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Top 15 quarterbacks after the 2012-13 season

Updated on June 19, 2013

Top 10

  1. Aaron Rodgers- Best Player in the League, 2011 MVP
  2. Peyton Manning- One of the all time best regular season players, MVP type season
  3. Tom Brady- 3 time Superbowl Champion, smartest player in the league
  4. Drew Brees- Great leader, 2011 Offensive Player of the year
  5. Matt Ryan- coming off NFC championship loss and now looking forward to his 6th season he's hungry
  6. Tony Romo- Top 5 QBR in NFL History and the best 4TH quarter passer rating currently in the NFL at 101.8 carries the cowboys, mistakes come when it's all on your back though.
  7. ben roethlisberger- Takes a beating, no protection but still gets the job done, 2 time Super bowl Champion
  8. Joe Flacco- Only QB in NFL history to win a playoff game in each of his first 5 years
  9. Andrew Luck- In my opinion Rookie of the year, bright future
  10. Eli Manning- what can I say good fortune has found him with unconscious throws but at the end of the day he's been very successful
  11. Jay Cutler- underrated, similar to Romo without him his team is not nearly as good
  12. Russell Wilson- great rookie season, watch out for the Hawks
  13. Matthew Stafford- it's all up to him and Calvin as they don't have much help
  14. Philip Rivers- Jekyll and Hyde, great talent but the chargers got to get going
  15. Matt Schaub- descent game manager on a great team

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    • profile image

      Susan from Elko, Nevada 4 years ago

      Great work you truly have a bright future. PS Thank you for not putting RG3 on your list.

    • profile image

      Mike from Laurel, Montana 4 years ago

      Great list. I look forward to reading and listening to your voice in the future.

      My list

      1. Rodgers

      2. Brady

      3. Manning


      5. Brees

    • profile image

      Roy from Creston, Iowa 4 years ago

      I think Tom brady is the best and romo should be higher like 4 or 5 but overall great list.

    • profile image

      Chris from north Vernon, Indiana 4 years ago

      Great list you are truly an intelligent analyst. All hear or see you on TV someday.

    • profile image

      Patty from Syracuse, New York 4 years ago

      Love your list and and how you put it together you should be working for the New York Times.

    • profile image

      Dave from Bakersfield, California 4 years ago

      Love the list Im surprised RG3 isn't on your list but I respect you for not jumping on the bandwagon and I love that you gave Romo some respect

    • markLazar profile image

      markLazar 4 years ago from Scranton, PA

      Thanks for the feedback everyone!

    • profile image

      Les from Detroit Michigan 4 years ago

      This is a good list you truly have a future in sports journalism.

    • profile image

      Max 4 years ago

      don't listen to that guy you are a great beat writer, analyst, and Journalist. I fully agree with your list except I would put Romo ahead of Ryan. Thanks keep making hubs.

    • profile image

      LeRoy 4 years ago

      this is a joke you a r a stupid. here in north philly our list goes

      1. RG3

      2. my boy mike vick hell be back next year my man

      3. Cam newton

    • FF Commish profile image

      FF Commish 5 years ago from Milwaukee, WI

      Thanks for posting this list. (I think you have typo in Rivers' name, though.) I wonder about Peyton at #4. It's hard to have a guy his age having not played in a year and still not certifiably healthy that high given the incredible success of the players below him. If I were starting a team and playing for this year only, I wouldn't take Peyton at #4. Honestly, I don't think that I could take him over anyone on this list. That being said, I think that you posted an excellent list, and I thank you for NOT putting Cam Newton up there! He has not earned it at all yet (though you wouldn't know it by the accolades that he is receiving elsewhere...)!