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Top 10 Most Underrated Footballers in the World

Updated on August 31, 2016
Riyad Mahrez
Riyad Mahrez

10. Riyad Mahrez

Team: Leicester City FC

Transfer value: €11 million

Position: Right Midfield

Nationality: Algerian, French, Moroccan

Age: 24 years

Traits: Technically gifted

Leicester City are having a dream season, sitting currently in the top of Premier League, out -classing teams like Chelsea and Manchester United. And they have Maharez to thank for that! But, if they really want to remain at the top of the league (and stats say, they could be eventual winners), then Leicester City have to remain hold of this player in future and do everything they can to prevent him joining other teams, for the sake of Maharez and themselves!

Hugo Lloris
Hugo Lloris

9. Hugo Lloris

Team: Tottenham Hotspurs FC

Transfer value: €22 million

Position: Goalkeeper

Nationality: French

Age: 28 years

Traits: Shot-stopper, acrobatic saves & amazing reflexes

Hugo Lloris is a world class goalkeeper and in no way is inferior to any other goalie in the world. It’s not that nobody acclaims this fact- it’s just that Lloris doesn’t always get the respect that he deserves from transfer pundits. Arguably, after departure of Gareth Bale, Lloris is the only world class player that Tottenham are housing right now (Harry Kane still has long way to get that title). He comes at the 9th spot in our countdown.

Shinji Kagawa
Shinji Kagawa

8. Shinji Kagawa

Team: Borussia Dortmund

Transfer value: €12 million

Position: Attacking Midfielder

Nationality: Japanese

Age: 26 years

Traits: Flair, playmaker, Agile, deployable as supporting striker

Every signing made by the Red Devils is expected to be a sensational one, and Kagawa (like many transfers made by Sir Alex) proved to be a disappointing one. Ever since being a flop at Manchester United (too strong to put it like that), nobody gave him the attention that he deserved anymore (like he used to get after becoming sensational at Dortmund). But still, he truly is a classy midfielder and can orchestrate the game when he’s in the mood.

Manuel Lanzini
Manuel Lanzini

7. Lanzini

Team: West Ham United

Transfer value: €6 million (speculated)

Position: Midfielder

Nationality: Argentinian

Age: 22 years

Traits: Playmaker

If Maharez was Leicester City’s key player this season, this Lanzini plays the same (perhaps an even greater) role for West Ham. He is currently on loan to the English club and apparently, both parties are looking forward to making Lanzini a permanent player for the team. His move from Al Jazira was perhaps one of the best signings in the Premier League and has been a surprise hit in the league as well.

Alvaro Morata
Alvaro Morata

6. Alvaro Morata

Team: Juventus FC

Transfer value: €25 million (speculated)

Position: Striker / Left Wing / Right Wing

Nationality: Spanish

Age: 23 years

Traits: Finisher / Poacher

It’s odd for a 23 year old striker, who made a Champion’s League final appearance, to be an undervalued player. But this is a load he has to remove somehow or the other. Morata is a great striker and Juventus were right to buy him in the first place, but it will be interesting to see how things pan out for Morata because he has a long journey ahead of him. So I’d bet that this guy’s going to make a great impact at some club in the future, maybe at Juventus, too.

Daley Blind
Daley Blind

5. Daley Blind

Team: Manchester United FC

Transfer value: €17 million

Position: Central Defender / Left Back / Defensive Midfielder

Nationality: Dutch

Age: 25 years

Traits: Long ball player / clever interceptor

Daley Blind is a clever midfielder in reality, and it is his ability to read a game quickly, that has made Van Gaal employ him as a defender. He and Smalling have made a terrific defensive duo this season and yet, his transfer value hasn’t increased much! Considering the variety of roles this footballer can successfully take up, Blind is clearly an underrated footballer (much like Carrick of United). He comes at the third spot in our countdown.

Ivan Rakitic
Ivan Rakitic

4. Ivan Rakitic

Team: FC Barcelona

Transfer value: €40 million

Position: Central midfielder

Nationality: Croatian

Age: 27

Traits: Passer / High work rate

Rakitic was bought by Barcelona in 2014 summer transfer market and since then, he hasn’t really been given too many chances to prove his worth to the world. But we know that in his best days, Rakitic can make defences cry because of his distribution capabilities. And because of his high transfer value (who on earth calculates these values!), no club really wants to pursue buying him, because at that price, you could get talented young midfielders- following the ‘Moneyball’ policy.

Ander Herrera
Ander Herrera

3. Ander Herrera

Team: Manchester United FC

Transfer value: €25 million (speculated)

Position: Central Attacking Midfielder

Nationality: Spanish

Age: 26 years

Traits: Playmaker / goal scorer / perfect passes

After Paul Scholes, Ander Herrera is the only Manchester United midfielder who has a knack of scoring goals, even from the most unconventional positions in the field. But for some reason, which many fails to understand, Van Gaal isn’t really too comfortable of handing him a starting XI position without any concerns. But if stats have anything to say- it is that Herrera has been more effective than Memphis Depay and maybe Van Gaal needs to keep on giving him chances to truly get the most out of Herrera.


2. Isco

Team: Real Madrid CF

Transfer value: €45 million

Position: Attacking midfielder

Nationality: Spanish

Age: 23

Traits: Playmaker / perfect passes / occasional goalscorer

Isco was once making headlines all over the world and Real Madrid were quick to grab this Spanish international before his price racked up any further. But once he wasn’t able to perform at his usual level (everybody needs time to adjust), Madrid sought to purchase other players rather than giving him some chance to develop himself. He really needs to change teams if he wants to grow any further. He comes at the second spot in our countdown. But with a high transfer price, will any club want to spend that amount of money, given his present condition?

Juan Mata
Juan Mata

1. Juan Mata

Team: Manchester United FC

Transfer value: €34 million

Position: Attacking Midfielder

Nationality: Spanish

Age: 27 years

Traits: playmaker

Juan Mata was once accredited to be a world class midfielder, back in his early Chelsea days. But ever since his form dipped during his later part of career, and since he joined from Chelsea to Manchester United, not everything is going north for this guy, despite the fact that he’s been showing some amazing performances, despite the fact that Manchester United isn’t performing to its usual level.

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