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Top 10 Most Motivational WWE Superstars

Updated on November 3, 2016

In a universe filled with delinquents, hoodlums, liars, cheaters, thugs and thieves one can easily be brought to the dark side, but there has to be superstars to bring balance to the force. This list is a tribute to all those righteous, noble and respectable superstars. Those that through their actions and or words try to motivate the audience to follow the right path, and do the right thing. Some may have been better received where as others were met with resistance but regardless they did their best to send a clear an motivational message to the WWE universe.

10. Simon Dean

We know most wrestler's are very concerned about their own weight and physical appearance it should be looked at as admirable that one wrestler took the time to care for our well being. That superstar? Simon Dean and his patented Simon system. City after city, infomercial after infomercial he tried valiantly to put an end to obesity among wrestling fans. His system was multifaceted as he proved by using it as a weapon against opponents to varying success. Did the system work? Just ask Maven who apparently was a product of the regiment. He was trying to help us live healthier lives. His biggest downfall? People hate infomercials, none more so than professional wrestlers apparently. Simon Dean did not have much luck peddling his product, or peddling himself as a violable superstar and like protein powder in the wind the master of the carb stomp (his finisher) disappeared.

9. Bo Dallas

Bo Dallas wants everyone to know their dreams really can come true so long as you Bo-Lieve. It seemed to work for him . . . for a while. Who could forget the impressive undefeated streak of 17-BO? (Apparently that's excluding house shows where his positive attitude brought him 14 other wins so really he was 31-BO) He was also the youngest NXT champion, truly inspirational. He tries to bring out the best in his fellow competitors, sure some of his words might come off as condescending but it's really just tough love. Bo has had some "haters" over the years . . . such as entire NXT audiences as well as numerous competitors but Bo takes it all in stride. Why?Because he Bo-lieves in himself and the places his positive thinking ways will take him, no matter who he has to annoy to get there.

8. The Hurricane

It's hard to get more motivational than a super hero right? Someone who fights for truth and justice, and does not in anyway resemble the hamburglar. When the WWE universe thinks of super heroes, a certain green haired masked man comes to mind. Hurricane took the world by "storm" using his hurripowers to take down the likes of Matt Hardy, Psicosis, Tajiri, Billy Kidman and even The Rock. He even took Rosey under his wing, becoming a mentor to his Super hero In Training. All his heroics paid off, he won the European title, held the cruiserweight title twice (Holding the longest reign with said title), the hardcore title and the world tag team titles twice, one as super hero and sidekick and once as The Hurri-Kane. Peeled right off the pages of a comic book truly a "Modern Marvel." The hurricane gave hope to the little guys, the nerds, mild mannered everyday Joes that everyone has something super in them.

7. Right to Censor

In the reckless, raunchy and rebellious attitude era one group proudly stood up for the moral high ground: Right to censor. RTC was comprised of Bull Buchanan, The Goodfather (previously a pimp) Val Venis (Previously a porn star) Ivory, for a hot minute the Kat (previously a member of right to nudity) and it's leader Steven Richards. As the Hurricane fought for truth and justice, right to censor fought for modesty and holism competition. They battled tooth and nail to rid the WWF of the abundance of nudity, suggestive language and unnecessary violence. If pimps and porn stars could convert why not the whole roster and audience? They had a "theme" that caught your attention, opened your ears to their message though most people simply didn't want to hear it. They might not have been able to save the masses in their door to door type preaching though they were successful in bringing some cleanliness to both the WWF tag titles and the WWF women's title. They were a powerful group with a powerful message, speaking to an audience that had too filthy of minds to embrace it.

6. Kurt Angle

A two time Olympic gold medalist, a four time WWF champion, the fifth grand slam champion and a eurocontinental champion, Kurt Angle is an American hero. It's true, it's true. He coined the notion of the 3 I's (Intensity, Integrity and Intelligence) when he entered the WWF in 1998. He endorsed big goals, hard work . . . and milk. He fought hard to get over in the anti hero era with his squeaky clean persona, he got over, just not in the way he wanted. No one wants to be told they suck, especially to the tune of their intro, by stadiums full of people. Did Kurt let that keep him down? No. Kurt always stuck by his principles, no matter how unpopular they were. He was a hero to some, spurring some fourteen year olds to write a biography on them when fulfilling their famous Pennsylvanians assignment (maybe some is a heavy word . . . maybe a few . . . or maybe just me.) Good Bad or in-between Kurt Angle was always an impressive wrestler, tried to do what was right in his eyes and tried to be a role model to the masses. How successful was he? it's up for debate but he did give it an Olympic effort.

