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Top 7 Football Wonder Kids You Don't Want to Miss

Updated on July 10, 2016

7. Adnan Januzaj

At 21 years of age, the Belgian talent, Januzaj, is contracted to Manchester United and has appeared in 21 games without any goals or assists. Despite not having the best record at the club, he is one of the largest play creators at Manchester with an average of 18 passes a game and 81% of them being spot on. Even the former Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson compliments this young talent, “Adnan is a beautifully balanced player. He’s only 18 and has to grow into his frame but he has good balance, good acceleration and is a very good technical player.” – Sir Alex Ferguson


6. Simone Scuffet

The Udinese youth product, Simone Scuffet, had an amazing 2013-14 season consisting of 16 Serie A appearances, 41 saves, and 6 clean sheets! Simone participated in three seperate divisions last year: the Serie A, Coppa Italia, and the U17 World Cup hosted in Brazil. Quite the achievement for a 20-year-old goalkeeper, however, the young Scuffet has not been the greatest benefit to his club this 2014-15 season because he was not given a chance to perform. In the overall scheme of Simone’s accomplishments; he’s started in 22 games and amazingly has 59 saves.


5. Alen Halilovic

The Croatian hotshot, Alen Halilovic, earned the number 5 position in this top seven countdown because of phenomenal performances since his debut at Zagreb (in 2012) where he scored his first goal for the club and made league history by being the youngest player to ever score in the Croatian First Football League.But Halilovic's fame really started to rise 2 years ago. His talent really shined when he was contracted to Dinamo Zagreb in the Croatian First Football League. A key first-team player at age 16, Alen appeared in 26 games for his club and scored a solid 5 goals. With 85% passing accuracy, he almost never gave up possession, and now more than ever his play is quite astounding. Halilovic makes an average of 3 dribbles a game and is more likely to be fouled than lose the ball. Now at 20 years of age, Alen is a star on Barcelona B and has a great future ahead of him.


4. Kurt Zouma

21-year-old Chelsea center back, Kurt Zouma, is known as one of the youngest and most talented defenders in the world. The Frenchman scored a cheeky goal in his five Capital One Cup appearances; not to mention, his 91% pass completion record throughout his four Champion’s League appearances. Zouma started eight games for his club, Chelsea, along with seven sub-ons (E.P.L. 2014-15). He had a bold overall report for his 2014-15 season averaging with 3 clearances and of 1 tackle a game. His statistics don’t match others in the club, but Kurt has done incredibly well for such a little amount of playing time. The 32-year-old Chelsea goalkeeper, Petr Cech, gives a little feedback about his teammate, Kurt Zouma, “Everybody benefits when he plays."


3. Emre Can

Playing for Liverpool F.C. in the premiership, Emre Can takes the 3rd spot in this top seven countdown. This 22-year-old, German midfielder has had an astonishing impact for not only his national team, but also his club teams. In 2013, he achieved 3 goals in twenty-nine appearances as well as an involvement in almost every play. Can's worth is shown throughout his domination of midfield; which is why he’s become the talent that he is today. In conclusion, Can is and will continue to be one of the E.P.L.’s best midfielders and with 20 years left; he's one to watch out for.


2. Maximilian Meyer

Yet again a promising German claims his earning in the world’s best potential footballers. Meyer, fresh out of the youth facility at 20-years-old is a force to be reckoned with. Maximilian, now an occasional starter for his club team, Schalke 04, has currently scored over 15 goals as a center-attacking midfielder during his 4 years as senior member at the club. So there you have it, averaging at 7 goals a season, Maximilian Meyer is clearly on his way to achieve greatness. I think I speak for all when I say he is the next Mesut Ozil.


1. Memphis Depay

Meet Memphis Depay; the number young footballer in the world. Memphis started his professional football career at a Dutch team known as PSV Eindhoven. Over the course of his 4-5 year stay, he scored 39 goals in 90 appearances; during his 13-14 season in particular, Memphis not only brought PSV to the top winning the league title, but he was top scorer with 22 goals. It’s safe to say that Memphis will make history and be the legend of the next generation.

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Sorry for missing out on a few; it was really close between some, but it's tough to pick only 7 amazing footballers!

© 2016 Dimitri Joy

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