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Top 5 Self Defense Moves For Women

Updated on November 30, 2011

Self defense moves for women must be simple, easy to use, and highly effective. This is not because other self defense moves are too difficult for women. There are plenty of female black belts and female competition fighters out there.

The real truth is that most women have no interest in spending long hours perfecting fancy moves. Women who need self defense skills want to cut through all the ‘BS’ and find out what is going to save them if and when the time comes.

The other important consideration for women is that they will most likely be attacked by a man who is much larger (both taller and heavier). This means self defense moves for women must work on larger and stronger opponents.

Finally in my 20 years of self defense teaching experience women are not interested in ‘kicking some guys butt’ like my male clients. Women simply need to incapacitate their attacker long enough to get away or get help.

On top of this most predators will not chase after a woman who has shown that she will not go down without causing him serious harm, so there is no need for knock out moves or contain and control techniques.

As Promised Here Are The Top 5 Self Defense Moves For Women:

1. Eye gouge:

This is more of an openhanded flick at the eyes (not a single finger poke to the eyes). The goal is not to remove the eyes from the socket you are simply flicking your fingers into his eyes and possibly scratching the eye a bit

This will often cause an attacker to release his grip and temporarily reduce his vision because his eyes will water up. This is your chance to either follow up with another shot or run like hell.

There is a slight variation on this if you are being held or choked from the front. In this situation you may opt to drive your thumbs into the eye socket.

2. Groin Strike:

Okay I know this sounds a bit cliché but there is a reason why nearly every self defense system includes the groin as a target (it’s highly effective). And believe it or not most guys are not expecting a shot to the groin (it is a difficult target to block).

The key is that you can not only strike the groin with a kick, but you can also use your hand or your knee (depending on how close he is).

The hand works best if you are being held from behind. Simply strike the groin with an open hand. It’s sort of a slap move. Make sure you come up on the groin not straight at it. This will create the most pain.

The hand can also be used if you are facing your attacker and you are too close for a kick or knee The technique is similar except after your strike with the open hand (remember to strike through the target and follow through) you can grab and squeeze as hard as you can.

Only use the squeeze if you are being held and you fear that the strike alone will not cause enough pain to make him let go. If you are not being held strike quickly and run.

3. The Bite:

This is one of the most often overlooked, but highly effective self defense moves for women. Use a bite when you are being held in a headlock or any other circumstance where your head is being held up against to your attacker’s body.

If you are being held in a head lock at his side, simply wrap your arms around his waist holding him as tight as you can and take a big bit out of his side. I’m not talking about a nibble. Bite like you mean it and don’t release the flesh until you are sure he has had enough.

The great thing about biting is that a woman’s jaws are every bit as strong as a man’s. It really levels the playing field. Oh and don’t be afraid to take a chunk with you. I know it’s gross, really gross, but consider his intensions. Biting a chunk out of his is a guarantee that he won’t be back for more.

4. Ear Slap:

This one is pretty simple. Strike the ear with a loose and slightly cupped hand. The goal is to blow out your opponents eardrum. This causes extreme pain and screws up his balance (we balance ourselves using an organ that’s in the ear).

When you practice this move hit the shoulder not the ear.

5. Foot stomp:

The foot stomp is a great technique to use if you are being held or choked from behind. Simply stomp on the instep of your attacker’s foot. Try to aim for the upper part of the foot not the toes.

It may take a couple of stomps before the pain becomes unbearable so don’t give up if one doesn’t work. Shoes with a small heal only enhance the pain.

Okay those are my top 5 self defense moves for women. Go practice these with a partner or by yourself in the mirror.

Remember these are self defense moves for women for a reason. They don’t require great strength or size to be effective. So don’t worry if you are thinking “I’m just not big enough to hurt a man.” If you use a few of these things you will not only hurt him you will probably make him question his manhood afterwards.

One last thing, these moves are also great for young girls and boys, so if you are a mother concerned about your child’s safety these are great moves to teach (just make sure they understand this is serious stuff only to be used when they feel they are in danger).

For more free tips and self defense moves for women check out or my blog

Stay Smart and Stay Safe,

Bob Pierce

Head Honcho,


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