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Top 10 Skateboarder Problems

Updated on April 1, 2015

10. Grip Tape Thumb

The grip tape on a skateboard is the typical all black sandpaper on top of the board when it's wheels are flat on the ground. Grip tape thumb or grip thumb doesn't happen to every skateboarder. I would say it happens to the moderate leveled skateboarder and up, but hey who knows, if you are new to skateboarding, you may experience this also. It's just a matter of how many times you run and throw your board down, then jump on it. Or even just holding it upright while walking. The grip thumb is basically the shredding of the skin right below the imprint part of your thumb (below the friction ridges). It typically happens to you when you run and jump on your skateboard and the grip tape rubs against your thumb. It is not pleasant. But every skater that gets this will tell you, it is a part of skateboarding. And I can tell you from hands on experience, it actually gives you a sense of accomplishment. A sense of completeness, knowing that you are actually achieving something.

9. Forgetting Water

Skateboarding is fun in general. Whether it be just pushing down the street going to the convenience store, or actually having a full on skateboard session throwing yourself down some stairs. It does not matter. The eagerness to get going without stopping and getting water is strong. So strong in fact any skater can tell you that they have forgotten to get water so much, that they can't even count how many times this has happened. Or hasn't happened. I can't even begin tell you how much times I forgot to get water before going out and skating. Then by the time I realize it, I am having so much fun that I don't want to stop. I am usually in the midst of landing a trick at that time, so I don't stop until I land it, or at least until I'm physically too drained to go on anymore. Then I'll go get water. I know this is not safe but it does happen. And it happens a lot.

8. Breaking Your Skateboard

Now I don't usually break my board, but I have broken a board a few times in my life. And what's even worse. I have broke my skateboard and not had a spare. That straight out sucks. I'm not talking about those purposely breaking it. I am talking about skating a really difficult obstacle, like a set of stairs and breaking your skateboard by accident and not having a back up. That is just flat out devastating. The only solution to that problem is to have a friend there to share his board with you. Otherwise you are basically screwed. And that in my mind is one of the worst feelings ever.

7. Shinners

Shinners, oh shinners. Shinners happen when you are trying to flip your board, or for lack of a bettter term, do a trick. A shinner happens when you fail to execute your desired trick and then the board smacks you right in the shin. It is very unpleasant but what puts skaters aside from the rest. We somehow manage to get used to them. Well.. in a sense. I'm not talking about getting a skateboard right to the shin and not feeling it. I am talking about getting a skateboard right to the shin feeling it, accepting time and time again that this will always happen, getting right back up and trying again. Well the severity of the shinner will determine how long it is going to take you to get up and try your trick again. Now you must know, I was always very hurt when I would get a shinner as a kid, but now that I have grown a bit, they somehow don't affect me like they used to, hence hurt. Especially if I am skating down some stairs or something big like that. I just get this adrenaline rush.

6. Getting Kicked Out

Now this one could not matter at all to a skater, or mean everything to a skater. It is usually just a matter of the Five W's. Who, what, when, where, and why. Typically a skateboarder can just go and skate a nice rail in the middle of the city without any problems, illegally. But it all usually falls into the hands of the abuser. Now usually a person does not have to be so hostile towards another person who is just trying to have some fun. This is typically the case. Sure there are places that we are illegally not allowed to skate and I completely understand that. But what some people don't know is, most people that kick a skateboarder out of a spot, are very, very cruel. We are usually nice, understanding people until you bully us verbally or god forbid physically assault us. Now isn't everyone. And let's not forget, bullying is against the law.

5. Fear

This one every single skateboarder should know, and know well. Fear. Sure fear keeps you from getting yourself into some serious danger but what many people don't tell you is about fear is, once you get passed a certain level of fear, you are able to achieve even greater than you could ever imagine. Say I was afraid of grinding a handrail that not only has the rail to be afraid of but also a very rough landing. Once you get to a point in time with skateboarding where you know you can grind a handrail of that magnitude, you should be able to grind the handrail plus handle the rough landing and roll away happy. It's mostly a mental thing, a mental block if you will. I would say 80 percent of skateboarding is all in your mind. You just have to get passed fear. Just enough to attain what some might call unattainable. Then you can take it from there. Who knows what you are capable of.

4. Not Landing A Trick

When you skateboard there is always that chance you are not going to land a new trick the day you start trying it. And that's downright frustrating, but as is everything else that comes with skateboarding, it happens. Even with the professionals. Pro skateboarders go through this also. But one thing you have to remember is, you will get it. You just have to look on the more positive side of things, you have to understand that every time you try the trick, you are just that much closer to landing it. There is also the incredible chance of landing that new trick the day you start trying it, anything is possible.

3. Tearing Your Clothes

Tearing your clothes is downright devastating as well, but it happens. It usually happens when you fall off your board onto some rough ground. We skateboarders go through a lot of t-shirts and pants, it tends to happen more and more as you progress. It doesn't usually happen when you just start out, it usually will happen when you are trying to skate something big, like a set of stairs, a handrail, etc. Especially if there is an asphalt ground. Although, smoother landings tend have a gentler effect on the fabric of your clothes, when you fall on them of course.

2. Getting Injured

Getting injured is a possibility in every type of sport, you just have to try your best to avoid it. What I have learned skateboarding all these years is, people that never really exercised or exercised to the point of injury is, they simply cannot understand. It is really not a good feeling explaining to a friend or someone close to you who never exercised a day in his or her life that you are feeling really depressed that you cannot skateboard because of an injured leg and them just basically telling you to get over it. They just treat you as if you are exaggerating the situation. Truth is, you are not, one bit. I do know one thing about skateboarding not every non skateboarder knows, if you injure your arms, you should still be able to skateboard. But injuring your legs is just bad news for a skater. Getting injured and not being able to do the thing you love the most is one of the worst feelings. But unfortunately, it is a part of it.

1. Tearing Your Shoes

We skateboarders, go through a lot of shoes. This happens mostly when we do a trick, as doing an ollie or a kickflip etc. It could also happen just riding around on your board, wearing the bottom of your shoes down. This mostly happens to pool and vert skaters. But you can wear them down to the point where it is literally impossible to skate anymore no matter what your preference of skating is. Wearing down your shoes to the point where you physically can't skate anymore sucks. Trust me I've been there more than once before I got sponsored. Without shoes, there is no skateboarding. Shoes play an essential role in skateboarding. It is something you have to feel to understand completely.


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    • Royce S profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Yeah I actually remember my mother being very worried about me when I first started out, but then she soon realized it was the only thing that made me, me. And thank you! You are awesome!

    • chuckandus6 profile image

      Nichol marie 

      3 years ago from The Country-Side

      Thank you I will tell him he is fearless so that does make me worry a look forward to reading more hubs

    • Royce S profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Wow that is awesome! And thank you very much. I am so very glad I could help. People like you are the reason why I write, also I believe your son can do incredible things on a skateboard, tell him to have fun and never give up, skateboarding can be frustrating at times but if you just keep at it and ultimately have fun, you will be a great skater. Have a great day Chuck!

    • chuckandus6 profile image

      Nichol marie 

      3 years ago from The Country-Side

      Great tips my 10 year old wants to start skateboarding this hub is very informitive


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