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Top 5 NFL Prospects - QB

Updated on February 19, 2018

5. Mason Rudolph - Oklahoma State

Mason Rudolph

He can throw the ball but that's it, he led the NCAA in passing yards this year as well. He is an accurate gunslinger that makes great decisions with the ball, he can run decently but not well enough to be the best QB in the NFL. He has great field vision and doesn't force passes when under pressure.

This Years Stats: 4,904 passing yards, 37 touchdowns, 9 picks. 35 rushing yards for 10 touchdowns. He has great field vision, and can make a short yardage touchdown which is very important at the goal line and is often over looked.

QB Profile: 230 Pounds, 6 foot 5 inches. If anything he is oversized, I can make a good prediction off of this that he won't be getting hurt anytime soon.

Strengths: Amazing throwing power, hits his target every time, makes amazing decisions with the football. He can perform in big games as well, when he threw for 351 yards and 2 touchdowns in a bowl game win against Virginia Tech. Doesn't depend on any one position. When his feet are set he will hit his mark every time.

Weaknesses: Needs to work on his foot work, when his feet are set he is perfect and will hit his mark every time, but when he is on the run he might as well just throw it away. he has decent athleticism but there is still a lot of work to do on it.

Comparison: Peyton Manning

Projected Pick: 21st, to the Bills

4. Baker Mayfield

baker Mayfield

Mayfield won the Heisman rightfully so, he has the ability to make plays that almost no one else can, he isn't a gunslinger although he can be if he has the time to wind up. Although anyone can be if they have the time to wind up. His legs carried the entire Sooners team to the playoffs, he relies on his tight ends to much, so if you give him someone like Gronk to play with he win dominate but without someone like him he will suffer. Baker truly can make plays barely anyone else can, but he can't throw like a superstar QB. Baker throws at best like a slightly above average QB like regular season Nick Foles. Baker, odds are, won't succeed in the NFL because he is Johnny Manziel re-incarnated. His personality, even his play, matches Manziel perfectly. So yes, Maziel is his comparison. Personally, I don't think he can be a quality NFL QB, just wait for the Browns to draft him. In college, as we saw, he is perfect, but it's his ego, playing type, and the fact that he relies way to much on his tight ends that will hold him back.

This Years Stats: 4,627 passing yards, 43 touchdowns, 6 interceptions. He can protect the ball very well, but with better and taller secondary to face in the NFL he will need to adapt to it.

QB profile: 210 pounds, 6 foot 1 inch. He is a little undersized but he can use his speed to create space and make an easy pass or run because of it.

Strengths: His legs, he can throw decently but it's more of a weakness than a strength. He can run like a QB can once in a decade, he can create space and does well under pressure from the defensive line. He has speed, agility, acceleration, and overall athleticism. He's one of the most athletic players I've every seen at the QB position. (So was Johnny Manziel)

Weaknesses: he's Johnny Manziel, he is. He can throw a ball decently at best, he's all around a lockerroom cancer. He can't sling the ball downfield, he doesn't always hit his mark, and he doesn't seem like he can perform at the NFL level. Although I hope I'm wrong about that. (I'm not he beat my buckeyes so I hope he burns)

Comparison: Johnny The GOAT Manziel

Projected pick: 5th overall, to the Broncos.

3. Josh Rosen - UCLA


My Opinion: Rosen is a great QB and does look NFL ready, but with the rising popularity of the QB run I think both him and Sam Darnold won’t hold up, conflicting statements I get it. Overall, Rosen looks like he will be like Carson Wentz, a QB who can pass and run mediocrely. He’s a great QB to have on your team and a very good starter, the film I have watched on him makes him seem like a Brett Favre, he’s interception prone. He doesn’t make great decisions with the ball but when he does it goes for big gains, he has amazing throw power and accuracy so odds are he can make up for his lack of a run game, much how Cam Newton makes up for the lack of a pass game with his run game. But that can be broken out of him, his awareness is low, he needs better speed, but the fundamentals of being an all-pro QB in the NFL are all there. He’s a gunslinger, and he does it well. But if he just fixes up his awareness than he could be an MVP level QB at the NFL level.

QB Profile: 218 pounds, 6 foot 4 inches. He isn’t undersized by any means, so he can take hits at the NFL level, hopefully he just doesn’t have to do that to often.

