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Trusting your Sixth Sense

Updated on May 20, 2010

Black Bear

Thwarting a Bear Attack


Here I am heading down to one of my favorite fishing holes,which is trekking through thick Conifers and brush.It will take me an hour at least to get down the Canyon to the River for some good fly fishing for Brown Trout.I am anxious to try my new pole out I purchased on gunbrokers web site.I have made this trip numerous times,but today is going to turn out a whole lot different.As I walk down the trail,and get about half way to the River,the hair on the nap of my neck starts to tingle as if telling me there is danger lurking in the forest close by.Now I am walking slower and looking back,but I haven't located any danger.I decide to climb up around 100 feet to a rock outcropping and wait for a while to see if my sixth sense is right.

After setting on the rock for five or so minutes,I see movement coming down the trail.It turns out to be a Black Bear following me.

Black Bear are known for coming up from behind and attacking their quarry.

When the Bear gets gets right below me I start to yell and throw rocks down in the brush,hopefully to scare it off.

As you can see it worked and the Bear took off down the trail on the fly.

I decided I would head back to the camp and forget about fishing this day,as it is a scary experience to be confronted by a preditor,when all you have is a fishing pole.

When you go into the forest,always take a friend or wear a pistol or pepper spray as it can save your life.

I shall always follow my sixth sense as it is usually right.

American black bear (scientific name: Ursus americanus) is the most common bear in North America .Though most people assume that the black bear is found primarily in the remnant wilderness of the eastern UnitedStates, the animal is in fact one of the most widely distributed large mammals in North America. It has adapted to widely differing habitats and ranges from Alaska to Florida, though it favors forested regions where it can feed on and take regue in trees. They have been living in North America as a distinct species for at least 2.5 million years and during this time they have colonized a wide range of habitats and have had time to adapt to local conditions.

They avoided grizzlies, animals that recently evolved in open habitats, by staying in the forest. Only in Northern Labrador, where there are not grizzly bears, do black bears now inhabit the open tundra.

A Neighbors story

 This attack took place not far from my home.

A Kern County woman who survived a near-fatal bear attack six months ago told her story to a national audience Thursday. It's been six months since the woman escaped the clutches of a 150-pound bear near her Piute Mountain home in central Kern County. I took a couple of steps into a berry thicket and there was a bear,'' she told a news caster on a nationally televised talk show Thursday. ''I made eye contact with it for about half a second. And I just had time to say 'oh no' and it boom, it grabbed me by my ears and pulled my head into its mouth and started biting me. I could hear it breathing and grunting into my ears,'' she said. ''I could hear the sound of my tissues being twisted and ripped. It was disgusting, but I thought 'I should remember this, because if I make it out of this, I'm going to have an amazing story to tell.' she survived only after her two dogs rushed to her aid, fighting off the bear so she could escape. She was able to drive several miles to a fire station where she sought help. I got to fire station said, 'hey guys I'm home.' These poor guys I thought they were going to faint, but they didn't.'' She was flown to UCLA Medical Center after the attack, where doctors were able to reconstruct her face. After several surgeries, she looks almost the same as she did before the encounter. Dr. said, I just took it piece by piece and tried to put it together. The one thing on my mind was this is a woman who survived a horrific attack. I don't want her to wake up, look in the mirror and regret surviving. She has no such regrets. I was amazed at the job they did putting me back together,'' she said. ''I thought, 'it's up to me to live and be healthy.' And I've been doing that..

This is incredible


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    • flread45 profile image

      Frank 8 years ago from Montana

      Yes Kari that bear was heading right down my trail.Must have been hungry!!

    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 8 years ago from Ohio

      I agree, always trust your sixth sense! I'm glad you did that day, or I may not be able to read your hubs! I really enjoyed this :D

    • AskSusanPeters profile image

      AskSusanPeters 9 years ago from Oklahoma

      Great story and wonderful suggestion!


    • charlemont profile image

      charlemont 9 years ago from Lithuania


      Good to know there are no bears around and I've never seen one! Or I'd die scared.

    • In The Doghouse profile image

      In The Doghouse 9 years ago from California


      You are beary lucky to be alive! (lol sorry I just couldn't resist.)