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Top 5 Boxing Gloves of Today

Updated on June 1, 2017

5 Best Boxing Gloves

The art of pugilism has come a long way. We’ve learned how to hone our weapons for millions of years now, and we’ve also learned how to use them efficiently.

The weapons we speak of are your hands, and those hands require protection. That is why you need to buy yourself a pair of gloves. Not just any gloves, but a GOOD pair.

Gloves are an investment, and they’re the most important aspect of your training. You need to ensure hand-to-wrist health at all times, otherwise, you’re looking to permanently damage them.

There are a couple of factors that determine a good pair of gloves and price is NOT one of them. Some brands are over-expensive and provide pretty much the same thing that other boxing brands are providing. What you want is battle tested; tried, proven boxing gloves that are AFFORDABLE and LONG LASTING. You need technologically advanced wear that’ll keep your hands or wrists from breaking, and you need to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Here is a list of 5 of the World’s greatest boxing brands:


A Japanese brand that boasts ‘science’ and ‘data centric’ products. Producing materials such as the Engineered Leather, Vylar, make for a durable, light and secure glove with Dual-X Closure and Fusion-Zone Splinting Designs for wrist support. Like all things Japanese, these innovative gloves use Ecta Activated Carbonized “Bamboo” Lining which means it’s a durable and well stitched glove that you can rely on for padding, heavy-bags and sparring.

Ring to Cage:

The Japanese just know how to do everything you do, with much less effort and twice as better. Copying Winning’s widely acclaimed glove design, they produced their own version that was similar in style but BETTER and more AFFORDABLE.

Ring to Cage C17 Japanese Style Boxing Gloves use liner and foams similar to Winning, the heavy nylon lining is also thicker and more durable.

Rival RS2V

Some gloves are built for maximum comfort. Rival Performance Hook Sparring Gloves are exactly that. It’s 15 angled wrist strap provides added stability for the wrist, allowing you to modulate snugness and tightness. Its constitution is full grain authentic leather that is durable and long-lasting. While these gloves are a treat for the hand, one thing deserves a mention though – it needs a slight ‘break-in’ period to settle on your hand.


Considered the undisputed champion (yet on number 2?). Winning boxing gloves have been the standard of what it means to create an almost perfect glove. Imagine a glove that completely eradicates soreness, and turns your rock fists into dangerous pillows. Hands have never experienced such comfort inside a pair of gloves like these works of art. Amateur or professional – you will find these gloves in any true follower’s boxing domain. Long lasting, durable and made to make your hand ‘smile’.

RDX Gel-Tech

Now just because something is expensive and well known, doesn’t make it the best. In RDX Gel-Tech gloves’ case, they are highly affordable, not very well known, and are ranked no.1 in our ratings list. The complete opposite. Why? Because such a pair of art is almost unheard of. Technologically sound, durable, customized and made from authentic whole-grain leather. Placing your hands in a pair of RDX gloves is like placing your hands inside a fully-furnished, high-end, luxury TANK. The hook loops system accompanied with Gel-Tech makes these gloves perfect for wrist-to-hand safety. Absorb punishment with complete confidence, throw back without hestitation; because you can almost throw with reckless abandonment with these gloves without feeling a THING on your hand. No soreness. Best for overall boxing and training. What we love the most about these gloves though – they’re just as good as ANY of the best boxing gloves you’ve ever seen, almost half the price.


Which Boxing Gloves Are Best?

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    • MartinRoy87 profile image

      Martin 21 months ago from London

      Thanks Boxing2016 !

      Yes RDX Boxing gloves are good but you can't ignore others too.

    • Boxing2016 profile image

      David Reed 21 months ago from US

      Your list is good and I have used many of them in boxing clubs. In the above list I like Hayabusa & RDX Boxing gloves very much. They are really comfortable compared to other's. The reason for voting RDX gloves & not Hayabusa is simple that I found RDX more relaible which might be look as a strange comment because people more rely on Hayabusa, Everlast & others, but until you will not use RDX boxing gloves you will not reach out to its actual quality. RDX is simply best, whereas Hayabusa is my second opinion.