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Turner Falls Park - Trout Fishing Day Trip

Updated on December 18, 2016

December 16, 2015 Update

Trout stocking at Turner Falls Park happened earlier this week. Could not go until Saturday, and as luck would have it a cold front was in the forecast for the afternoon!

Luckily, was able to get a round of fishing in as well as limit out on trout!

Had a great time... do note that the trout were stocked above the Waterfall this round.


View downriver from the Waterfall
View downriver from the Waterfall

On a Whim... To ANother River!

Like the day trip to the Lower Mountain Fork back in September (2014), I decided on a whim to try another new place to fish for Rainbow Trout.

See Lower Mountain Fork River - Trout Fishing Day Trip for more on the September's trout fishing day trip.

This time, I opted for Turner Falls Park in Davis, Oklahoma. It's a popular Summer get away, offering water activities, picnic areas, cabin rentals, camping sites, and hiking trails.

It is also the home of Oklahoma's largest waterfall - a 77' waterfall that cascades into a pool and the Honey Creek River.

Moreover, the Park stocks the river with Rainbow Trout when water conditions allow!

Trout stocked several seasons ago....
Trout stocked several seasons ago....

Cooler Temperatures Bring Trout STOCKINGS!

As Summer ends and Fall begins and cooler temperatures arrive, the Park stocks the river with Rainbow Trout.

This year (2014), the Park stocked the river in early November, allowed the fish to "settle in", and then opened the area to fishing on Saturday, 22 November.

Unfortunately, it rained all day Saturday which was a good thing for me as I had to work, else I would have been miserable knowing Rainbow Trout were in a river within a two hour drive from my front door!

Went Fishing... Limited Out!

Sunday the rain cleared out, I had no work or family commitments, and gas was under $2.50 a gallon.

These were all signs that I must act on my whim and go fishing, so.... I did!

For a view of the day trip's fishing action, checkout the video below this section.

Limited out with five Rainbow Trout; caught and released a number of others!

Getting There and Other Items of Interest

For ease of reference, here is a video that provides details about getting to Turner Falls Park.

It also provides other items of interest that may be useful for fishermen thinking about fishing the Park.

Do check it out when you get a chance!

Olive Near Deere
Olive Near Deere

Fishing Flies... Near Deere Worked

In preparation for the day trip, I tied several fishing fly patterns:

  • Olive Near Deere
  • Gold Ribbed Hares Ear Nymph
  • Zebra Midge.

These are same ones that I had used on the Blue River with good success.

Given the Blue River is "just down the road" near Tishomingo, I figured it would be a good start for fishing Turner Falls. That said, I never made it past the Near Deere pattern.

Even after losing my last olive one (lost six to snags and one break off), I switched to a White Near Deere and caught two of the larger Trout this trip with it!

Trout Fishing Permit
Trout Fishing Permit

Trout Fishing Permit

When you enter the Park, you will need to stop at the Gate Entrance and pay for a Trout Fishing Permit.

It's good for the day from 7AM to 5PM and costs $15.00 plus $1.43 Tax. Total cost is $16.43.

You also get a brochure with a map of the area, and be ready to show your Oklahoma Fishing License as the Gate Attendant will request it before issuing a permit.

PS: The Daily Limit for Trout is five fish. One less than the State's six fish limit.

November 28, 2014

Went back to Turner Falls on Friday, November 28. Had a great day fishing.

Had the whole river to myself for two hours; was the only fisherman there when the park opened.

Limited out with five Rainbow Trout; several were really fat!


Fished Turner Falls on Saturday. Enjoyed fishing the river; did not see another fisherman all day!

Had a great time, limited out as well as lost some really nice ones that broke off or threw the fishing fly.

One difference from last year, the area by the Waterfall and downriver from it is under construction, so they stocked the river above the Waterfall.


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    • hbng84 profile image

      hbng84 15 months ago

      Posted an update and latest fishing video to Turner Falls! Do check it out!

    • hbng84 profile image

      hbng84 3 years ago

      Good Luck SF!

    • profile image

      Sf 3 years ago

      Hit the blue 11/26 at the north west side walk in area caught six. May try Turner tomorrow!

    • hbng84 profile image

      hbng84 3 years ago

      Update: 11/29/2014... added video showing yesterday's fishing action. Section out in the "Back to Turner Falls for More Trout" video section above.

    • hbng84 profile image

      hbng84 3 years ago

      Good Luck! Went yesterday and limited out. Also, do try the Blue River, too. It's been stocked with Trout and is just down the road from Tishomingo.

    • profile image

      sf 3 years ago

      just found out about trout at turner falls yesterday talking to a guy on the lower Illinois. a lot closer for me I'm gonna come try it!

    • hbng84 profile image

      hbng84 3 years ago

      Added a new article. This one is another day trip; this time to Turner Falls in Davis, Oklahoma. Has videos of the day's action, last fish caught that day, and detailed info about the area fished!