine fast bowlers without protection is no joke :D similarly even with all the protection facing modern bowlers with loads of variation is also not a joke....

      As far as skills go: ( I am not making a list )

      Wasim Akram - Swing, Seam, Aggression - You will never see a bowler like him agan

      Muttiah Muralitharan - Almost 90 deg turning off spinner/leg spinner, Variation

      Sharne Warne - Almost 90 deg turning leg spinner/googly, and of-course variations

      Cricketing World will never produce such a skilled players again in other worlds we are unfortunate enough not to see one more Wasim, Murali or Warne again... These three players are incomparable....

      No offense to anyone..... By skills I intend making the ball do things that no other can even dream of....

    • profile image

      Ranga 5 years ago

      We want Wasim akram there.what a bowler he was.they have forgot all the fast bowlers.that's not fair.

    • profile image

      cricket master 5 years ago

      where is anil kumble, gavaskar, kapil dev, ricky ponting and dravid. cricket is incomplete without these legends

    • profile image

      Ranga 5 years ago

      Had murali been an indian he also would have been a god considering the number of wickets that he took.we see sir don is honoured by impartial community as the best.but there is no one to compare with murali instead of warne who palayed more matches than we are proud of murali.we respect him.but we don't worship because he wants to be with us as a ground to earth man.a true friend.a good humen.we love him.

    • profile image

      Ranga 5 years ago

      Sachin is an opener.that's why he score more.he is a good he played more matches.but certainely not a god.a selfish human.that's all

    • profile image

      abdullah buttar 5 years ago

      where is brett lee

    • profile image

      Ranger 5 years ago

      Sachin is an opener.dats y he scored more.he s a good opener.certly not a god.

    • profile image

      ahmed 5 years ago

      how could you miss the greatest cricketer named sir ricky thomas ponting one of the great batsman fielder and captains of all time.if you are going to add any before him than ask him to stamp his authority like ponting has through out his illustrous carrer in almost each department of the game

    • profile image

      zaheer abbas 5 years ago

      One should judge the ranking keeping in the mind the circumstances at the time ! At this time making run is easier than before 90's !

    • profile image

      neha 5 years ago

      we can't forget rahul dravid..........

    • profile image

      javaid paul srinagar 5 years ago

      my team is as under

      1. Shahid afridi

      2. M.s dhoni

      3. V. Kholi

      4. U. Gul

      5. S. Ajmal

      6. Tk. Dilshan

      7. V. Sehwag

      8. S. Watson

      9. C. Gyale

      10. AB. Devillers

      11. H. Amla

    • profile image

      prashant khade 9892733999 5 years ago

      Still no one backing up Munaf can u forget him...he is a true fighter and a great legend... pls call me i will explain you how much important he is...

    • profile image

      venu 5 years ago

      sehwag sachin dravid ganguly laxman all are legendary cricketers .sehwag took test cricket to very higher.there is lot of players playing vs wi all of them are not doing even 100 also. in international cricket scoring 100 is not very easy on each opportunity. we admire sehwag's greatness and destructiveness and he is the only fear-less cricketer in the world. so u mates stop criticise him and enjoy his style of batting his debut century came in southafrica,his second ton in england,he scored century in wi and australia 195,out of sub-continent his average id above 50.

    • profile image

      Vikram 5 years ago

      Chutiye Bin its not extension its extinction

    • profile image

      PAK 5 years ago

      if indians want's Dravid then where is Great Inzmam, A match winner a fighter . his fighting capabilities are greater then 10dolkar.

      But there should be Imaran as all rounder and Wasim as bowler.

    • profile image

      shaheryar baloch 5 years ago

      ricky ponting is the best cricketer in this world sachin tendulker is a loser

    • profile image

      ABED 5 years ago

      1. Sachin

      2. Shewag

      3. Kholi

      4. Sharma

      5. Raina

      6. Dhoni

      7. Jadeja

      8. Ashwin

      9. Umesh

      10. Zaheer

      Now every indians are happy. Or else BCCI will stop investing in cricket, they will only play IPL. players like bravo, gayle will go there for earning money, all Indians will start crying and the world will be flooded as they available every where in the WORLD. please stop saying about others. The all is india. or else they will start crying. Then, No one can help rest of the world. :D

    • profile image

      javaid 5 years ago

      my team 1Jaiasuria 2s.anwar 3ponting 4lara5gilcrist6m bevan7jkallis8limran9wasim10murli11 s.ajmal..

    • profile image

      AbdulHadi 5 years ago

      wasim akram is the best bowler of all time and brain lara is the greatest batsman in the cricket history

    • profile image

      prashant khade 9892733999 5 years ago

      I strongly recommend inclusion of Munaf Patel in the list of top 10 cricketers of the world...

    • profile image

      prashant khade 5 years ago

      I think munaf patel should be included in the list..he can bring wonders on cricket field with his charming smile.. Also he bowls a bit.

    • profile image

      lokesh 5 years ago

      kallis was the best all rounder of alltime & in all formats.

    • profile image

      Shoeb Bashar 5 years ago

      Shakib Al hasan is also one of the greatest cricketers in the world.

    • profile image

      D suresh venkat rao 5 years ago

      without rahul dravid how can a list of cricket can be complite

    • profile image

      ljaey 5 years ago

      i dnt undastand why ricky ponting isn't makng that list . He won e best cricketer of the decade , has e most wins in test cricket . Arguably e most successful captain in e morden era . As far as dorminance in world cricket is concerned , he shud b up there w e best .

    • profile image

      yogesh 5 years ago

      rahul dravid is not in list of best batsmans...its really funny...whereas shahid afridi and chris cairns are must be joking

    • profile image

      prem 5 years ago

      sehwag is the man who gets his ton with six...In sehwag dictonary there is no meaning of FEAR..

    • profile image

      Ajinkya 5 years ago

      where is saurav ganguly ? isn't he is 1 of great captain , who lift indian site alot, when its really needed.....

    • profile image

      Ashutosh 5 years ago

      I agree these all are good cricketers but where is vinod kambli isn't he not good

    • profile image

      dane 5 years ago

      i agree sunjab.. did you play cricket with David?? i heard his moustache is not real.?? is that true

    • profile image

      sunjab 5 years ago

      i think David Boon, not only a leader of men, but to play with a body like that and also to be able to drink like that makes him the best all round criketer the world has seen.

    • profile image

      Muru 5 years ago

      Sachin is god of batting.. But Kallis is god of cricket.. King Kallis..

    • profile image

      Din 5 years ago

      Where is the great inzamam the only fighter who won great matches with the tail enders

    • profile image

      ziyad 5 years ago

      hey guys were is rahul dravid selfless man he must be under 10th position he is realy amazing

    • profile image

      nagrudip 5 years ago

      don't compare greats

      just enjoy the game provided by all cricket players

      finaly cricket is the graetst, if not cricket no don nor the master

    • profile image

      sajjad hussain 5 years ago

      wasim akram is the greatest ever left arm bowler. he showed great skills in during his cricket`

    • profile image

      mohammad safarullah 5 years ago

      Sachin is a great cricketer and legend there is no doubt at all and we must respect his tallent,skill,dedication etc.,,,,.please salute him.

      But please do not call him as 'GOD'. we all are just a human beings.