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Trout fishing the White

Updated on October 18, 2010

A Snapshot of Heaven

My brother and his wife live in Arkansas. Myself and my wife also lived there for about four and one half years. I have since moved back to Indianapolis, Indiana but still miss one of the most beautiful areas I have ever seen.

Leave the city of Rogers, Arkansas go west on highway 62. First you will pass the Rogers Municipal Airport. You can't miss the Vietnam War era Ranger helicopter and jet mounted up on stands that make them look as though they are in flight. Travel farther and go past Pea Ridge National Park. Established in July,20 1956 it protects the site of a most important Civil War battle fought March 7th and 8th 1862. Go there and you might find artifacts still on the ground. Go there also so as not to forget the only war fought on American soil. Remember it so we don't repeat it. When you leave be careful of the deer, the area did belong to them first.. You will be driving in an area that is mostly woods. Keep on 62 and you will be headed for your destination. This is not a straight road and you will go up and down many hills. Take it easy and enjoy the scenery. This area is in some of the lower parts of Arkansas many mountains but your destination is the White River. The lower part of it was dammed by the Corp of Engineers beginning in 1960 and ending in 1966 to form Beaver Lake. This created a hydro power generating station and the water supply for Rogers and other cities. Along with that it has 487 miles of shoreline with some of the Best fishing and boating around. White River begins again as the spillway to Beaver Lake dam and runs into Bull Shoals lake. Get there between 5:30 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. to begin your float for rainbow trout. Drop in at the public access point into water that rarely goes above 70 degrees and mostly stays in the mid sixties. The west side is shaded by a large bluff until noon keeping the river darker longer, The east side is flat and has several small farms and cabins. The roosters will let you know if you are on time. The river is shrouded in a gossamer like veil of fog that extends up to about ten feet. After putting into the water glide through it south for about one mile. At this point the river turns slightly to the west and the bluff ends. Turn around and drift through the fog and fish the lightest fishing tackle you can find. Use barb-less hooks. By law it is the only kind you can use. Bait with artificial salmon eggs. They come in all colors but white, yellow and pink combined have always worked for me. When the trout hit you can feel it through-out your body. You can keep anything under 13 inches ( up to 5 total) and one over 16 inches. Fishing is secondary to the atmosphere .You tend to speak in lower tones as if you are in church and you are in the church that God created. It is peaceful and all other thoughts pass right through you. My only hope is that heaven, if I make it is like the White River gently floating you through the morning fog making you feel like you are in a cloud of peace and tranquillity.


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