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Top 10 MMA Fighters Who Went Crazy

Updated on March 9, 2016
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10. Euraldi “The Albanian Assassin”

Sure, Euraldi may be one of the few on this list that didn’t show his crazy by inflicting pain on an innocent civilian outside of the ring, but his actions during his October 2011 fight with Andy Grayby have us wondering if he needs a bit of a psych eval. While getting pumped up for his fight, Euraldi takes off his shirt and forgets that he’s there to take on Grayby and not Hanes. Euraldi awkwardly tries to defeat his shirt and viewers learn that cotton is much stronger than any MMA fighter on some quirky adrenaline high.

9. Kim Couture

Kim Couture is what you’d call an all-around stable individual should you suddenly forget what such a phrase actually means. As an MMA fighter, Couture is a ball of fire and doesn’t pull any punches. As a general human being… well… things aren’t really any different. In 2010, Couture was caught in a domestic violence dispute with her assistant when police responded to a call at the fighter’s home. Her assistant, who had been living in Couture’s home for 3 weeks, allegedly wanted to move out, which sent the level-headed Couture into a rage. Couture’s assistant was found with hand prints around her neck and additional signs of assault.

8. Ricco Rodriguez

There are many instances Ricco Rodriguez became a bit unhinged, one of many being his arrest in May of 2011 for alleged assault and resisting arrest; but let us tell you a little story about Rodriguez that may really help put things in perspective. One night while high on any number of his drugs of choice, Ricco and his girlfriend slammed into an 18-wheeler. Since his license was suspended at the time thanks to a prior DUI, Ricco dragged his girlfriend, who was unconscious at the time, and put her in the driver’s seat to avoid another arrest. The kicker? As he was dragging his girlfriend to be his cover, he thought she was dead.

7. Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett

Though “Krazy Horse” may no longer exist in an attempt to better his image, Charles Bennett has a long way to go before his image could ever improve. Bennett’s relationship with the law began when he was 17 when he was arrested for aggravated battery. During a period of 10 years after his start in MMA, Bennett was arrested 14 times on charges that included burglary, aggravated battery on a pregnant woman, and sale and possession of cocaine. His latest addition was another aggravated battery in 2013, giving him more batteries than Energizer.

6. Jason “Mayhem” Miller

With a name like Mayhem, is it a surprise that Jason Miller has a bit of a reckless side? Miller found himself on the wrong end of the legal system when he was picked up on suspicion of assaulting a police officer. After standing off with the police for eight minutes, utilizing ceramic tile and a fire extinguisher to fend off his rivals, Miller was tased. Mayhem’s rap sheet goes back to just after his MMA retirement in 2012, when he was found naked inside of a destroyed church. Miller also live-tweeted a four-hour confrontation with the police when they came to serve him a bench warrant for prior charges.

5. Junie Browning

When you go to a hospital and get patched up, the general rule of thumb is you thank your doctor and nurses and go on your merry way. Junie Browning had taken 16 Klonopin tablets one happy day in Vegas and was rushed to the hospital. When he was able to determine what was happening, he assaulted the nurses taking care of him and exclaimed he would kill and rape their families. Maybe 17 would have been the magic number? In the end, Browning was arrested for his display of gratitude and lost his UFC contract.

4. “Lightning” Lee Murray

Insanity or little moments of crazy usually pop up in the form of domestic violence or excessive drug use, but not for “Lightning” Lee Murray. Murray wanted something more than just a quick thrill – he wanted permanent financial stability, and he was willing to take it if he had to. On February 21, 2006, a Security depot in the United Kingdom was the victim of a £53,116,760 ($80,766,689) and behind the massive haul was ‘ole Lightning himself. After fleeing to Morocco, Murray slipped up and was picked up for cocaine possession. Eventually, the trial for the robbery commenced and Murray found himself sentenced to 10 years, which turned to 25 after prosecutors appealed against the leniency of his sentence.

3. Jeremy Jackson

Jeremy Jackson had a good thing going after he appeared on season four of “The Ultimate Fighter,” but some good things must come to an end. Especially if the receiver of said good things decides to rape two individuals. In 2008, Jackson was arrested on two counts of forcible rape and three additional chargers that came up during his arraignment. Those charges included two counts of sexual assault and one count of sex crimes. In 2010, Jackson came clean and plead guilty to raping his ex-girlfriend during an attempt at robbing her and was slapped with a 25-to-life sentence.

2. Jonathan “War Machine” Koppenhaver

While it may seem difficult to stay out of jail, it’s actually quite easy. For one, it’s always best not to brutally beat your ex-girlfriend to an inch of their life. War Machine apparently didn’t understand this concept when he broke into the home of his ex-fling, Christy Mackinday, and broke her nose, fractured her orbital bone, knocked out two of her teeth, and lacerated her liver. Additionally, War Machine turned his attention to Mackinday’s male friend, Corey Thomas, and delivered a fair amount of damage. During an earlier sentence in 2010, War Machine kept the insanity going via a blog that was kept up by his friend via handwritten notes.

1. Joseph Hyungmin Son

Though he already had a record of torture and additional sexual offenses, Son degraded himself even further with the rape of a woman on Christmas Even in 1990. Son and Santiago Lopez Gaitan forced the woman into their vehicle and proceeded to rape her. The victim survived the ordeal with emotional scars and years of trauma, and Son and Gaitan were convicted with Son receiving life in prison with the possibility of parole. Ironically, after his conviction, Son shared a cell with sex offender, Michael Thomas Graham, though, they were far from friends. On October 10th, 2011, Son beat Graham to death, an act that would remove his possibility for parole.

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