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Top 5 most forgotten muscles

Updated on November 9, 2013

In our quest to build that all around body we may find ourselves overlooking muscle groups, which could indeed maximize efforts. Neglecting these muscle groups can lead to imbalanced muscles, poor posture, and muscle pain. Here are the top five most neglected muscle groups that should be considered.

A strong back help you walk with your chest out; it’ll make you appear more confident.

Back muscles

It should be obvious why the back muscles are forgotten about right? We don’t pay that much attention to them because we don’t see them when we flex in the mirror. How could we forget to work out our back when it is pretty much responsible for pretty much everything we do? It’s funny that we work the chest, but some don’t realize that if you really want your chest to shine you need to work your back or you’ll have posture like an ape. Working out your back help give you that V-shape torso making your waist appear smaller. Obviously a stronger back reduce back injury, but it also gives you strength in pulling exercises and activities (not to mention your throw or swing).


People normally assume that your core muscles are just your abdominal muscles, which is partly right, but the core is made up of 29 pairs of muscles known as a muscular box. The base includes the pelvic floor and girdle around the hips. The front is where the abdominal are located. The back is where the para-spinal muscles that support the spine and the large gluteal muscles can be located. The core muscles provide balance in daily actives and exercise so that the stress is distributed evenly on the body.


Building your forearms can really take your bodybuilding to the next level; by building your forearms you will be able to lift more weights allowing your biceps and upper arm to grow stronger. You’ll also improve your grip strength, which will support any lifting and pulling exercise. Besides a strong forearm gives you that strong warrior look.


This is one the most forgotten muscles, but it also stands to hold the biggest gains of them all (you’d think it’d be number one). Most people head straight for the bench press or the shoulder press as soon as they hit the gym; they may run on the trend mill for a leg workout, but that’s not enough to say that you worked legs today. By training your legs you’ll be able to maximize your efforts in gaining muscle mass. Strong legs will increase your benches and lifts, so instead of hitting the bench press, how about you hit the leg press or the legs extension first.

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This is the most forgotten muscle group of them all; people who neglect to work out their neck end up with the lollipop effect. A strong neck completes the whole package; without a strong neck the right hit to the face can give you whiplash; a strong neck helps you absorb impact and prevent neck pain. Imagine doing all that work and be able to be knocked out that easily. Before working your neck you have to prepare your neck with static holds and stabilizing exercises.

So the next time you decide to hit the gym to achieve that overall built physic, remember to keep in mind these muscle groups and the benefits that come with it.


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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Top 5 most forgotten muscles is informative and helpful.