Stats This Year: 3,756 passing yards, 26 touchdowns, 10 interceptions across 11 games.

Strengths: He‘s a gunslinger and is accurate, he has amazing throw power matched by no other QB in the draft this year. He can throw better than anyone in this draft. When he sets his feet he will hit his mark 99 percent of the time, he has amazing footwork and can spread the field. He was name second team all PAC-12 after setting the school record for passing yards in a season, he can clutch out games as was seen when he came back when he was down by 34 and came back to win the game, the biggest comeback in school history.

Weaknesses: He can’t run, when his feet aren’t set he wont hit his mark almost every time. When he pressured by the defensive line he can’t make the correct decisions. He throws to many interceptions, his field vision isn’t great at all, he forces passes every game, and odds are will cost his team games and win his team games. But mostly cost his team the game. Although he performed under pressure against Texas A&M in the comeback, we only saw him do it once.

Overall: He throws picks but is a gunslinger, he performed in the Clutch but that was only one time, when he has his feet set he will hit his mark basically every time but when he is on the run you could mistake him for throwing the ball away to avoid a sack. Put him behind a great offensive line like the cowboys have and he’ll be an MVP level QB. With the correct team he could throw for 4800+ yards and 40+ touchdowns in a season multiple times.

Comparison: Brett Favre

Projected Pick: 2nd overall to the New York Giants.

3. Sam Darnold USC

Sam Darnold

Sam Darnold led the USC Trojans to a 11-3 record and a Rose Bowl lose against the Ohio State Buckeyes where he threw 356 passing yards, 0 touchdowns, and 1 interception, so a decent game but nothing outstanding. But he another Brett Favre type player, someone with a catapult of an arm but throws picks. Even though he has great field vision it's just he forces passes and when he forces passes they have horrible consequences. But despite that he was awarded with a First team all-PAC 12 selection. The ability to be a first team All-Pro QB is there, he just isn't showing it consistently.

Stats This Year: 4,143 passing yards, 26 passing touchdowns, 13 picks.

QB Profile: 220 pounds, 6 foot 4 inches. He can take hits so as long as he has a decent offensive line, odds are he won't get injured.

Strengths: He's the most accurate quarterback in the draft, and easily one of the strongest. He decently fast and can throw on run well. He can handle pressure well and will hit his target basically every time. In the NFL he could easily be an MVP caliber QB in the future, if he gets even a decent offensive line and wide receivers. He has showed he can perform in big games, as we saw against Ohio State where he still threw for 356 yards despite no touchdowns and a pick.

Weaknesses: He isn't the best leader to have on a team, and a QB should always be the team captain of course. He shows potential but he needs to work for it, he doesn't have all the key attributes for an MVP QB in the NFL, but he has the ability to get those attributes. If he has a bad offensive line he won't do well, since he isn't a mobile QB and doesn't have the best stamina to role out of the pocket every play. He has the ability to throw on the run, just not consistently. Overall, he isn't consistent.

Comparison: Brett Favre

Projected Pick: 1st overall

1. Lamar Jackson - Louisville

Lamar Jackson

The most athletic QB I've ever seen, he isn't like Johnny Manziel either. He makes good decisions with the football, he can throw accurately and can sling the ball downfield acceptionally well. He can be an NFL QB right out the gate, he seems like a franchise QB that could be better than almost every QB in the NFL right now. He's fast, he's strong, and he has field vision like John Stockton did on the court. You can count on him to perform every play, he performs during important games, and best of all he can do it consistently.

QB profile: 211 pounds, 6 foot 3 inches. He is slightly undersized, but the speed he has can make it so he can't be contained and not be hit so many times.

This Years Stats: 3,660 passing yards, 10 interceptions, 27 touchdowns and 1,601 rushing yards along with 18 touchdowns, across 13 games.

Strengths: He's perfect at everything a QB needs to be, he makes smart decisions with the football and can easily make a play, he has acceptional throwing ability, and will hit his mark almost every time. He won't get sacked, he just won't get sacked. it's almost impossible to contain him unless you have the modern Purple People Eaters as you defense and even then it's not a guarantee.

Weaknesses: Are you kidding me?

Comparison: Russell Wilson

Projected pick: 15th overall, to the Cardinals (Please?)


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