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Top 5 RV Repairs to Watch Out for Before the Camping Season

Updated on March 30, 2018

RV repairs are a major part of maintaining a well functioning recreational vehicle. It doesn't take much effort to learn, but understanding a few simple repairs is essential for every successful RV owner. For new owners, maintaining an RV can be difficult. However, five major RV repairs have been gathered below for your convenience. If followed, your RV should be in much better condition for the upcoming camping season. Here are five important RV repairs you should know about:

  • Repairing roof seals and seems

  • Inspecting and treating a roof

  • Changing oil and filters

  • Checking and changing batteries

  • Repairing tires

Repair Roof Seals

This tip may seem obvious, but checking roof seals and seems could not be anymore important. Confirming that your roofs seal and seem are in good condition is vital to a well-maintained RV. If not, your RV is at risk of severe water damage which can cost thousands of dollars to repair. The last thing you want is to find out you have a leaking roof on your family camping trip.

Treat Your Roof

This tip mainly applies to RVs with rubber roofs, but annual treatment is vital for a well-maintained vehicle. If possible, it is suggested to have your roof inspected twice a year just to be safe. Make sure to have your roof properly examined to avoid severe and costly sun damage.

Oil and Filter Change

One of the most important RV repairs is to regularly change oil and filters in your vehicle. Just like cars, doing this is important to keep your engine running properly. If you forget to do this RV repair, you run the risk of having a stalled engine or dysfunctional vehicle. Professionals suggest that you should have the oil and filter changed for every 4000 miles driven. If you fail to do so, the consequences can cost as much as $10 000 to have fixed.

Check Batteries

Always check your batteries before you take the RV on a trip. Most batteries last up to 5 years but checking them is always worth your time.

Repair Tires

Without tires, your RV won't work. Therefore, it is crucial to check and repair your tires before you take the RV on a trip. Make they are pumped fully, are tightly secured and are not severely damaged. You should always take a portable wheel repair set on your journeys.

Conclusively, these five RV repairs are great to know and understand before you set off on your camping season adventures.


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