5. Straight Edge Society

What right to censor was to the attitude era the straight edge society was to the what apparently was called the universe era, or as pretty much everyone refers to it: the PG era. Why would an era defined by the need for parental guidance need a group with a rigid moral compass? Maybe the parents needed guidance, or more so needed CM Punk to tell them that it they drank, smoke, did drugs or anything else not deemed straight edge they were the scum of the earth. Though Punk was the self proclaimed messiah of the straight edge society the group also included Luke Gallows, Joey Mercury and Serena. Instead of simply having to don ugly church clothes like RTC, CM Punk demanded more from his followers, they had to shave their heads to start their "new beginnings." Maybe that's why it never caught on, sure scared Darren Young away. CM Punk even took the time to preach his values during the 2010 royal rumble, got to hand it to the guy for multitasking. Though the group held less gold than RTC I thought the straight edge society was a bit more successful all around. Point being they were remembered for more than the sound of a car alarm.

4. Hulk Hogan

Even non wrestling fans are aware of the Hulkster's three demandments: Train, Say your prayers and eat your vitamins. Apparently there was a fourth demandment which was to believe in yourself. Hulk Hogan wanted all of his little hulkamniacs to grow up to be big strong, upstanding members of society, how well that worked out I suppose you'd have to go around and take a poll. It worked out pretty well for himself though, a six time WWF/WWE Heavyweight champion, a two time royal rumble winner, one half of the mega powers and the icon of the golden age of the WWF. As the face of the 80's he was a real hero to a large percentage of the WWF fan base, his motivational outlook reached past the wrestling universe into mainstream pop culture during the rock 'n' wrestling connection, he and Mr. T pitted many a fool and defended Cyndi Lauper's honor. Hulk Hogan's morals, values and role model status have been put under scrutiny more than a few times, to the point WWE has cut ties with him but one cannot undo the past, he did motivate, inspire and even occasionally drop words of wisdom: "I fear no man, no beast or evil, brother."

3. DDP

They say art imitates life and in the case of Positively Page that is true, and that's not a bad thing, it's a good thing. In all actuality Diamond Dallas Page is a motivational speaker / life coach / yoga instructor who has helped numerous superstars through hard times and even helped a disabled war veteran regain his ability to walk. If you haven't noticed by now no matter how admirable those fetes are, that's not why he's on the list, it's for his motivational speaker gimmick. After hanging up the black mask and stalker voice changer DDP picked up a sweet new coat and a headset microphone. Giving Tony Robbins a run for his money DDP broke down the basics: He liked him, you liked him, he was going to help you like you . . . by making you more like him, and that's a good thing. Though some people found his positive outlook slightly . . . abrasive he did have followers. By followers I mostly mean Christian for about twelve seconds, the man whom he won the European title from, using positive quasi Jedi mind tricks. When your a self help guy, sometimes you just have to help yourself.

2. John Cena

Where as one could make a comparison between the straight edge society and right to censor, John Cena IS today's Hulk Hogan. The face of an era, the man who has transcended pop culture and the role model to a generation of young fans. Three demandments? Three Is? How about Rise above hate, never give up, Hustle loyalty respect. John Cena is a walking motivational poster. In compiling this list I've realized how cynical the WWE Universe really is, quick to Boo any positive message. John Cena has had to deal with a lot of hate. Myself included, I hated John Cena before he was rising above it, back when my brother brought home the You can't see me CD. All the jeers and criticism and begs for heel turns has not deterred Mr. Cena his character is firmly cemented as the boy scout, the Dudley do right, the man who overcomes immeasurable odds. One can not think of John Cena without imagining him kicking out at two. Though he has created a rift among fans his gimmick is as strong as ever, headlining show after show, selling wristband after wristband. Love him or hate him the man who "Looks like Mark Wahlberg ate Mark Wahlberg" is the definition of motivational. His principles might come off as corny and beat to death but to some those words really hit home, his character speaks to them and gives them hope.

1. The New Day

Oooooh Reader! Don't you dare be sour! CLAP! For your top motivational WWE Superstars and feeeeel the POWER! It's the new day yes it is. First and foremost one must acknowledge how MUCH positivity the New Day had to muster to overcome the terrible gimmick they were handed: Weird slightly racist pastor roles, it was BOOTY. Big E, Kofi Kingston and the best trombone player / professional wrestler to ever exist Xavier Woods made something magical out of something that was destined to fail. Not only are they over the moon popular they've also been successful in capturing the tag team titles on two separate occasions. Unlike others on the list where their positive messages eventually came off as white noise, people turn up their T.V sets to hear what the New Day has to say. They're also avid environmentalists, trying to conserve wood by starting up a petition to save the tables. A petition signed by Bill Nye the science guy, Jake from state farm and Obama, another success to pad the New Day's resume with. As I said previously the WWE Universe is cynical, booing for the hero and cheering for the trash talking holier than though pro-claimers of positivity but can you blame them? Your city may be dirty, your favorite superstars might have no chance and you may be ill informed when it comes to hip hop, but one thing that is fast and true? New Day rocks!

Right or wrong? Who is the most motivational WWE Superstar?

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