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Top Catchers: A Fantasy Perspective

Updated on December 29, 2014

The Catcher position is one of the toughest positions in baseball. There is a lot required of that particular position. He has to help the pitcher throw the right pitch to each batter. He has to set up the different defensive placements to defend against the current batter, and he has to hit for a decent batting average. As the owner of a fantasy baseball team you do not care about all the things that a catcher has to do, you only care about his hitting statistics. Who are some of the top catchers in the Major League, and will they help you with your fantasy baseball team?

Buster Posey

Buster Posey was in contention for the 2014 most valuable player. His play at the catcher position was one of the reasons that the San Francisco Giants won the World Series. From a fantasy perspective having Posey on your team is a solid choice.

Catching is a position that does not play the game everyday. Well, the individual player does not play every day. To pick a catcher, you will want someone that plays more then 120 games. Posey is exactly the player that you want, he played in 147 games in 2014.

Posey's impact on the field was huge as he hit for a .311 batting average. He scored seventy-two runs. He also had eighty-nine runs batted in (RBI). He had 170 base hits in 2014, including twenty-eight doubles and twenty-two home runs. If you are expecting speed numbers you're not going to get any from Posey, he is not a threat to steal bases. The catcher might get you a triple if the wind is at his back.

Posey is the number catcher in baseball and in fantasy baseball. He could be valuable as a first rounder but remember his power numbers are not as high as many of the players your going to take . The one thing to remember if you think you can make up the numbers later in the draft then take him, it's your team.


Johnathan Lucroy

The Milwaukee Brewers backstop fits the first criteria for a solid catcher. He played in 153 games in 2014. Arguably Lucroy is a top draft pick, last season he hit 176 hits, and thirteen home runs. The catcher walked sixty-six times, but he struck out seventy-one times. Lucroy had two triples, and four stolen bases. Since the catching position is not a very deep position, consider Lucroy in the early rounds of the draft, possibly the first round.

Kurt Suzuki

The Minnesota Twins catcher has played on several teams throughout his career. He has proven to be a solid player for every team. Looking at Suzuki as a fantasy catcher he does not fit into the super star category. He does not play enough games, last season he played in 131 of them.

As a hitter Suzuki will not put up big power numbers, but he will hit the ball consistently. In 2014 he .288, thirty-four of his hits were doubles, the Twins catcher does not strike out often. Having a catcher that is very consistent means that he may slip down the lower rounds of the draft. There may even be a slight chance that he may not get drafted at all and you can get him off of the waiver wire. That being said, keep him in for the middle rounds of the draft.

Dioner Navarro

Navarro is a tough person to handy cap as a fantasy catcher. The Toronto Blue Jays picked up Russell Martin, possibly relegating Navarro to a part time role on the team. He is a decent player with 2014 being his best season of his career.

Drafting Navarro may be a big mistake because he may not play in very many games.

Yan Gnomes

Gomes is a solid catcher for the Cleveland Indians. He played in 135 games in 2014. That is the most games that he has played in his young career. Since he is a younger player he may move into the elite status of catchers if he plays more games. The idea that he has a lot of potential is prime reason that he can be drafted highly.

Gomes had 135 hits in 2014. The challenge with Gomes is that he shows a lot of power, hitting twenty-one home runs. His home run numbers cut into other offensive numbers such as doubles. He only hit twenty-five doubles and he struck out 120 strike outs. The Indians are an up and coming team, which means that Gomes will play for a chance to play for something more than pride in the fall. He may not be good enough to draft in the top two rounds of your draft but he should be drafted before the fifth round.

Catchers lack a lot of depth and need to be drafted strategically. If you draft them too early you may sacrifice hitting, If you draft them later you give up the potential of getting a player that is consistently playing. You may also need to consider drafting a second catcher if you draft one later. There are plenty of catchers, hopefully you will find a great one for your team.

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