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Top 5 iPhone Accessories for Hiking Enthusiasts.

Updated on March 11, 2017
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Whether it's snapping those whitetail deers, or taking a picture of the endearing cliffs you pass by in your hiking sojourns, your iPhone is an important gadget that you can't fail to carry in your hiking trail. The fact that iPhones are compatible with a range of accessories means that you can always find some great tools to make your hiking endeavor enjoyable and safe.

In this snippet, we dig deep in the world of Apple to present to you 5 great accessories and Apps crafted for your next hiking outing.

1. A solar charger

The fact that you'll be spending time away from sockets means you will need to seek for an alternative source of power. A solar charger is the ideal piece as it is portable, efficient and can work even in areas with low sunlight. Additionally, most of the leading solar chargers are dust, shock and waterproof meaning they withstand even the most rugged environs. It can be used to charge other devices including cameras and GPS devices.

2. Card Holder Stick on Wallet

Doubles up as your iPhone back cover and a smart card holder. This means you will not always have to carry your bulky wallet as you go out for a hike as the card holder does the work. The tool can carry as much as 10 cards. It's also compatible with other smartphone models such as LG, Samsung Galaxy and Sony Xperia.

3. iPhone lenses

An iPhone lense acts as a booster to the iPhones primary camera. With this accessory, you can shoot clear and interesting pictures of your hiking trails.

4. Motion GPS

A must have accessory for guiding through unfamiliar terrains and grounds. With this tool, you'll be confident enough to visit even new sites as the accessory can also help you retrace your path to the known zones.

5. AllTrails

This app helps you find your way around in your hiking endeavors through simple to understand maps.

Tips to Keep Your iPhone Safe Through Out the Hiking Duration.

Always keep your iPhone and related accessory away from dust and moisture even if it has protective functionalities. A good tip is to use a waterproof bag to keep your items. This doesn't only safeguard them from moisture but also prevent loss of some items.

Another tip is to keep your items away from the glare of sunlight.

Final Word

Having the right apps and accessories makes a smooth hiking session that you will always remember. With hundreds of accessories on offer, it's tasking endeavor to choose what best suits your situation. Check if any of the above accessories can help you have a smooth hiking session.


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