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Torah Bright - Professional Snowboarder and 2010 Winter Olympics Gold Medal Winner

Updated on June 5, 2013

Torah Bright Wins Gold - Never Say Die!

Australian Snowboarder, Torah Bright, won the Women's Halfpipe Gold Medal at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. In true Aussie style she overcome great odds to claim her victory. Torah had suffered concussion twice through falls in practice in the three weeks leading up to the Olympics. She had already undergone a shoulder reconstruction in 2009.

Torah was shaken up by another fall on her first run at the Olympic competition - resulting in her being placed last in a field of 11. Despite the fall and last placing, Torah smiled, renewed her determination and pulled off a daring second run to set the benchmark for the competition field that included two former Olympic Gold Medal winners.

Her courage and determination paid off with a score of 45 out of 50 to take the Gold Medal.

You can visit Torah's site below for more information:

Torah Bright's Website

Photo Credit: Torah Bright Carrying the Australian Flag at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games Opening Ceremony - by s.yume

Torah Bright Wins Gold Medal

Torah Bright won a Gold medal at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver.

Torah Bright Wins Women's Halfpipe at 2010 Winter Olympics

New York Times Report - Australian Snowboarder Wins Gold Medal

The New York Times reports how the drama of the Gold Medal win unfolded:

Bright's run, punctuated by a trick called a switch backside 720, a perplexing double rotation with a blind landing that flummoxes all her competitors, scored 45.0 out of 50 points. It was more than enough to upend the past two American Olympic gold medalists.

Hannah Teter, who won at the 2006 Turin Games, earned the silver. Kelly Clark, the 2002 winner at Salt Lake, won bronze.

But on a night when many of the world's best struggled to stay upright during their zig-zag runs of tricks, it was Bright who handled the pressure and put the pressure on.

Saddled with the worst score of the first run because of an early fall, Bright was the first to go on the all-or-nothing second one. She got it all, stomping out the disappointment of a fifth-place finish at the Olympics four years earlier.

As she did at the top of the pipe before her run, she smiled and waved. She spotted her parents and cried. Then she waited.

Torah Bright Interview - February 2010 - Worldsport catches up with Torah Bright Before the 2010 Olympics!!

Torah Bright Carries the Australian Flag - 2010 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony
Torah Bright Carries the Australian Flag - 2010 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony

Torah Bright Carries the Australian Flag - 2010 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony

Gold Medal Winner leads the Aussies

Australian snowboarder Torah Bright leads her country in the Parade of Nations.

The Opening Ceremony for the 21st Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada was truly an event that I feel privileged to have attended. There is something about the Olympics, and the way it is able to unite the World. I met people from every corner of the globe, every one of them in a cheerful mood, every one of them getting along. Only an event like the Olympics can bring people from so far apart, so close together. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. Absolutely amazing.

Comment from s.yume - creator of the Opening Ceremony photo with Torah Bright.

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