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Top 5 2015 Crossbows Under $700

Updated on March 5, 2015

Are you looking for the best bang for your buck?

There are more states than ever that are allowing crossbows to be used during their archery seasons. Given the surge in enthusiasm, there are more crossbows on the market, then there has ever been. I believe that this is a good thing for the industry, but I understand how frustrating this can be when you are searching for your new crossbow. As I previously mentioned, there are a lot of different crossbows out there. If money is not an option with you, then your search might need to continue, but if you are budgeting your money, then read on. I will introduce you to the best all around crossbows for under $700. Read on and see what you think! If you have anything to say, feel free to leave a comment down below!


These days, you’ve gotta milk a

dollar out of every dime.

— Gayle Forman

SAS Rebel Crossbow | $249.99

If you are looking for a recurve crossbow that packs a punch then check out the Southland Archery Rebel. This company came on the market with a handful of new products for the 2013-2014 season, and they have not disappointed yet. There are a few things that I really enjoyed about the crossbow. The first is that it is a well built recurve. If you are purchasing a recurve crossbow, then there is a good chance that you will be doing the maintenance on the item yourself, The rebel gives you a sense of peace knowing that you wont have to repair it often.

The package that I checked out was pretty great for the $249.99 price tag. I was able to get the crossbow, a 4x32 scope, bow sling, 6-arrow quiver, rail lube, and 4-20 inch arrows. I have to warn you that the 175 pound draw weight is not for the faint of heart. I highly suggest that you pick up a rope cocking device when purchasing this crossbow.


PSE Fang | $299.99

The demand for this bow has been immense. It has been so big in fact, that the folks over at PSE Archery were back-ordered by a few thousand. That's right--a few thousand! Luckily for us, they started to ship them out at the beginning of March.

The reason for this is that they are able to get many of the features that are found on crossbows that cost well over $700 into the Fang. The Fang send arrows off the rail at a blistering 345-355 FPS. It has a light mass weight coming in at only 6.8 pounds. I think that this speed-weight relationship is what I enjoyed the most when I tested it out. Typically, if you are spending less, then you are going to get a clunkier crossbow, but not with the PSE Fang.

Their package includes a 4x32 scope, a cocking rope, a 5 bolt quiver, 3-20'' carbon bolts w/ 100 gr. bullet points, string stop, and rail lube.

Excalibur Matrix Grizzly | $599.99

There is no doubt in anyones mind that the Excalibur series of crossbows was a big hit in the 2014 season. If you are in the market for a recurve crossbow, then I am sure that you have come across Excalibur.

The crossbow that I checked out was their new Matrix Grizzly. It has all of the technology that you could find on their more expensive models, but it put them on a more compact model. It shoots 18'' bolts off of the rail at 305 FPS. It has a slightly more compact profile then its other bows coming in at 30'' wide and 33'' long.

This compact profile put together with a 5.5 mass weight and an 11.5'' powerstroke was hat stood out the most to me. If you have ever shot an Excalibur, then this crossbow will definitely feel familiar. Familiar, but not the same. This was noticeably a lighter version of its predecessors.

This package comes with a Dead-Zone Scope and 1'' rings, a 4-Arrow Quiver with a bracket, Diablo arrows with 150-grain field points, and a rope cocking device.

Parker Enforcer | $549.95

Parker Bows has come out with a revamp of their Enforcer Crossbow.Parker redesigned the front end system. I feel that this answered the problem that many people previously might have had with their crossbows. Crossbows, are by nature big, but the Enforcer was surprisingly compact. This crossbow was made with treestand and ground blind hunters in mind.

When took a few practice shots with the 2015 Enforcer I really enjoyed the pistol grip and the ergonomic forearm. It shouldered well, and the weight was not too bad coming in at 7 pounds. Their G2 trigger also felt crisp from start to finish.

The only slight issue that I had with this crossbow is that Parker only recommends that you use their accessories with the crossbow. This means that they do not recommend that you use any other products. With that being said, their accessories are good, but I want you to keep that in mind before you commit.

The package comes with your choice of scope, a quick detach quiver, and 4 arrows with field points.

Horton Legend Ultra-Lite | $699.99

I do not know about the rest of you, but I am thrilled that Horton Crossbows are back on the market. Since TenPoint purchased Horton a few years back, they have been working tirelessly to put together something that is worthy of Horton fans.

This is where the Horton Legend comes into play. If you get the bow only, then you might have some issues with the 175 pound draw weight. If you go with either the ACU Draw or the ACU Draw50, cocking this thing will be a breeze. I was a big fan of the Adjustable bull-pup stock, but I know that it might not be everyones preference. If it is, then read on.

It is 35.5'' long and 21.6'' wide uncocked. The powerstroke comes in at a precise 12.9''. It is on par with the rest of the crossbows, coming in at only 6.8 pounds.

This description is for the bow only, but you can get this package in ACUDraw of ACUDraw50.

Which one of these do you think will perform the best?

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How to Assemble a PSE FANG Crossbow

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