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Two-goal lead, Barca have won circuit breaking

Updated on March 21, 2016

Goals: Bakambu 58 'Mathieu og 63' - Rakitic 21 'Neymar 42' penalty

Arrive as guests of Villlarreal, Barca had good start when the two-goal lead in the first half. Unexpected occurs only coach Luis Enrique after Gerard Pique put the break midfielder. Only six minutes after this change, with consecutive two goals to Villarreal equalized, including own-goal by Jeremy Mathieu - Players to replace Pique. Efforts in the last 30 minutes is not enough to restore Barca's lead, which had accepted the first match point after losing nine straight victories.

With the equalizer to Villarreal, Barca also lost the opportunity to widen gap with Atletico Madrid. The gap between the two teams currently leading La Liga is nine points, while the award will end after eight rounds anymore.

With the leader of a team is ranked fourth, Villarreal is actually not a new cause to wait until the second half to be difficult for Barca. Even in the first minutes, "Yellow Submarine" almost opened the scoring with a constant attack from the direction of Bakambu hit the crossbar. Denis Suarez, a former Barca player, can also cause dangerous situations for his former team when stunning technique and cross cutting attacks within 16 M50.

Besides the initial screen excitement, Villarreal also impressed by Messi dissected success - Suarez - Neymar. Unlike many previous battles, the trio did not create many phases coordinated dangerous ball in front of goal goalkeeper Asenjo, or can not finish the ball directly into the table live.

In attacking the ball, be dissolved, Barca have to resort to route power from two to break the balance. Most prominent among them is midfielder Ivan Rakitic. After 21 minutes, the Croatian players this opener for Barca with a strike pay after a free kick from Messi away. Into the second half, if lucky, may even have Rakitic scored twice after a header and a volley in the penalty area.

In a game not really excited, Messi is still the heart in attack Barca. In addition to leading to a free kick opener of Rakitic, also conducted Phase M10 balls Neymar leads to situations falling blocked illegally in the penalty Villarreal. Then, the right to give Messi to Neymar penalty doubled the lead. It is also the 21st goals of striker wore the number 11 Barca side in La Liga this season, less than five tables and a desk Suarez than Messi (Ronaldo still leading the race scorer with 28 goals).

If no unexpected events of the second half, Barca could have had a nice finish and tenth consecutive victory. However, this possibility can not happen after coach Enrique put Pique and Arda left the field. Without a central defender and a midfielder pillar conscious high defense, Barca suddenly losing inherent safety factor. After 58 minutes, Denis Suarez break into the penalty area forced the visitors Shot Bravo keeper pushed the ball out, enabling connection Bakambu shot down 1-2 lead. Villarreal's second consolation even more surprising: in the case against corner kick, Barca defender Mathieu to hit the ball into the net in hand and splashed the inability of Bravo.

The two goals so quickly to remove the negative impact also for the players psychologically guests. In the last 30 minutes, Barca took control but could not beat Villarreal defense. The two brightest situations belong Rakitic, but a goalkeeper Asenjo was narrowly neutralize, also a go inaccurate volley by too quickly.

To protect a precious point, Villarreal did not hesitate to play rough. The team is accepted subject to three yellow cards in seven minutes remaining (out of eight cards that draw for Villarreal arbitration).

With the draw Barca, Villarreal have 54 points after 30 matches. The team is still ranked fourth in La Liga, six points more than the opponent is followed right behind Sevilla.


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