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Top Teams For The 2013 NHL Play-Offs

Updated on April 10, 2013

The Race To The NHL Play-Offs

The 2013 NHL Play Offs is right around the corner,and with this shorten season, the race to the NHL Play-Offs is tighter then ever. As always the month of aprill is full with excitement for all hockey fans. With the trade deadline ending in April,and the play offs starting in may, the month of april can be full of surprises, with teams making moves to be the best of the best.

The NHL 2013 Play-Offs is only weeks away with teams,and players gearing up, and getting ready to battle for the cup, it is essential that teams protect their best assets ( players) and put the plains in place for a great NHL post season Play-Off run.

Best NHL Teams In The East

So far, a few teams in the East have all ready clinched a play-Off Spot,and Coaches and owners are trying to put a strategy together that will help give their team the best chances to win the cup.In the NHL Teams rely heavily on the play of their goal tending, Special teams(Power Play,Penalty Kill) Face Off wins,and shot on goals, The teams who can do the above things well have the best chance to win the cup.

Top NHL Teams In The East

NY Islanders

My Top Picks In The East

Below are my three favorite teams,in witch i believe have the best chances to go to the final Stanley cup champion ship series.

  • Boston
  • Pittsburgh
  • Toronto

Top West Coast Teams

The battle for the NHL Play Offs is just as tight in the west as it is in the east. Coaches owners,and players are trying their hardest to get ready for the 2013 NHL Play Offs.As like past seasons the style of play in the west is very different from the east when comparing the hockey styles.NHL Teams in the west are quicker and are faster at break, outs and transitional hockey, where as teams on the east rely heavily on defence and there play of the teams goalies.

Top Teams In the West

Los Angeles
San Jose
St. Louis

My Top Picks On the West

The three teams below are my top picks for the best chances to going to the Stanley Cup Championship series in 2013.

  • Chicago
  • Vancouver
  • St Louis

Hockey Gossip

What Coast Will Bring The Cup Back Home In 2013

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