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Top Ten World Cup Heroes Pele-The Best

Updated on November 30, 2009

Simply the best

For many people Pele was the greatest player ever, a natural athlete his all round game was the best. He had a powerful shot , his dribbling was unstoppable and his visionary passing second to none. Add to this his lightning pace, powerful heading ability and prolific goalscoring, it was easy to see he was a born winner. Pele won his first world cup at the age of 17, and went on to win a record three world Cup Medals culminating with victory in the 1970 final with the finest Brazil side ever seen.

First World Cup

Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Pele was born October 23rd 1940.He first played for Santos he was 15and two years later played for Brazil in the 1958 World Cup.He made his debut against the Soviet Union, Brazil won 2-0 and qualified to play Wales in the Quarter-Finals.Pele scored his first World Cup goal as they beat them1-0.In the semi-final against France, he scored a superb Hat-Trick. the third was areal peach, he controlled the ball with his thigh and in the same movement volleyed an unstoppable shot into the net.The confidant attacking style of Brazil suited Pele, and his brace in the Final against Sweden was pure vintage.Another great volley and an exquisite header from Zagalo,s return ball after he had back heeled it to him.The final score was 5-2.The young Pele had burst onto the world stage in floods of tears as Brazil were crowned World Champions for the first time.


A triumphant Brazil retained the trophy in Chile four years later, Pele scored in the opening game against Mexico but took no further part in the tournament after he took injured against Czechoslovakia in the second match.

Pele was an international superstar by the time of the 1966 world cup in England.He scored a classic free-kick against Bulgaria whom they beat 2-0, but Pele was a marked man. He was effectively kicked of the pitch against Portugal where they were beaten 3-1, and knocked out of the tournament.Pele suffered knee ligament injuries and considered never playing in the World Cup ever again.

Pele celebrates with Jairzinho
Pele celebrates with Jairzinho

Mexico 1970

Pele did return though for the 1970 finals in Mexico, at the age of 30.He was the heartbeat of this mesmerising Brazilian team. The rejuvenated Pele showed the world his skills now immortalised by colour television. We were thrilled by his audacious lob of the czech goalie from the half-way line,only to miss the goal by inches.All of England remembers his thunderous downward header from a pinpoint cross from Jairzinho, which produced the greatest ever save from Gordon Banks, and not forgetting his spontaneous dummy to beat the Uruguayan goalkeeper.The flamboyant Brazilians cruised to the final against Italy.The rampant Pele headed them into a 1-0 lead, and Brazil's 100th goal in World Cup history.There was only one winner in this football fiesta. And Pele, the word's greatest player graced the final by conjuring a memorable goal, he took a pass from Jairzinho and then laid it off sublimely for Carlos Alberto to hammer it into the net and make the final score 4-1.Brazil became the first team to win the World Cup three times, and thus retain the Jules Rimet Trophy.


 Pele scored 12 World Cup goals,and scored in all four World Cups he played in . In 92 internationals for Brazil he scored 77 goals. He scored his 1000th career goal when playing for Santos.

After retiring the true football icon of his age became an ambassador for football throughout the world, he was also appointed as an ambassador for the United Nations and for Brazilian sport.


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    • Daniel Cutter profile image

      Daniel Cutter 5 years ago

      Pele was the greatest most complete player ever

    • ronaldoh profile image

      ronaldoh 6 years ago from England

      Football is all about opinions, and you make some valid points. It certainly was not all about Pele, Garrincha won Brazil the 1962 world cup(Pele was sidelined).Gerson was mom in the 1970 final and allowed Pele his free role.

    • profile image

      Jerry 6 years ago

      I hate the way a lot of youth think Pele is good without even watching him. I have to say Pele was never that good of a player. He was good but the myth around him is just that, a myth. He was an above average player who played in a good Brazil team. Take Pele out of that Brazil team history would have gone exactly the same with Brazil winning 3 world cups. For those that don't know Pele didn't even play in one of his world cup "victories' and was on the reserves. Maradona was always a better player yet fifa had their agenda to try and take that crown off him. Beckenbaur, Puskas, Cryuff, Muller, Zidane and the young Messi are all better than Pele ever was. I respect the past and Pele was a star in his time but no where near the all time greatest. To say Pele is the best of all time is to say that Zico, Carlos Alberto and others played no part in winning those world cups and it was all Pele? lol give me a break. Anyway I don't see him as a hero but rather an insecure asshole who gets jealous of other players hailed as the greatest ever so he kisses fifas ass to be booked to uneducated fans about how great he is. Frankly it will be good when he dies so we can remember the REAL greatest players of all time or as I like to think of it the best TEAM of all time. Football is a team game and Pele needs to understand that. There is no way Pele in his peak could match a TEAM coached by mourinho or verse the passing of Barca. Pele= biggest lie told to kids and is embraced by boomers to feel as though their era was a lot more significant then it really was.

    • SpiffyD profile image

      SpiffyD 6 years ago from The Caribbean

      Hmmm...the top ten should include the top ten...not just one. Each hub in this 'series' should be titled 'World Cup Heroes...' instead.

    • SXP profile image

      SXP 8 years ago from South Africa

      So who is going to win the 2010 world cup? Check out my hubs for info on South Africa