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2012-2013 NBA Fantasy Basketball Sleepers - Point Guards

Updated on December 1, 2012

Stephen Curry - Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry is being projected to go around the 4th round. That’s beyond ridiculous. His progress seems to be going very well, being active for and in training camp. The injury plagued season last year can at least somewhat be blamed on the condensed season, with Curry returning to action far too quickly multiple times. With Monta Ellis gone and Andrew Bogut joining, the Warriors offense will definitely include less wing play and more focus on the paint. Assists and open looks should go up, and Curry doesn’t squander many open looks. Plus you shouldn’t worry about lingering issues with the ankles (knock on wood), because even in between pretty severe ankle sprains, Curry still produced at a very efficient level – 49% FG%, 45.5% 3P%, and 1.5 steals a game in 28 minutes through 26 games.

Kyle Lowry - Toronto Raptors

Kyle Lowry was a bona fide fantasy first rounder for a large portion of last season. His predicted draft spot is sitting at around the 70s overall, which is a guaranteed steal. First of all, he’ll definitely be able to beat out Jose Calderon for the starting point guard spot. The Raptors don’t have much faith in Calderon, with Calderon always losing time to backup point guards even when (fantasy-wise) he’s being an effective starter. They also traded for Lowry, who effectively led the Rockets last year. Toronto wants to give Lowry the keys to the entire team’s offense, and his stats will greatly, greatly outdo the 7th round predicted draft spot.

Isaiah Thomas - Sacramento Kings

Thomas had an exceptional second half of the season last year. Post All-Star break, he averaged 14PPG, 5.2 assists, and 47% FG%. As he gets more comfortable running the team as its point guard, and with the Kings realizing that Tyreke should not be the team’s primary ball-handler, Thomas should be racking in the assists. He can score, pass, and not turn the ball over too much, and at only 5’9, probably will outshine Tyreke Evans this season.

Jrue Holiday - Philadelphia 76ers

Holiday is only 22, and looks to get a huge stat boost this year. A detriment to his amount of possessions a game – Andre Iguodala, has left. And one of the best big men in the league in Andrew Bynum has joined the team. Jrue has no opposition as the ball-handler of the team, and there doesn’t look like there is much than can get in the way of Jrue having a career year. He’s projected as a 7th round point guard, but don’t let him drop past the mid 5ths or 6th.


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      Angel Flores 5 years ago from Santa Ana, California

      Damien Lillard???