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Best Table Tennis/Ping Pong Paddles

Updated on October 9, 2010

Best Table Tennis Paddles

Looking for the best table tennis paddles? As you begin to improve your table tennis / ping pong skills you will need to ditch that paddle that came with your table tennis table and get a new paddle.  That is where this article comes in, helping you choose the best table tennis paddle for you, whether you just want an affordable choice, the best reasonably priced paddle or are looking for weather resistance.

However it can be hard making a decision as there are so many table tennis bats around you have to take some time to work out what table tennis paddle is best for you. You also have to decide if you are just playing for fun, trying to get better and/or just skilled. I am not going to mention table tennis paddles for experts in this hub but will provide a nice overview of some of the best reasonably priced table tennis paddles.

Table Tennis Paddles
Table Tennis Paddles

Cheap but Good Table Tennis Paddles

Gamecraft Standard Sponge Rubber Paddle (2.0mm)
Gamecraft Standard Sponge Rubber Paddle (2.0mm)

The paddle described on the left - the best on this list


Best Cheap Table Tennis Paddles

Best Cheap Table Tennis Paddles

If you are looking for a really cheap table tennis racquet then I will show you the best onehere:

Gamecraft Standard Table Tennis Paddle

This is perfect for home use and even reasonably advanced use but don't expect to win any tournaments with it. This is a decent paddle which provides a good balance of speed and spin and is quite sturdy.

Best Weather Resistant Paddles at and Affordable Price

If you have an outdoor table tennis table then you will also want a weather resistant paddle so it will not be damaged in wet weather. The Cornilleau range does just that while being a quality bat at the same time!

Cornilleau Tacteo 30/50/60 - These table tennis paddles are all weather resistant and designed for use outdoors and are very durable. Quality paddles for use recreationally and at places like youth centres.

It also has some fantastic technology behind it - check out the video on Amazon.

Best Paddle

Best Paddle:

Butterfly Shikata Table Tennis Paddle - This is a wonderful paddle which is very good value for money. The handle feels really good and the paddle is just the perfect weight - not too heavy and not too light. You can play some advanced shots with this and it plays them really well.

The Shikata also comes with a cover and being made by Butterfly you know you can trust it as they are the leading table tennis brand - over 50% of professionals use Butterfly table tennis paddles!

It was rated 90 = Speed 85 = Spin 85 = Control - which are very high scores. You could use this paddle for quite competitive tournaments as well!

Rated very highly on Amazon by reviewers also!

I hope you have found this article useful and enjoy your new table tennis paddle. 

If you liked it please check out my other table tennis hubs, share this page, leave a comment and bookmark it! 


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