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Top Ten Camping Gear Essentials

Updated on November 30, 2014

1. HotHands Hand warmers

You will be very surprised at how well these work. They such an essential for hiking in the colder seasons and can provide heat for up to 10 hours. Simply shake to activate and they fit neatly inside your glove or pocket providing natural and safe heat. If you look around you will also find other makes of the same product.

2. Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Bottle

The come in a rainbow of colors and various sizes. Some bottles are made from materials that contain toxins however there are made from food grade stainless steel which is 100% free from harmful toxins and other chemicals. due to it's large mouth, it is easy to add ice cubes or pour in a pack of frozen fruit. It also has a leak resistant cap.

3. Personal Water Filter

A important item especially for emergencies as in provides very easy access to water in anywhere any time. My simply dipping the device into stream, lakes or even dirty muddy water, the device filters out all the impurities leaving behind clean tasteless drinkable water.

There is no after taste, since cleansing chemicals are not needed nor required. Also the water can be drunk straight away once it has passed through the filter since there are no chemical used. It will remove a large number of bacteria however it will not removed virus. Water polluted with viruses will require separate heat treatment.

4. Emergency Thermal Blankets

A must for all outdoor or camping activities in the colder seasons. these blankets retain / reflect about 90% of your body heat, keeping you a comfortable temperature through the cold night without making you sweat. Most are waterproof and weatherproof.

5. Air Mattress with pump

Seems very uxorious for outdoor / camping gear however this is a very popular items due to its portability and extreme comfort. Why not sleep like it's your own bed at home.

The SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress model in particular has 40 individual air coils keep the the mattress level and steady no matter which angle or position you sleep in. The EZ Pump system is designed to keep the mattress at the ultimate firmness level for maximum comfort. What's amazing too is that the EZ Pump inflated the bed in just 4 minutes.

The whole package comes with a nice handy storage / travel bag.

6. Hand Warmer - Zippo

Another simple item but perfect for those winter season in the outdoors. A simple hand warmer that can provide up to 12 hours of warmth with just the one filling. This one is similar to the Zippo lighter range.

7. Traction Cleats for Snow and Ice

Turn your standard hiking camping footwear into high grip traction shoes by simply attaching this equipment. Flexible for all sizes, light weight and durable for all your icy mountain climbing needs. A very good and cheaper alternative to buying expensive hiking boots.

8. LED Headlamp

The Head lamp is the perfect hiking and caving essential. Having both hands free to climb and navigate makes so much difference. Also the the light being LED you get that those extra hours of illumination for just little power. Most have a comfortable and adjustable strap the fits perfectly and stably to your head which on the move.

The are quite a number of models around however the most important factors is the light weight, stability and being waterproof. A heavy head lamp can wear out your neck muscle after extended use. The best ones feel like you are not even wearing anything, you could even forget to take it off.

9. Waterproof Match Kit

A regular lighter may not always be appropriate for camping and hiking conditions. A Box of Matches can get crushed, damaged or soaked in the wet. These are the best alternatives if you are thinking of making a fire. The UCO Stormproof Match Kit container is waterproof, the matches burn for around 15 secs giving you plenty of time. The matches burn in wind, rain and even under water.

10. Swiss Army Pocket Knife

The ultimate essential for any camping and hiking needs. The Swiss army knife goes way back to the 2nd World war when they were in fact used by the German speaking Swiss. However they were not as convenient as they are today with the multiple blades, scissors, can openers etc.


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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Thanks for the list of safe, healthy, comfortable camping gears. This is a good list to reference. Voted Up!


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