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Total Body Circuit Strength Training Exercises

Updated on March 24, 2013

There are a number of exercises that can give you a total body workout. What you need to be aware of is that these exercises or workouts need to build up strength in your body equally and not be more in one part of the body while ignoring another. Let’s take a look at the many circuit strength training exercises for the whole body.

Squat jumps and skipping are a great way to get your whole body into play when it comes to strength training exercises. When it comes to skipping, make sure you vary the routine, starting with one foot, then the other, then going on to both feet together. This alternating between the two different ways to skip strengthens every part of the body. When it comes to squat jumps, make sure that your thighs are held parallel to the ground before you jump. Your feet should be as apart as your shoulder width and the top portion of your body should be bent forward a bit. When you jump, be sure to stretch your ankles as you do so.

Jumping in one spot is also a good form of exercise. Try to fall lightly and not heavily on your feet, with your knees going towards your chest. Falling heavily means a strain on your body so jump and land as though you were on a trampoline, ready to take off for the next jump.

You also need flexibility exercises in between more rigorous exercising. You could try stretches in between every exercise so your body becomes a lot more flexible. Stretch by raising yourself on your toes, bending down to touch the ground and swinging your body from side to side. Flexibility will helps you do a lot more strength training exercises for total body workouts.

Work out a programme for yourself where you exercise each part of your body and have at least three exercises for each part. Then, remember to stretch in between and punctuate these with total body exercises as well. This way, you can mix up the exercises and your whole body gets the benefits of workouts and strength training.


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