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Top 10 Instances of Footballers Amazing Speed

Updated on August 21, 2016

10) Carlos Tevez vs Parma

One of the best goals ever seen during that season came courtesy of Carlos Tevez who was in his own half when he first got hold of the ball. It was the beginning of the second half and Juventus were already leading by three goals when Carlos turned on the jets going past three defenders who were desperately trying to run back. He finished off this run with an absolute thumper to give Juventus a four goal lead.

9) CR7 vs Fiorentina

This Champions League fixture saw Cristiano take the ball on the counter attack just outside his own goal area and subsequently sprinted over 30 yards before laying the ball off to a team mate. If that wasn’t enough he continued his run breaking free from his marker to have the ball passed back to him before striking it into the back of the net.

8) Jurgen Damn vs Atlas

February of this year saw a lightning dash by the Tigres UANL winger in this Liga Mx fixture as a long ball was played out wide. Jurgen certainly had his cereal that morning as he literally thundered down the pitch to meet the cross which was only a few yards away from a defender.

7) Robben vs Spain

He hasn’t been named one of the fastest players in the world for nothing. If anybody wants to know what a 50 metre sprint against the opposition looks like then they only have to see Robben’s goal against Spain. He outpaced both defenders and then danced around the goal keeper to slot the ball into the top right hand corner.

6) Antonio Valencia vs Liverpool

During this Premiership fixture, there were two Liverpool players who were closest to use his renowned speed and literally zipped between both opponents and continued to carry it to Mignolet’s goal area. It’s a damn shame nothing fruitful ever materialized from this effort but it was an insane run nevertheless.

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5) Bruno Peres vs Juventus

This was an amazing run by the Torino right-back who successfully challenged his opponent just outside the box and then shot down the pitch like a rocket as the likes of Vidal and Pogba struggled to intercept. When Bruno reached the other end he scored a wonder goal that was surely one of the best of last season.

4) Bale vs Barcelona

Any run that ends up in Pinto getting nut-megged deserves to be on this list. In this Copa Del Rey final, the Welsh international showed off his amazing speed by taking the ball on a Real Madrid counter attack and completely outpaced Sergio who could only watch as the trophy was handed over to Real Madrid.

3) Theo Walcott vs Liverpool

In 2011, Theo showed just how fast he can be with this amazing run that tore apart the Liverpool defense before passing the ball over to Adebayor who comfortably netted home. Skrtel stood no chance against the quick Theo who could only have been stopped if he was deliberately fouled.

2) Bale vs Internazionalle Milan

This was at the height of Tottenham’s champions league hopes under Harry Redknapp. Gareth Bale was developing into one of the best centre forwards in the world and on this night at White Hart Lane he completely destroyed Maicon who just simply couldn’t keep up. Run after run after run helped the home side to a historic result.

1) Varane vs Atletico Madrid

The Real Madrid centre back morphed into Sonic the hedgehog as he screamed past several Atletico players before curling the ball into the box. It did not materialize into a goal but showed his true potential which will surely help him in being a top competitor for the first team sheet.

I hope you all got what you wanted from this post. Thank you very much for your support!


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