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Top 10 WWE female Gimmicks

Updated on November 3, 2016

10. Kharma

Kharma's WWE career was quite short, actually she only officially participated in one WWE match. But hey if you're only going to be in one match, the royal rumble isn't a bad choice. There have been many mute lumbering 'monsters' in the WWE but to be a monster Diva is something unique indeed. It takes figurative balls to more or less say I might not be pretty but who cares about that when I can go Godzilla on your ass. Her look, her intimidation tactics and her moves accentuated that frightening monster persona. Why fix what was never broken? Before becoming Kharma, Kia Stevens played basically (and by basically I mean exactly) the same character as Amazing Kong in Japan as well as Awesome Kong in TNA with great success. Sure she didn't make much of an Impact in the WWE (Just right place at the wrong time scenario) but her gimmick, one more or less reserved for big brutish men, as a monster, was really interesting, something that left me wishing I could have seen more.


9. Ariel

Now some of you might be thinking this goes against my entire intro. Ariel was very much defined by her clothes, her boyfriend, not so much her finisher, (I can't remember it for the life of me and in all honesty didn't find her to be that impressive of a wrestler in the first place.) So what might you ask made her different? Made her list worthy? The whole Tarot reader, vampire thing, that's a gimmick if there ever was one. I am a fan of things that go bump in the night as well as green pigtails so I held out hope that this gimmick would be worthwhile, but other than the fact that her hot topic style was on point, there wasn't much else to this character. She had a small part in a few feuds but that's about it. But kudos to WWE for finally capitalizing on a trend at the beginning rather than the end, vampires were all the rage around that time.


8. Mighty Molly

Though better know and tremendously successful as molly holly. Nora Benshoof donned a cape, crystal head band and an intense pantsuit to transform into Mighty Molly! Cufflinks sold separately. she was the perfect sidekick to the hurricane, together they fought for truth and justice. What does every superhero need? A wicked awesome belt of corse. Not just any belt would do, Mighty Molly won the hardcore championship belt at wrestlemania X8 via the villainous act of smacking the Hurricane up the backside of the head with a frying pan. Making her the first of only three women to win the hardcore championship, truly showing how MIGHTY she could be. But sadly being super can be stressful and Mighty Molly hung up her cape fairly quickly, sad to see her go but just regular Molly Holly isn't too shabby I suppose.

7. Lita's pregnancy

Most people cringe when they look back at this storyline, think it is tasteless and downright stupid. Sure it's stupid, it touched on some awkward subjects, it goes without saying everyone in this convoluted haphazardly put together saga benefited nothing from it. All those solid points aside I personally loved it! I had taken a sabbatical from wrestling, and came back just in time to witness as the WWE turns. My favorite male and female wrestler are with child? Fantastic. For those who aren't familiar with the storyline it goes something like this: Kane falls for Lita, leading to a world of hurt for Matt Hardy and some mild kidnapping. Lita finds out she's pregnant, Matt proposes. It's found out Kane is the father of the child. Only way to fix that awkward Maury moment? Till death do us part match of course, which Kane won. A match between Kane Gene Snitsky lead to Lita's miscarriage. After that unfortunate loss the soap opera continued, bringing in names such as Trish Stratus, Vicera and Edge. Maybe not the first miscarriage storyline but can one actually say the best? Lita didn't have to do much in this gimmick, all she had to do was look pregnant. So was it an impressive gimmick? No. But it did lead to two weddings, brought Snitskey to momentary relevancy, as well as roughly six different face and heel turns. It was a short gimmick, it was a controversial storyline when it comes to taste levels, but it was a gimmick none the less.


6. Bayley

I don't always watch NXT but when I do it's to see wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tubemen. Hug life is fairly infectious, even if you have no clue who Bayley is by the time she hugs her way down to the ring, arm tassels fluttering in the breeze, you have made a decision: Bayley is the most adorable thing alive and you just hope she can back it up and take down the naredowells. And she very much does, as I said I am not a frequent NXT viewer but I did tune in to NXT Takeover Respect nearly exclusively for the Iron Man competition between Bayley and Sasha Banks, and it lived up to all the pomp and circumstance, even all the internet hype, and that's a hard hurdle to overcome. Her gimmick isn't as straight forward as those previously mentioned, her gimmick is basically a happy go lucky, fangirl esqe chick dialed all the way up to eleven. It shows how cynical the WWE is that fun loving and optimism can be defining characteristics for a gimmick. Honestly one can argue Bayley's character isn't a true gimmick but if these NXT women are revolutionizing female wrestling, what's to say they can't refresh and revamp the notion of a gimmick? That and with a moves called a Bayley to Belly Suplex and a slip and slide it just proves my hypothesis correct, powerpuff girls was based on a true story and bubbles is your NXT women's champ.


