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Top US States for Fishing

Updated on June 27, 2017

Best Fishing States

Fishing is one of America’s oldest pastimes, and a beloved hobby for many. But which states in the US offer the greatest fishing adventures? After compiling data from multiple sources, including Back to Blue,, and others, I have put together what I consider to be the best US states for fishing. How many of them have you fished? What are some of your favorite states that I haven’t included?

1. Florida
Ocean access: Yes (Atlantic Ocean)
Number of rivers/streams: 25,949 miles of river
Number of lakes: 7,700 (over 10 acres each)
Different species of fish: 1,000+
Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission:

2. Alaska
Ocean access: Yes (Pacific Ocean, Arctic Ocean)
Number of rivers/streams: 12,000 rivers, streams, creeks (365,000 mi)
Number of ponds/lakes: 3 million (ranging from pond size to 1,000 sq.mi)
Different species of fish: ~75+
Alaska Department of Fish and Game:

3. Michigan
Ocean access: No
Number of rivers/streams: 51,438 miles of rivers & streams
Number of lakes: 11,000+ inland lakes
Different species of fish: 150+
Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources:

4. Pennsylvania
Ocean access: No
Number of rivers/streams: 83,260 miles of rivers and streams
Number of lakes: 2,500+
Different species of fish: 25+
Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission:

5. Louisiana
Ocean access: Yes (Atlantic Ocean)
Number of rivers/streams: 53,622 miles of river
Number of ponds/lakes: 1,000+
Different species of fish: 50+
Louisiana Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries:


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