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Top 10 Most Expensive Footballers Cars

Updated on August 23, 2016
Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2
Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2

10. Nani (Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2) (£140,000)

Nani needed a different club than Manchester United, because in the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo, it was unlikely that Nani would be given any preference over Ronaldo. It’s sad to see someone leave the Premier League and we’re sure Nani feels the same way. But at least, he has his Gallardo along with him, which cost him almost two week’s salary to buy. Like Nani, the Gallardo has an incredible acceleration and has an impressive manoeuvrability as well. The Gallardo has remained as the most sold unit of Lamborghini. The Gallardo is a mid-engine layout based car, giving it immense power.

Mercedes SL65-AMG
Mercedes SL65-AMG

9. Didier Drogba (Mercedes SL65-AMG) (£150,000)

Didier Drogba will always remain as one of the most lethal strikers that Premier League has ever seen and a man such as Drogba has the perfect matching car for him- The Mercedes SL65-AMG, which is an S series car with a top speed of almost 310km/hr and has a turbocharged V12 6.0L engine, with the power of 621 horses packed inside that engine. The car is almost entirely made of aluminium. Here’s a fun fact: The Mercedes SL65-AMG is the only thing that’s common between Steve Jobs and Didier Drogba. Drogba comes at the 9th spot in our countdown.

Aston Martin Vanquish S
Aston Martin Vanquish S

8. Wayne Rooney (Aston Martin Vanquish S) (£155,000)

What does James Bond and Wayne Rooney have in common? They both have a thing for Aston Martin cars. The Aston Martin Vanquish S costed Rooney nearly £155,000 from his pocket and if you look at his present salary- you’ll come to know that Rooney needed only 4 days to come up with that kind of money and most of us can’t earn that much in 4 decades! The Aston Martin is however, a grand luxurious sports car which is pretty on the outside, but inside- it’s nothing short of a beast. To truly enjoy the power of this car, you need to have a long road of at least a mile to really feel the darker side of this car.

Audi R8 GT
Audi R8 GT

7. Gareth Bale (Audi R8 GT) (£159,000)

He’s perhaps the fastest player at the Real Madrid camp at the moment, and he deserves one of the fastest cars as well. The Audi is perhaps an ideal sports car for every sports personality. Gareth Bale will be proud to own the Audi R8, which is perhaps one of the best cars of Audi at the moment. Speaking purely in terms of specification- it has a 4.2L V8 engine but you can also get a V10 version of it as well. It has a power of 419hp and almost 70% of its power is sent to the rear wheels for acceleration. The Audi R8 has a platform which is based on the Gallardo series of cars from Lamborghini.

Ferrari 458
Ferrari 458

6. Mesut Ozil (Ferrari 458) (£169,000)

Ozil had a tough time adjusting to the fast paced game of Premier League but now he seems to be quite acclimatized to the English game. You’ll find plenty of jokes in the internet about the uncanny resemblance between him and the founder of Ferrari, and to make things even better- his favourite car is a Ferrari as well! The 458 is a 4.5L V8 engine with a power of 562hp and is a direct fuel injection design. It has a top speed of a little above 340km/hr and picks up a speed of 100km/hr within a matter of 3 seconds.

Chrome Aston Martin DBS
Chrome Aston Martin DBS

5. Jermaine Pennant (Chrome Aston Martin DBS) (£170,000)

You don’t hear his name very often now in the footballing world, but apparently, he’s one of those footballers who own a very expensive car. But that’s not what sets him apart- Pennant is the only other player other than the legendary Portuguese winger to have custom designed and added more features to his car. In a nutshell- Pennant has a better version of Aston Martin than what Wayne Rooney has, even though Wayne Rooney is the highest earning Premier League player in the world!

Ferrari Scaglietti 612
Ferrari Scaglietti 612

4. Frank Lampard (Ferrari Scaglietti 612) (£200,000)

Although no longer in the heart of the footballing world, Frank Lampard’s contribution to the Premier League will never be forgotten. He could pass, score long range goals and often come up with brilliant team play to entertain fans. Ferrrari Scaglietti is the only true four seater car among all the cars listed in our countdown and the special thing about this car is that it’s made entirely of aluminium- the stuff you use to make airplanes. It reaches to a top speed of 320km/hr and crosses the 100km/hr mark within 4 seconds. He comes fourth in our countdown.

Rolls Royce Phantom
Rolls Royce Phantom

3. David Beckham (Rolls Royce Phantom) (£350,000)

What makes David different from the rest of the players named in our list? The Answer: while all the other players have a car that boasts of performance, David Beckham has a car that boasts of royalty and luxury (not that the Phantom doesn’t pack any power with it). The Rolls Royce Phantom’s design was heavily influenced by the Rolls Royce 100EX, which is a concept car. Its interiors are made of pure leather and wood veneer and packs a power of 453 horses! Beckham had to shell out £350,000 for the royal powerhouse car and comes #3 in our list of top 10 expensive car owners in football.

Porsche Spyder
Porsche Spyder

2. Zlatan Ibrahimović (Porsche Spyder) (£616,500)

Ironically, while the Porsche Spyder is known to be a quiet but a beast of a car, Ibrahimovic is known to be bit of a loud mouth. Among Ronaldo and Messi, he’s like a baby crying for attention- and hence his publicity stunts. Nevertheless, his car is one of the best performer in the world. With a 4.6L V8 engine, the car is nothing short of a beast in the roads and literally packs a power of 887 horses! It’s a limited edition car, which is why only guys like Zlatan have it. It has a top speed of 351km/hr and runs on both electric and gas.

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Bugatti VeyronLaFerrari 2014 Model
Bugatti Veyron
Bugatti Veyron
LaFerrari 2014 Model
LaFerrari 2014 Model

1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Bugatti Veyron & LaFerrari 2014 Model)

The world’s most expensive player should be driving the world’s two most expensive cars, The Bugatti Veyron and the LaFerrari 2014 Model, both of which have cost Ronaldo more than £3.2 million altogether, with the LaFerrari 2014 Model costing £2 million alone. Of the two of them, Bugatti is the beast you’d want to drive in a long journey and if you want to be the centre of attraction in the road, then you’d better drive the LaFerrari. While the Bugatti Veyron can reach speeds up to 420 km/hr, the LaFerrari reaches speeds up to 350km/hr. There are airplanes that travel at lesser speeds than these two!

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