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Top 10 Highest Paid Football Managers

Updated on August 21, 2016

#10 Jorge Jesus $5.5 million

Recently leaving Benfica for Sporting CP has earned Jorge a bit of animosity in addition to having his huge wage packet matched. This past year he has pocketed $5.5 million for his coaching talents from the Portuguese side for whom he has given five years of his life. Now it is rumored he will earn closer to $6 million over the coming season at CP.

#9 Manuel Pelligrini $5.75 million

The Manchester City coach Manuel Pelligrini has certainly earned his $5.5 million yearly wage packet even though he failed to retain the Premiership title. Now with a bolstered new squad after the present transfer window he will certainly be looking to justify his huge salary in the oncoming season. Nice.

#8 Jurgen Klopp $6 million

The ex-coach of the German giants Borussia Dortmund certainly commands a high enough salary for his efforts. Under his guidance the club won the Bundesliga title for two consecutive years. It is rumored he would like to have a stab at the Premier league and will certainly find ample opportunity there to increase his coffers.

#7 Arsene Wenger $10 million

The legendary Frenchman and Arsenal coach has been in North London for the past ten years of so. Picking up the fallen mantle he has certainly improved the club’s track record making them into one of the top four teams in the Premiership. He does get some criticism of late for a lack of European silverware but he is still one of the best managers in the game.

#6 Carlo Ancelotti $10.5 million

Apparently winning the Champions League the year before will not save you should you fail to win any silverware the following year. Carlo has now departed the Spanish capital after a mediocre season saw their bitter rivals Barcelona reap all the glory. However, he is no choir boy and will charge a hefty fee for his tactile thinking.

#5 Louis Van Gaal $11.75 million

Louis will be hoping that his side will fare better this season after they finished fourth place in the Premiership a few months ago. Apart from his massive paycheck, he has also been granted a humungous amount of dough to bring in a lot of a new signings in order to ensure victory.

#4 Fabio Capello $13 million

Seriously? This guy is getting paid more than the likes of Klopp and Ancelotti?? Russia certainly seems to have a lot of faith in the Italian coach who is currently guiding the national football team to a hopeful decent world cup run. His accomplishments at a national level leave a little to be desired but he was quiet successful with Ac Milan.

#3 Marcello Lippi $14 million

Well I suppose a club within a communist regime sure does not mind splashing out on a decent football coach. The ex-Serie A equivalent of Jose Mourinho is currently working at the Chinese club Guangzhou Evergrande. He is certainly proving his worth with the team lifting several league titles since his arrival.

#2 Jose Mourinho $17 million

The special one is certainly getting a very special wage from Roman Abrahmovich and that is not including whatever bonuses the Portuguese coach will be receiving since lifting the Premiership title. He is the penultimate entry on this list and for good reason. His career speaks for itself and he is one of the first coaches that will spring to mind for any top tier football club.

#1 Pep Guardiola $24 million

The Bayern Munich coach tops this list with a fantastic sum that will make the likes of his rival Jose Mourinho green with envy. Pep is probably the best coach in the business and is hoping to mirror his triumphs at Barcelona with the German giants. He will certainly be able to put his kids through college!

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