5. Melina

Melina as part of MNM was definitely an A lister. Red carpets, paparazzi, famous friends, BLOGS written about her, very important person indeed. She was the Miz before the Miz was . . . The Miz. As a gimmick it's not exactly super original, it's been used before and since, by men and women alike, an oldy but a goody. Melina was the perfect WWE interpretation of Paris Hilton. Unlike the simple life star, Melina got less and less annoying as the years went on. The gimmick became diluted slightly once she drifted from Mercury and Nitro but I suppose true stars don't need to keep reminding you they're stars, you already know. And her star did shine bright, her fuzzy boots, her overcomplicated way to get into a ring and her primal scream brought her to three women's championship and two Diva's championships. "The only rule is don't be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in." With role models like Hilton Melina was bound to succeed.


4. Sasha Banks

It could be said that each of the four horsewomen have had, or currently do have gimmicks. I already stated Baley's fangirl ways, apparently Becky started out really brining the irish, Charlotte is . . . Ric Flair. But one stands above the rest. I feel you can tell a gimmick is solid when you can say WHAT they are and you know exactly WHO they are: The clown, Doink automatically comes to mind, The cheerleaders everyone vaguely remembers the spirit squad, The undertaker . . . well he's the Undertaker. And then there's the Boss, the one and only Sasha Banks. She's the Boss, did she mention she's the Boss? And if you don't know now you know. Much like Bayley the gimmick is less concrete than those of yesteryear but it's still what makes her stand out from the generic cookie cutter division that has held a choke hold for almost a decade. She is fabulous, she is B.A.D. and though she might make an entrance similar to Melina's (Not the split, the celebrity like fanfare) her character is all her own. Not everyone can pull of Kanye shades and jewelry that literally reads: Boss but she can. Why? Because she's the Boss. Her swagger is off the charts and so is her wrestling ability, by leaps and bounds I find Sasha to be the most entertaining Diva today. Keep in mind I've only had minimal exposure to miss Banks, but she's already made a big impression. I don't know if she didn't come out strutting and swerving and letting each and every person know she's the best, she's the Boss and more importantly she's better than you, I would have taken the time to find out it's true.


3. Single white female

One can't have a list with Lita without there being some room for Trish. This time the queen of extreme was bested by a double dose of stratusfaction. Mickie Jame's debuted as Trish Stratus' biggest fan, which quickly devolved into some single white female, lesbian stalker type role, eventually culminating in a twisted love hate rivalry. Mickie James found a way to make a name for herself while trying to be someone else. It was a very festive gimmick as well, kissing under missile toe, intense Halloween costumes I was waiting for Mickie to try and stuff Trish's turkey on thanksgiving, though Trish is Canadian so maybe that's why it never came to fruition. The odd angle gave new life to an already done gimmick of a 'super fan.' It also lead to match after impressive match but all good things must come to an end, after over half a year (3 years in WWE years) the student became the master when Mickie won the women's title from Trish. After the two parted ways Mickie obviously dropped the Trish obsessed part of her gimmick, still held onto the lesbian thing a little while longer though, and some of the crazy followed her through her entire WWE career but who doesn't enjoy a crazy lesbian?

Mickie James / Trish

2. Luna Vachon

Luna was a gimmick and a half, shaved head, veins pained across half her face, leather, chains . . . constantly screaming, it was intense to say the least. She was scary looking, sounding, acting. She wasn't exactly a monster like Kharma, wasn't obsessed like Mickie . . . she was just insane . . . she was a lunatic get it? Luna . . . tic? Her WWE debut at wrestlemania IX ended with her being arrested. To get arrested for excessive violence at a wrestling event is crazy in itself. I remember her best as Goldust's manager and all the odd outfits they wore. At the time it weirded me out, I was not a fan, but that gimmick wasn't exactly meant to appeal to seven year olds. Her run with the oddities appealed to me more, waving her hands in the air like she just didn't care, along with the rest of the freaks. What puts her so far up on the list was that she had one gimmick and she stuck with it, she didn't use it as a platform to launch herself into a career, that gimmick was her career, her legacy, she always was luna, the lunatic.

Luna Vachon

1. Jillian Hall

Just as Luna had, Jillian Hall's entire tenure in the WWE was based on a gimmick. Not just one gimmick though, she was a jack of all fictional trades: A PR manager for MNM, an image consultant for JBL and a successful solo pop artist. But anyone can go from one gimmick to another, how bout an unnecessary gimmick onto of one you already have? Like a weird mole . . . or growth or whatever it was on the side of her face, that eventually would be eaten off by the bogeyman. Now none of these gimmicks seem nearly as solid as Luna's or even earlier gimmicks on the list, but I consider Jillian the queen of gimmicks. I can't begin to count memorable male wrestlers that tried gimmick after gimmick till one stuck, Jillian off the top of my head is the most notable female to do so. Even her title run was gimmicky, it lasted mere minutes. Though who gets the last laugh? Did your Christmas album reach number twenty in the UK holiday top one hundred / 120 in the billboard 200? No I didn't think so.

Jillian Hall

Best female WWE Gimmick

Wrong spot? Wrong Wrestler? What is the best WWe female gimmick?

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