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Turn Your Backyard into a campsite with a Chiminea

Updated on February 17, 2013

Bring the Campfire to Your Backyard

In today's fast paced lifestyle we need to find ways to slow things down. Whether you are looking for time to spend with your family or just time to get away from everything and relax, a chiminea can be the answer for you. There is never any down time anymore. Between cell phones, facebook, instagram, twitter, skype, and all the others, we are never left alone. Our brains need time to rest. Sitting by a fire without any technology may be just what you need to refresh your mind.

Chimineas come in many different styles

Backyard fun

We've had a chiminea in our backyard now for over 10 years. Our kids love it. We just burn regular wood in it and since we live in a rural area, it's easy to come by. We sit out there for hours roasting marshmellows, laughing and talking. We also have a backyard pool so we can swim, then get out and sit by the fire. Our kids' friends love to come over and hang out by the fire. It's just a great way to have family time. It's so relaxing to just sit and watch the flames. They are also great when you have friends over for a barbeque. After an afternoon of eating and swimming, there is nothing better to help you relax than to sit by a fire and unwind. Or after a stressful day at the office, to just go out in the backyard and start a fire is a great tool to destress myself. There are just so many great things about using our chiminea. We would be lost without it.

My mother and her husband used to sell concrete lawn ornaments.  They often got in shipments of chimineas from Mexico.
My mother and her husband used to sell concrete lawn ornaments. They often got in shipments of chimineas from Mexico.

Chimineas are easy to get

Chimineas are available in many stores such as Walmart, Lowes and Target. They are also available online and can be shipped directly to you. The prices vary anywhere from $100 to up well over $450. It all depends on what you are looking for. They also come in many different styles. Some are considered outdoor firepits. What you want will depend on how you plan on using it. My sister-in-law bought an outdoor firepit which has a screen top. It is not easy to roast marshmellows, add wood, etc. The screen sides sometimes are hard to get back on and they obviously are hot. If you plan on roasting marshmellows and other things like hotdogs on a stick, then you want to make sure the style you choose works for you. If you just plan on sitting by the fire and relaxing the screen may be a good idea.

Chiminea Safety

Obviously when you have a chiminea or an outdoor firepit you must make sure you are using it safely. Many of the chimineas are made of clay or some form of pottery material. The bottom where the fire is will get hot. You need to make sure that the area underneath it is protected. There are stands that the chimineas can sit on, and they also sell fireproof mats that can be placed underneath. When you are done enjoying your fire you need to make sure it will go out safely. Don't walk away from a full burning fire and just go to bed. You should stop putting wood on the fire about a half hour or so from when you plan on calling it a night. Let the fire die down naturally. You don't want to dump a bucket of water on it if you have a clay chiminea as the sudden change in temperature may cause the chiminea to crack. Push the burning embers away from each other so they will go out faster. Make sure the fire is under control before leaving.

Chimineas can be a lot of fun.

Many areas have fire burning laws now and a chiminea can be a great, legal way to enjoy a fire in your yard. They are easy to get, easy to use, and easy to care for. If you are looking for a way to bring campfire enjoyment to your home a chiminea may be just what you are looking for.


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