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Tour de France Jerseys: What they Signify

Updated on February 20, 2016
Leader in a yellow jersey
Leader in a yellow jersey

Colorful Winners

Most people are familiar with the famed yellow jersey of cycling fame, even if they aren't particularly engaged in the sport. But did you know that there are a few other important jerseys that various riders strive to earn? Introduced at various times during cycling's illustrious history, these jerseys represent achievements of the best sprinters, climbers and young riders in any number of cycling competitions, most notably, the Tour de France. See the table below for a guide to the meaning behind the jerseys.

Cycling Jerseys

What it Represents
Most Wins
Overall Leader and Final Winner
96 - Eddy Merckx
Leader of Points Classification (Sprinter)
6 - Erik Zabel
Polka Dot
King of the Mountains (first to reach the top)
7 - Richard Virenque
Best Placed Under 26 yo in overall standings
3 - Jan Ulrich; 3 - Andy Schleck
Germany; Luxembourg

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