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Trampolines for sale

Updated on August 17, 2009

Trampolines For Sale: Safety Tips To Consider

Trampolines for sale can provide your family fun as well as health benefits, but we need to look to other side as well where the fun can turn to misery thereby spoiling what was supposed to be an enjoyable time for you and the family by a person getting injured on the trampoline.

First of all when looking at trampolines for sale you need to consider how strong the material in the trampoline is. This can be an issue where the trampoline is second hand or the brand of the manufacturer is questionable, the best option is to buy a brand new trampoline and only from a trusted manufacturer.

For the mat the thicker it is the more safe it is bound to be. The springs need to be strong and sturdy as well, if their elasticity is good it means they are more durable as they can’t be easily stretched. The frame pad needs to be checked as well to see that it does not easily bow under pressure and it adequately covers the springs as an injury can occur as a result of landing on an exposed spring.

It is advisable to buy a large trampoline if the space permits because the larger a trampoline is the more unlikely a person is to fall off the trampoline due to lack of space. The regular and common trampoline is the 14ft trampoline which is considered safe for your family. Even if you get this size of trampoline it is a good idea to erect the trampoline in an area that has material that can easily absorb the fall if one were to accidentally fall off the trampoline such as a thick covering of grass.

To improve the safety of trampolines, some of the modern trampolines come with enclosures or nets. This is a good improvement as it means that one can’t fall off from the trampoline. There are still things one need to look at such as the material incorporated into the enclosure, some enclosures are supported by thick steel bars which can still be a hazard if one bumps into them.

At the end of the day after checking the various trampolines for sale with regards to safety, it must be mentioned that there is no substitution for supervision and you still need to follow guidelines for trampolines safety.

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