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Funny Jose Mourinho Quotes

Updated on May 29, 2013

Jose Mourinho

Most people have very strong opinions about Jose Mourinho (the "Special One") the former manager of Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan and the current manager of Real Madrid. Whatever you say and think about Mourinho (I know what I think!) you can't deny he is not one of the best football managers around and one of the only real strong characters left in the modern game.

I would say Mourinho is probably the second most successful manager of the modern game after the great Sir Alex Ferguson. And Mourinho is not just good tactically but he also says interesting things nearly every press conference. That means over a few years he has come up with some pretty good quotes and in this hub I give you the top 15 Jose Mourinho quotes.

Top 15 Jose Mourinho Quotes

These top 15 quotes are not in any particular order and are just some of the best Mourinho quotes around!

Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho

5 Mourinho Quotes

  1. "If I had wanted to be protected in a quiet job, I could have stayed at Porto. I would have been second, after God, in the eyes of the fans even if I had never won another thing." (What Mourinho said after arriving at Stamford Bridge about his old job as manager of Porto.)
  2. "I think the best place to work in football is England."
  3. "When I go to the press conference before the game, in my mind the game has already started." (Mourinho counts the press conference as part of the football match.)
  4. "I felt the power of Anfield, it was magnificent. I felt it didn't interfere with my players but maybe it interfered with other people and maybe it interfered with the result. You should ask the linesman why he gave a goal. Because, to give a goal, the ball must be 100 per cent in and he must be 100 per cent sure that the ball is in" (Jose Mourinho questions the decision to award Luis Garcia's goal against Chelsea - for Liverpool in the Champions League Semi-Final 2004)
  5. "It is omelettes and eggs. No eggs - no omelettes! It depends on the quality of the eggs. In the supermarket you have class one, two or class three eggs and some are more expensive than others and some give you better omelettes. So when the class one eggs are in Waitrose and you cannot go there, you have a problem" (One of my favourite Mourinho quotes and quite a funny one too! He said this after players like Lampard, Ballack, Drogba and Carvalho are injured)

5 Jose Mourinho Quotes

  1. "Young players are a little bit like melons. Only when you open and taste the melon are you 100% sure that the melon is good."
  2. "If you ask me if I jump with happiness when I know Mr Poll is our referee? No." (Not Graham Poll's biggest fan)
  3. "Many great managers have never won the Champions League - a big example is not far from us."
  4. "Wenger has a real problem with us and I think he is what you call in England a voyeur. He is someone who likes to watch other people. There are some guys who, when they are at home, have this big telescope to look into the homes of other people and see what is happening. Wenger must be one of them - and it is a sickness." (Attack on Wenger)
  5. "3 years without a Premiership title? I don't think it would still be in a job" (Reminding Rafa and Liverpool.)

4 Awesome Jose Mourinho Quotes

  1. Five-four is a hockey score, not a football score. In a three-against-three training match, if the score reaches 5-4 I send the players back to the dressing rooms as they are not defending properly. So to get a result like that in a game of 11 against 11 is disgraceful." (After Arsenal-Tottenham match which ended 5-4 in 2004)
  2. "You can have the top stars to bring the attention, you can have the best stadium, you can have the best facilities, you can have the most beautiful project in terms of marketing and all this kind of thing. But if you don't win... All the work these people are doing is forgotten."
  3. "The Porto players were with me for two and a half years, they believed in me, in my methods, in the way we do it. The next day I go and a manager arrives who works completely differently."
  4. "So I know all about the ups and downs of football, I know that one day I will be sacked."

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1 Jose Mourinho Special One Quote

Jose Mourinho is certainly not timid or shy and may be just a little arrogant!  His famous special one quote sums him up perfectly!

1 Special One

  1. “Please don’t call me arrogant, but I’m European champion and I think I’m a special one."

Your Thoughts on Jose Mourinho and his Quotes

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    • profile image

      Shuaib Ahmmad from Kwara state Nigeria 5 years ago

      J.M is really choosed specially by d heaven as a great statue.He always write his name in gold everywhere(Portugal,England,Italy,Spain.......) he goes.The special1

    • SpiffyD profile image

      SpiffyD 6 years ago from The Caribbean

      This was a funny hub. I liked the quote on Wenger, although I'm an Arsenal fan. He sure took another dig at Wenger with the comment about coaches who don't win Anyway, I hope he'll gripe about Barcelona again in 2012.

    • molibwe profile image

      molibwe 6 years ago from Seoul

      untill now Jose Mourinho is the best and the best coach ever.

      Nobody can deny that.

      Thank you for your post dude

    • QuackQuackWriter profile image

      QuackQuackWriter 6 years ago from Mumbai,India

      awesome dude

    • sinebobo profile image

      adu sina 6 years ago from Lagos, Nigeria

      good hub what did you thing if jose come back to the blues??

    • profile image

      benedict diyamett 6 years ago

      you are really special one,u're my model

    • profile image

      lisandro lopez 6 years ago

      thank you jose for what you have done to our porto side where we won a uefa champions league title which some of the best teams like chelsea and arsenal can never win

      east or west jose is the best

    • profile image

      Richard Mayiya 7 years ago

      Very good character, the best manager in the world, love you Mourinho for what you have done in my life, look up to you as an inspiration for my life ,one day by Gods grace i will personally meet you. You are highly favoured

    • profile image

      Ishmael rashdy 7 years ago

      "I would live trying to live a simple complecated life like one of jose moriunho!"

    • profile image

      christopher 7 years ago

      Mr Mourinho is the best in the world today cos he study the game and play the game