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Top 6 South Korean Amusement Parks

Updated on May 6, 2019

The EverLand Amusement Park

EverLand has a wooden RollerCoaster that is the steepest and the most fun coaster in the land. The Caster is very steep and it is South Koreans most safari experience coaster in the park. Everland is the biggest outdoor theme park that offers unique attractions and five fun zone rides that are really fun for the entire family.

If you know the South Korea area pretty well you can locate the Everlan park pretty easily but if you don't know the area then you will know that it located Southeast of Seoul on a street called 199 Everland-ro, Pogog-eup, Cheoin-gu, in Yongin of the Gyeonggi province.

The Seoul Land Park

Seoul Land is a more family oriented and nice park for the whole family to go and have fun. Seoul Land is perfect for Children and families because it is loaded with a lot of different themes and ride attractions.

They have a nice roller coaster called Space cruise and magic Carpet that the kids would love to try and aside from these Coaster rides there are a lot of other attractions that the whole family would love. Seoul Land hosts Korea's largest botanical garden and zoo attraction every time it comes around.

If you are ever in South Korea make sure that you try and visit Seoul Land and check out the park with your friends and family.

South Korea Love Land park (Adults Only)

This Seoul Park is for Adults where you have to be twenty years old or older in order to get in and it is called the Love Land. This Park is one for the Love birds if you know what I mean. This Love Land Park is for sensuality and eroticism which is for adults only and no Children allowed.

If you are twenty years old or older and you want to experience some love then take your spouse or a friend to this nice Love Land park and see what the Love of South Korea has to offer. You will find that there are indoor and outdoor attractions for admirations when it comes to this Love Land park.

The indoor has its cartoon-like images and the outdoor gives you the most playful and most beautiful sexual acts from kissing to doing the do with a lot of nice humor. This place is actually great for newly wedded couples which is awesome...Right? Oh, how kinky and fun?

Maze Land In South Korea

In South Korea, there are many Amusement parks, but not many people love just rides and roller coasters. There are some that love to to be challenged so if you love a challenge try and go to Maze land in the South Korea area.

Maze Land is a great way to get your mind to wonder and get your brain to start working so that you can really have some fun. If you want a break from rides and coasters you can just wander through a maze and find your way out if you find it fun and go from there.

‘samda’, a Jeju dialect is the principal of where the Maze land was built which means three things winds, rocks, and women. You will also get sprayed with Mother nature as you go through the Maze and have a good time.

Aiins World or Land

When it comes to having fun some see going to different Amusement parks and seeing over 100 or so models of buildings that are built from hand really fun and exciting. If you love buildings and seeing all kinds of different models then going to Aiins World is for you. They have over 100 models that you can see with your own two eyes and one thing that makes this park even better is that you will get to really take in the whole scenery.

Pay attention to the detail and get your cameras ready to go, but make sure that you just don't bring your phone because you will need some really great quality camera work for this type of park.

Psyche World

Yes, I said it Psyche World is waiting for you in South Korea and you will love it. I am not talking about the Psyche where you will get your palm read and get your Future told I am talking about the largest Butterfly museum of all time. If you are one for butterflies which is usually the ladies and small little girls then you are in for one heck of a ride.

Psyche World will have over 3,000 different butterfly species ready for viewing right there in South Korea, so don't think that you are just going to South Korea just for the food and for Roller Coasters. They have other worlds that you will love to be a part of as well. Remember to bring as many cameras as your purse can carry, because if you are going on an Amusement park adventure you are going to need them for these 3,000 butterflies that you are about to witness.

Final Thought

When it comes to having fun in South Korea there are a lot of things that you can do and go to amusement parks is one of them. If you want to unwind and do something a little less fun you can go to Maze Land and just walk around the Mazes so that you can find your way out by just using your brain or just ride a few roller coasters in Seoul Land and a few other Amusement parks.

When you want to have fun and go to different parks make sure that you try and go to about two or three different South Korea Amusement Parks so that you can get the feel of the rides, Buildings and even the 3,000 or more butterflies that they have flying around with so much more to offer. Remember you don't just have to ride on the rides anymore you can just go and take in the different scenes and travel through the mazes hoping that you don't get lost.

Take your cameras and have the fun of your life right there in Seoul South Korea.


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