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Top Large Camping Tents For a Family Vacation

Updated on June 5, 2012

Taking your family on a camping trip is fun. Children enjoy exploring the outdoors and learning new things. Kids will love hiking, fishing and swimming. A family camping adventure is a great opportunity to bond with your children. Camping is also an affordable family vacation option. If you choose quality camping equipment, it will last you for many years to come.

One of the most important purchases you will make before the trip is a tent. There are a lot of options to consider when choosing the perfect camping tent. You will want something that is durable and spacious enough to sleep the entire family comfortably. The camping tent you choose will have to water tight. A leaky tent in a sudden downpour will put a damper on all your family fun. A tent that is easy to set up is a plus. No one wants to spend a whole afternoon fiddling with poles and stakes when that time is better spent making memories with your kids.

No matter what tent you choose, it's a good idea to set it up before your family vacation to let it air out. This also gives you a chance to practice for your first night of camping. When camping with your family picking a tent large enough to hold everyone and everything is vital. It's nice to have room to move around, and maybe even set up a card table for inside entertainment in rainy weather. A large tent is also needed when using multiple air mattresses.

Coleman Instant 14x10 Foot 8-Person Two Room Tent

This spacious and attractive tent is the easiest and quickest to assemble on this list. There are plenty of windows, so your family can enjoy looking up at the stars in nice weather. The tent can be divided into two rooms. Taking your new tent down is just as simple as putting it up. Since the tent and external frame never come apart, there is no chance to lose anything. This tent is a top choice for quick family camping getaways because it dramatically reduces setup time.

Here's a short video showing just one person setting this tent up, and taking it back down in about 4 minutes.

Eureka! Copper Canyon 1512 Tent

This water tight tent is huge. If you are using multiple air mattresses this is a great choice for your family because it will leave you plenty of room for moving around an storage. Even taller adults can stand comfortably inside. When camping in warm weather proper ventilation in your tent is important. In the rain you can open the storm flaps on either end of the tent and stay bone dry. In dry weather the mesh roof offers an excellent view of the night sky, and keeps your family cool at the same time. This is the priciest tent on this list, but I think spending extra is worth it if you have a large family, or take along a lot of extras.

Coleman Montana 8 Tent

This roomy tent is easy to set up. The front awning with rain fly provides a nice little porch with space for a few camp chairs. The interior is spacious. Adults can easily stand upright inside. The hinged front door is so unique and useful. It's perfect for quick trips in and out of the tent, and really saves wear and tear on the zipper.

Wenzel Klondike Family Cabin Dome Tent

The front screened room on this Wenzel Klondike tent really sets it apart from the others. Unlike tents with similar features, the screen walls can be closed up and the floor is covered, so it could also be used for sleeping. This tent provides excellent ventilation when camping with the family in warm summer months, but might not be suitable for camping in cooler weather.

Swiss Gear Montreaux Ten Person Family Dome Tent

This spacious tent features a high ceiling. Your family won't feel cramped at all. The best feature of of the Swiss Gear Montreaux tent is it's room dividers. You can choose to have one large room, two rooms, or even divide it into four separate rooms. This tent holds up well in the wind. The 6 main support poles are steel. All of the tents materials are high quality, so it will hold up over many family vacations through the years. This is a top choice if you are camping with another family because of the many room configurations available.

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Tent Accesories For Your Family Camping Trip

Now that you've picked a good quality camping tent for your family vacation it's time to think of accessories that will make your trip pleasant for everyone. A durable tarp to place under the floor of your tent is a must no matter which tent you choose. It not only protects your tent floor from wear and tear, but adds another layer of protection in rainy weather. Tent lights are nice to bring along too. Fumbling around in a dark tent is frustrating and dangerous. If your trip will be during the hot summer months a small hanging tent fan with a light is even better. Air mattresses are nice and comfy to sleep on, but a high quality sleeping pad works too and takes up less space. You'll also want to choose the best sleeping bags, taking into account the season you'll be vacationing. Bringing along a sleeping bag rated for cool weather will leave you sweating and miserable in hot summer weather.

Taking your family on a camping trip can be a fun and exciting adventure your kids won't soon forget. Consider making a list of everything you'll need to bring well in advance of your camping trip, so you have plenty of time to organize and purchase things you don't already own. Remember it takes careful planning and forethought to make your vacation successful and stress free.


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