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Top Five Fantasy Quarteback's

Updated on July 29, 2014

The quarterback fades back for the pass. The three hundred pound defensive lineman throws the quarterbacks protector aside. just as the defender hits the quarterback, the football goes flying into the air, making its way down the field. The tall speedy receiver runs underneath the ball as it falls into his hands and he finds his way into the end zone, to score the winning touchdown. Who has not pretended that they were the quarterback that threw the winning touchdown in the championship game? The QB is a crucial element of a championship team, a truth in any style of league, whether it is fantasy football or real life football. In the 2013 season the top five fantasy QB’s were Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Cam Newton, Andrew Luck, and Andy Dalton. Although he is an important aspect of any fantasy football team, is a quarterback worth targeting with your first round pick?

Peyton Manning

Weekly average is 28.28

Manning scored the most points of any other player in 2013. Manning threw for over 5500 hundred yards and 55 touchdowns. He did account for sixteen turnovers, but he made up for the mistakes with his high touchdown production. If you want to pick him in the first round, no one could argue with that pick, but you are gambling that he will repeat his 2013 numbers. Manning has shown that he can come close to those numbers again, although it is still a difficult task for anyone.

Drew Brees

Weekly average 21.75.

Over the last three years, Brees has averaged over 5200 yard and forty-three touchdowns. Those kinds of numbers would make Brees a justifiable number one overall draft choice in any league. The drawback of drafting him that high is that his receiving corps is starting to age and is changing over, meaning that he has to work with some new receivers. An athlete the stature of Brees can overcome that challenge, and even excel, but if you were going to draft him with your first round pick expect some rough patches early in the season, but it will not last for long.

Cam Newton

Weekly average 17.63

Newton is an amazing athlete. He has the capability of passing and running for big plays. Newton’s explosiveness can give you multiple ways to score points, but the rest of his team is untested. He is a great football player in real life, but a first round fantasy draft pick, Newton can wait. Hope that you can draft in the third round or later. If he is on the board around then, grab him quickly otherwise, he will be gone. Keep in mind he did not show signs of is his fantasy relevance until the second half of the season, you can expect this type of this type of output again in 2014, especially with all of the question marks that he has on his team.

Andrew Luck

Weekly avg. 17.44.

The third year QB is proving that he is worth the investment that Indianapolis made for him. From a fantasy perspective he still middle of the pack. He does have rapport with T.Y. Hilton and he is getting Reggie Wayne back. Indianapolis also added Hakeem Nicks to the receiving corps, giving Luck a few more weapons this season. You may be able to draft him in the fifth round, but if you think you will get him after the fifth round consider yourself lucky (yes Lucky).

Andy Dalton

Weekly avg. 17.31.

How many times have you heard that Dalton is a horrible QB? Statistically speaking that is not true. He completed 62% of his passes, and threw for 4300 yards, and thirty-three touchdowns. The draw back with Dalton is that he accounted for twenty-three of Cincinnati’s turnovers last year. In both real life and fantasy, turnovers can hurt you. You have to keep that in mind that although Dalton can put up some large numbers he is also going to give you a few negative games, but he could be worth a fifth round or later pick. Just make sure you have another QB that is of the same talent, that way you can play the matchups. With Daltons aversion to turning the ball over you want to be able to minimize his mistakes.

QB’s can be drafted in the first round and people will look at drafting guys like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and others in the first round, but numbers do not lie and they cannot be skewed to justify where a player should be drafted. The challenge with QB’s is that top players in that position are always drafted earlier than they should be drafted. Patients will prevail if you can wait the right QB will fall to you and you will have a great season. Good Luck!


Which QB would you draft?

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© 2014 Robert Beyer


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