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Treading water made easy

Updated on May 28, 2016

How to tread water the easiest way, so that you can survive in the open sea

The idea of treading water in deep water, is to keep your head above the water while expending the least amount of energy.

Common mistakes with treading water:

1. Kicking/stroking too hard and too much with the arms and legs

2. Not coordinating the leg and arm movements properly

Easy tips on how to tread water:

Think of it, as you're doing a vertical breast stroke in the water. (A breast stroke is AKA as the 'Frog style'.)

1. You need to alternate between your arm and leg strokes

a. Frog kick with your legs. Make sure that you're kicking right by bringing your legs in vertically and close together, opening it out wide, then closing your legs swiftly to push the water out, hence propelling yourself.

b. Stroke with your arms by 'fanning' and pushing the water in a downwards motion. As you bring your arms back to the original position, make sure that you keep your arms close to your body to avoid pushing your body the opposite way which will create an oscillating motion which you do not want. (This will case your body to go up and down the water with your face submerged).

2. While you're alternating between your arm and leg strokes, keep your lungs constantly filled with air as you breathe. This is to increase your body's buoyancy further which will make treading water a lot easier.

3. Maintain a constant rhythm and stick with it. Keep relaxed.

How to learn treading water:

1. You can learn it with an inflatable vest whereby you can adjust how much air you can put into the vest to adjust your buoyancy - As you learn and progress, you reduce the air in your vest to reduce buoyancy.

2. Increase the timing of your tread water - This will teach you to stroke more efficiently, and this will help you condition your body to the movement of treading water. Basically the more you practice and the longer you practice, you get better at it!


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