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Top 10 Goalscorers In Football History

Updated on February 2, 2016

Hello such Soccer Lovers, seeing some posts about football, inspire me to make a Top 10 of the top scorers in history according to the International Federation of History and Statistics of the Soccer (IFFHS) and I see that there is much confusion about so no more .... Here I give the post

Cristiano Ronaldo manages to get into this select list because he is the top scorer in the history of Real Madrid with 323 goals.

The victory over Malmo 2-0 in the second round of Group A of the Champions League, has allowed the crack of Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo, getting into the select list of the best '9' football history world. We know of who it is.


The Brazilian, arguably the greatest player of all time, scored 1281 goals in 1363 games in 22 seasons, although officially made 767 goals in 831 official matches. He also played three world with Brazil, with which Sweden won 58, Mexico 62 and Chile 70.


He claims to have scored more than one goal but officially became 772 goals in 994 games in 24 seasons in Vasco da Gama, PSV, Barcelona, ​​Flamengo, Valencia, Fluminense, Al Sadd, Miami FC, Adelaide United and America RJ and the ' Scratch '. Unruly and provocative, the now disputed by Rio de Janeiro lifted the World Cup in 1994.

Puskas Ferenc

It was a Hungarian striker was decisive for Real Madrid win three European Cups. In 21 seasons, he scored 754 goals in 746 games.

Josef Bican

Little has been heard from him lately, so it is considered the 'forgotten scorer' Czech-Austrian. However, the International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS) considered it as the best scorer of the twentieth century.

It shone in the Slavia Prague between 1930 and 1940 thanks to its speed (reportedly ran 100 meters in 10.8 seconds) and accuracy in the auction. In 27 seasons, he scored 805 goals in 530 games. He was scoring 12 times in his career, eleven in Czechoslovakia and one in Austria.


Born in Mozambique, Eusebio, known as the 'Black Panther', is regarded as the best Portuguese player of all time. It shone at Benfica, which led to win a European Cup and eleven Portuguese championships. He made 621 goals in 639 games in 24 seasons.


Nicknamed as the 'Torpedo', was a notable scorer between 60 and 70. It was crucial for Germany to win the World Cup in 1974 and marked time with Bayern Munich, with whom he won three European Cups. He scored 735 goals in 793 games in 19 seasons.

Hugo Sanchez

It took 24 seasons to score 516 goals in 881 games. The Mexican, who shone by scoring goals 'chalaca' and head to glory in Real Madrid, with whom he won the 'Pichichis' in the 1985/86 season (22 goals), 1986-1987 (34 goals) 1987-1988 (29 goals) and 1989/90 (38 goals).


Thanks to its many on Wednesday, the Portuguese emerged as the top scorer in the history of Real Madrid with 323, the same as the historical Raul Gonzalez but 433 fewer games. 'CR7', won three Champions League and three Golden Balls, leading 501 goals in 723 games in 14 seasons.


It is considered by many as the best player in the history of Real Madrid. Known as the 'Blond Arrow', the Argentine-Spanish won five European Cups. Made 497 goals in 680 games playing for Hurricane, Millionaire, River Plate, Real Madrid and Espanyol in 22 seasons.


Argentina, arguably the best in the world at present, is making history with Barcelona, ​​with whom he won four Champions League, seven Spanish league and five Golden Balls to name his greatest hits. In just 12 seasons he has scored 467 goals in 588 games.


Many consider the 'Phenomenon' as the best striker of all time. Especially since the mid-90s, blew with Barcelona. He won two world (USA 1994 and Korea-Japan 2002) and, despite his knee problems, made 352 goals in 518 games in 20 seasons.


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