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Top 10 Skateboarders to Follow on Instagram

Updated on February 26, 2020

Skateboarding On Instagram

Instagram, if you don't know, is an app for the iPhone or Android. It's a fast, creative way to share photos with your smart phone.

It's also a cool way to see inside the lives and minds of your favourite professional skateboarders.

If you have an Instagram account, you could also login with your computer at and view pictures from there.

Here's 10 skateboarders to follow on Instagram:

Tony Hawk

1. Tony Hawk

Tony posts a lot of interesting photos like one of him Olling over a bright yellow Lexus car. There's also an older photo of him upside down in the loop of death, pictures of his backyard skatepark, tour photos with the birdhouse team, etc.

Follow him on Instagram. His username is: tonyhawk

Professional Skateboarders

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Skateboarding Legend, Tony HawkProfessional Skatetrepreneur, Rob DyrdekPaul Rodriguez aka. P-RodProfessional Skateboarder, Steve BerraProfessional Skateboarder, Jamie ThomasTorey Puwill aka. T-PudsProfessional Skateboarder, Ryan ShecklerProfessional Skateboarder, Brandon BiebelPro Skater, Shane O'neillProfessional Skateboarder, Daewon SongProfessional Skater, Rick McCrankPro Skater, Chico BrenesProfessional Skateboarder, Chris ColeProfessional skateboarder, Chris RobertsProfessional Skateboarder, Mikey TaylorPro Skater, Josh KalisPro Skater, Colin McKay
Skateboarding Legend, Tony Hawk
Skateboarding Legend, Tony Hawk | Source
Professional Skatetrepreneur, Rob Dyrdek
Professional Skatetrepreneur, Rob Dyrdek | Source
Paul Rodriguez aka. P-Rod
Paul Rodriguez aka. P-Rod | Source
Professional Skateboarder, Steve Berra
Professional Skateboarder, Steve Berra | Source
Professional Skateboarder, Jamie Thomas
Professional Skateboarder, Jamie Thomas | Source
Torey Puwill aka. T-Puds
Torey Puwill aka. T-Puds | Source
Professional Skateboarder, Ryan Sheckler
Professional Skateboarder, Ryan Sheckler | Source
Professional Skateboarder, Brandon Biebel
Professional Skateboarder, Brandon Biebel | Source
Pro Skater, Shane O'neill
Pro Skater, Shane O'neill | Source
Professional Skateboarder, Daewon Song
Professional Skateboarder, Daewon Song | Source
Professional Skater, Rick McCrank
Professional Skater, Rick McCrank | Source
Pro Skater, Chico Brenes
Pro Skater, Chico Brenes | Source
Professional Skateboarder, Chris Cole
Professional Skateboarder, Chris Cole | Source
Professional skateboarder, Chris Roberts
Professional skateboarder, Chris Roberts | Source
Professional Skateboarder, Mikey Taylor
Professional Skateboarder, Mikey Taylor | Source
Pro Skater, Josh Kalis
Pro Skater, Josh Kalis | Source
Pro Skater, Colin McKay
Pro Skater, Colin McKay | Source

More Pro Skaters

2. Rob Dyrdek

Rob Dyrdek is a serial entrepreneur and skateboarder.

Some of his photos include a picture of him walking with the cast of Jersey Shore, a photo of him in a car upside down while doing the 'kickflip' stunt with Chevy, a photo of $700 worth of lottery tickets when Rob tried to win the $356 Million lottery, etc.

His username is: officialrobdyrdek

3. Paul Rodriguez Jr.

P-Rod is another cool dude to follow.

Paul posts lots of photos of him and his teammates & friends skating his private skatepark, photos of him on set of a Nike SB commercial, sick photo of him with a frontside flip over a 10 stair, photos of his little girl, photos of him on tour, travelling with friends, etc.

His username is: prod84

4. Steve Berra

Steve Berra is the co-owner of The Berrics, along with Eric Koston.

He's just finishing up a 366 day challenge where he takes a picture of his face everyday. Let's see what happens after that. You've got to give this guy props for his commitment. Most people would have quit after a couple weeks.

Let's see what happens next...

His username is: steveberra

5. Jamie Thomas

Jamie Thomas, owner of Black Box Dist.

What you can expect from Jamie is a bunch of skate photos, which is always good, and lots of photos of him and his friends living the exciting lives of professional skateboarders.

This dudes has some of the best photos ever!

His username is: jamiethomas

6. Torey Pudwill

Torey Pudwill, owner of Grizzly Griptape.

Besides posting photos of the #grizzlygang and business development, he also has a bunch of skate photos, like a cool shot with him & Shane O'neill skating doubles in a miniramp.

Now that Street League is back, he can expect photos of that too.

His usename is: toreypudwill1

7. Ryan Sheckler

Ryan Sheckler is a pro skater, riding for Plan B skateboards.

This dude posts photos of him living the skateboarding life, travelling, meeting celebrities like Mike Epps and Floyd Mayweather, photos with beautiful women, his private skatepark, and a boatload of other cool pics.

