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Top 10 Martial Arts Books

Updated on February 17, 2012

Top 10 Martial Art Books

Alright there, having read a fair few martial arts book, what you'll find below are the ones that Ive read that I rate as my top ten for a number of reasons. Remember this is my own personal opinion and I am obviously bias towards the striking arts. If someone out there has a fantastic book they would like to recommend please do so and hopefully you may enlighten me.

Note I haven't listed them in any particular order

  • Dead or Alive by Geoff Thompson
  • Art of War by Sun Tzu
  • The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Mushasi
  • The Fence by Geoff Thompson
  • Streetwise by Peter Consterdine
  • Kickboxing by Pat O Keefe
  • Lonsdale Boxing Manual by Dave James
  • Kickboxing Sparring by Justyn Billingham
  • Black Medicine by N. Mashiro
  • Thai Boxing Dynamite by Rebec Zoran

Kickboxing A Framework for Success

Pat O Keefe

For anyone interested in kickboxing be they beginner or advanced this is a very good reference book, aimed more for those people looking for a sport related book (For those interested Pat wrote another book CombatKickboxing which looks at Kickboxing more from a self defence point of view). This book shows from the basic to more advanced techniques from the simple yet difficult to master jab through to jumping and spinning kicks. Also detailed are many defensive techniques and blocks, combinations as well as drills to devolp speed. power, stamina in fact this book does cover most of the questions you might find yourself asking.
This is a book i would recommend to anyone involved in kickboxing.

ISBN 1-84024-093-8

Marks 4 out of 5


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