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Top 5 Oakley Golf Shoes For Sale Online

Updated on June 30, 2011

When golfing, aside from having all the right golf clubs and golf balls, what's the next most important thing? Golf shoes; good, high quality, golf shoes, believe it or not, can make that much difference in your golf game. They give you better comfort on the golf course, better traction and they make you look better. Why wouldn't you want to buy some golf shoes?

One of the best brand of golf shoes on the market are Oakley golf shoes; Oakley golf shoes for sale online are some of the best kind of golf shoes around. Oakley shoes for golfing have a unique style and design that give you a mix of comfort and style - the perfect mix.

Whether you're looking at buy Oakley mens golf shoes, Oakley womens golf shoes or just any kind of Oakley golf shoe one sale, well , you've come to the right place.

Below you'll find the 5 best Oakley golf shoes one can buy right now. Some of them are Oakley golf shoes 2011, while some are older, but really good, golf shoes.


Oakley Men's Servodrive Golf Shoe

One of the best Oakley golf shoes for sale is the Servodrive golf shoe. This is a wider sizing golf shoe, giving you extra room and comfort for those long 18 hole golfing days. This is a tournament ready golf shoe, with a durable back that gives you excellent support when swinging.

One of the biggest attributes of Oakley golf shoes, especially the Servodrive gold shoe, are the cleats. The Tri-Grip performance cleats ensure traction that is secure and reliable - good for the wet, rainy days.


  • Water-proof
  • Tri-Grip Cleats
  • Secure Cleat (Replaceable)
  • Two Year Warranty

OAKLEY Tour Jacket Golf Shoes Black Mens

One of the top Oakley golf shoes to buy online, and a great Oakley shoe for girls and boys, is the Tour Jacket golf shoe. This is one of the simplest looking golf shoes as well as one of the cheapest Oakley golf shoes - but both of these things are good.

It's made of genuine leather grip with a durable sole, giving it a subtle classy look. With cleats that match even the best Oakley golf grip shoes for men, well, you can't go wrong.


  • Tournament Ready
  • Made of Leather
  • Removable Cleats
  • White and black look.

Oakley Men's Geardrive Golf Shoe

This is one of the best Oakley Golf Shoes 2011; it's superior is many ways, making it one of the best Oakley golf shoes ever. It comes in many different sizes, making it a good Oakley golf shoe for both men and women. How does it look? Well - it has a modern design that works well with the Oakley logo and colors.

With a leather-made upper and cushioned insole you have one of the most comfortable golf shoes. Oakley is known for its high performance and this is no different with their golf shoes. This is a prime example - a comfortable, stylish golf shoe, that is meant to last.


Oakley Bow Tye Men's White Brown Golf Shoes

I had to include this Oakley shoe in my list of the top 5 golf shoes. 


It has the ultimate classic golf shoe look, made out of brown and white leather.  It's what they wore fifty years ago and the fact that Oakley has noted this and made a more modern version - well - it's perfect. 


Oakley Golf Ladies Daisy Cutter Shoes

As far as Oakley golf shoe for women go, this is, by far, the best and the best prices golf shoe. Ladies Oakley golf shoes are a little more difficult to find then mens Oakley shoes and that makes this shoe that much better.

It's built like a Oakley mens golf shoe, but - I'll say it - better. It's one of the best looking Oakley golf shoes that is durable, water-proof and very, very comfortable.


  • Soft Leather
  • Sealed Seams, waterproof
  • Replaceable Cleats
  • High arch and low volume build


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