His username is: shecks

8. Brandon Biebel

Brandon Biebel is the dude.

He has a whole collection of photos of him and teammates on tour, a photo of a One Hundred Trillion dollar bill, cool photos of Hong Kong, shots of him and friends skating their private skatepark, photos with the Girl & Chocolate team while filming for the #prettysweet video, and other dope skatelife pics.

His username is: bbiebel

9. Shane O'neill

Shane is a great skater with a very smooth style of skating.

He posts cool photos of him travelling, skating P-Rod's skatepark, Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, Crailtaps skatepark, the Berrics, and a bunch of other skateparks.

Shane is also going to be skating Street League, so expect pictures of that.

His username is: shanejoneill

10. Daewon Song

Daewon Song is an extremely talented skateboarder.

You can tell he's a very creative guy by the photos he takes, and of course by his skating. There's a shot of him as a ninja skater, a sick judo air for a DVS ad, switch heel over a gap in the junkyard, and other cool skate photos.

His username is: daewon1song

Take your pick:

See results

Here's what's so cool...

The world is changing and so is skateboarding.

These days you can follow your favorite skateboarders on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc, and get an exclusive look into their lives ...the skatelife.

This is benefitcal to you because you can learn a lot about someone by the pictures they post. For example, from what I've seen so far from pro skaters on Instagram, these guys take care of themselves, as any professional athlete should, and guys like Rick McCrank, Mark Appleyard, and others chose to eat healthy.

You can learn a lot more about pro skaters by following them online. Take advatage of the opportunity you have so you can get inside the mind of a pro skater, and become one too!

Bob Burnquist
Bob Burnquist

More Skaters to Follow

Because there was so many cool skateboarders on Instagram, and I had a tough time chosing only ten, I've chosen to add a few more skaters to the list.

Here some more pro skaters you can follow:

Rick McCrank

Rick is a canadian skateboarder from Vancouver, BC.

This guys shreads like no other and post frequent photos of where he's skating for the day. Rick is a true skateboarder who's dedicated to the core. Most of his shots consist of skateboarding, travelling, friends, family, nature and other random photos.

His username is: mccranker

Chico Brenes

Chico is sponsored by Chocolate Skateboards.

This guy also posts a lot of cool skate photos. He's got pictures of him on tour with the chocolate team, photos with LRG team riders, family photos, and other photos that give you a good idea what it's like being a pro skater.

His username is: chicobrenes

Chris Cole

Chris Cole is sponsored by DC Shoes and Zero Skateboards.

He's got a number of photos, like one of him catching air in a vert halfpipe, his tattoos and fan tattoos, skate homies like Nyjah Huston and Mikey Taylor, photos of his kid, skate demos, his arsenal of knives, and other random photos.

His username is: chriscobracole

Chris Roberts

Chris is sponsored by Chocolate Skateboards.

Right now Chis is on tour with the Girl & Chocolate team so there's a lot of photos with temamates, like Sean Malto, Justin Eldrige, Eric Koston, etc. He also has a couple shots of a warehouse stocked with decks there for his picking, which is any skaters dream.

Among all the skate related photos, he's also got some random funny pics.

His username is: chris_roberts1

Mikey Taylor

Mikey is a cool dude.

He has photos of his backyard minramp, his girfriend and his dog, cool skate photos, and photos with his friends and teammates, like Mike-Mo and Njah Huston, Rob Dyrdek and Nick Swardson, Wee-Man, and others.

His username is: mikey_tay1or

Josh Kalis

Josh Kalis rides for DGK skateboards and co-owner of

He's got shots of his sick DC camaro and some burnouts, photos of his baby girl, and with his teammates and friends like Stevie Williams, Matt Miller, Brandon Biebel, Tony Hawk, etc.

He also has a photo of him and Ken Block offering the city of Philly a check for one million dollars to keep Love Park alive. Imagine what would if they accepted.

His username is: dgkalis

Colin McKay

Colin is part of the RDS crew and co-owner of

He's got a cool collection of photos, like with Danny Way at the 'Waiting For Lightning' premiere, photos of his dog, travel photos, a super long skateboard he made, photos of the first annual Helliez Awards, and other skate photos.

His username is: colinmckay


Who's Your Favorite Skater?

Who's your favorite skateboarder on this list of professional skateboarders on Instagram? Or who's your favorite skateboarder not on this list?

One of my favorite skaters to watch would have to be P-Rod, and my favorite skateboarder to watch in general would be Rob Dyrdek.

What about you? Do you have a favorite skateboarder I didn't mention?

Leave your answer in the comments below.


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    • TRG247 profile image

      Terry Lane 

      3 years ago from Sudbury Ontario

      My favorite two skaters to watch are Rodney Mullen and Daewon Song. The way they have pushed and expanded what is possible on a skateboard is truly legendary

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      my favorite riders are Gilbert Crockett and Bryan Herman....but from your list maybe Jamie Thomas, he is legend and taking really good photos

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Brandon westgate


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