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Top 3 Compound Bows for Bowhunting in 2015

Updated on July 16, 2015

What's New for 2015 Compound Bows?

Every year it seems that there is something new that the big names are chasing. 2014 brought about the year of the speed bow. Before that it seemed like everyone was chasing a whisper quiet bow. 2015 is an interesting year because the archery equipment manufacturers all appeared to have gone in different directions. Whether you are looking for that speed demon, the extra-smooth bow, or something in the middle, I am sure that this is the season to start hunting for your next bow. Hunters rejoice! Your next compound bow could very well be one of these three from top manufacturers.

Bear Archery

The legendary Fred Bear has always hit a sweet spot with the recurve and traditional shooters, but until recently it seemed that compound bows might have been an after thought. I convinced one of my colleagues to get the Arena 34, and he has thanked me ever since. This compound bow offers a great balance between speed and smoothness. It shoots at 340 FPS (IBO) to send your arrows whizzing along on their way to their destination. It gets this speed from Bear Archery’s max-preload quad limbs. The H15 cams are what I believe gives this bow its balance between speed and smoothness. Aiding in noise reduction are the rubber riser inserts and the bi-dimensional string suppressors. The hinge guard reduces lateral torque when shooting and the removable rubber grip is a nice customizable addition. If you are looking for the best of both worlds, check out the Bear Archery Arena 34.


If you want a compound bow that is more focused on smoothness, then Bowtech is unmatched this year. Imagine yourself sitting in your treestand patiently waiting for you and that buck to cross paths. The 80% let off that the Bowtech Prodigy offers will have you counting your blessings when the moment of truth hits. I don’t want you to be misled--this compound bow is most certainly fast. It shoots at an IBO rated 343 FPS. This bow also comes equipped with Bowtech’s PowerShift Technology, which I believe is what sets it apart.

This is how this technology works. You can move a module [that will not affect the draw length] to make your bow a faster-longer range weapon or slower-smoother weapon. All this can be done on the spot, and there is no bow press required! If you are someone who hunts different animals throughout the year, you might want to take a look at this bow from Bowtech.

PSE Archery

Shooters chasing speed need to look no further than PSE Archery! The Full Throttle set a bar that cannot be touched. This compound bow shoots a blistering 370 feet per second! There is nothing that comes close to it when it comes to speed specs! Although it is a speed demon, it has a very comfortable valley and a 70% let-off. It is nothing like what I would have expected from a 5-1/4’’ brace height. At 33-1/4’’ axel-to-axel, and hovering around 4 pounds, this bow is a compact powerhouse. It is a given that the arrows that get released from this bow are deadly accurate. Just make sure that you know what lies behind your target, because the pass through power on this compound bow is impressive. If speed is your deal, the PSE Full Throttle is worth taking a look at.


These three compound bows that were mentioned are not beginners bows. They are for hunters that know what they are looking for in a bow and are willing to pay the +1K price tag that accompanies these weapons. If you are looking for something in a beginner to intermediate range, you can still keep these brands in mind. This means that if you are a beginner who is looking for a speed bow, you can still look into PSE archery, you just wouldn't get the flagship model that was mentioned in this article. You might get something like the PSE Decree HD The same goes for Bowtech and Bear Archery. If you have already been hunting for a while and are looking to upgrade your setup, then I suggest giving these a test at your local pro shop.


PSE Full Throttle
Bowtech Prodigy
Bear Archery Arena 34


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