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Top 25 Unusual Golf Swings and Techniques on PGA/LPGA tours

Updated on October 13, 2015


Lee Trevino takes the club outside the line and drops it inside on the way down. One of the best ball strikers of all time.


Bubba Watson takes the club extremely high and then like no other lets it softly drop down to the ball. He is one of the longest off the tee in the world.


V.J. Singh takes an extremely long backswing and when he brings it down and through the ball, he hits himself in the back with the club on his finish.


Fred Couples barely moves his lower body on his back swing which builds up tremendous torque for a powerful swing.


Steve Stricker does not cock his wrists on his back swing. The wrists stay firm back and through the swing. He gets a lot of accuracy from this approach.


Jim Furyk takes the club straight up and does a figure 8 coming back down. One of the better ball strikers on tour.


Gary Player actually starts walking forward after impact with the ball. One of the most physically fit players ever.


Arnold Palmer does not finish his swing, but instead comes to an abrupt halt at approximate head height and does a loop with the club.


Harry Vardon collapsed his arms right after impact giving a very amateurish look to his swing although he was a champion.


Carmillo Villegas almost lays on the ground to line up his putts. He has been imitated around the world.


John Daly takes the club back so far that it is facing the ground. He was once the longest hitter on tour.


Doug Sanders with the 50 pair of colored shoes only took a 3/4 swing, but got the job done.


Jack Nicklaus had an open stance when putting, but was the best putter in the world in his day.


Keegan Bradley, nephew of the great Pat Bradley, has an almost nervous routine before hitting the ball, or, putting the ball. He walks up to the ball and then retreats. He repeats this process several times. You can always find him on the leader board.


Ben Crane is probably the nicest and one of the funniest players on tour, but has a reputation of being very mythodical. He is always on the clock.


Sergio Garcia has finally gotten away from this, but at one time took 17 waggles while addressing the ball. Once he decided to swing, he was one of the longer hitters out there. He has probably the latest release in all golf.


Zach Johnson has an almost stiff swing. The arms never break down giving him a very unique robotic swing. One of the best short games on tour.


Bobby Jones did not pick up the club on the start of the backswing, but instead turned his body and the club followed with a slight delay. He then almost laid the club on top of his shoulders. One of the greatest to ever play the game.


Dustin Johnson extends down the line towards the target better than anyone to ever play the game and the result is one of the two or three longest hitters in the world.


David Duval and Anika Sorrenstam were taught to let their head turn toward the target before striking the ball. This was intended to give them more distance. They were both number one in the world.


Natalie Gulbis has a tremendous flying elbow as she takes the club straight upward and then drops it back into the slot. One of the better players on tour and one of the most beautiful.


Chi Chi Rodriguez had a thing of using his golf club as a sword after making a putt. A very intertaining golfer and one of the best shot makers of all time.


Fuzzy Zeller addressed the ball with his club a couple of inches past the ball. He took the club up and let it drop back inside to the middle of the clubface as his body moved backwards. This helped his back which had many problems over the years.


Paul Azinger had the strongest grip on tour which gave him a very low trajectory.


Paula Creamer actually drops her head about six inches on her downswing to give her an extra thrust for power. A very pretty lady herself.


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