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Types Of Pocket Bikes

Updated on July 23, 2009

Pocket bikes are essentially a scaled-down version of a full-sized motorcycle, with a powerful gas (40 - 49cc) or electric motor, steel or aluminum frame, with full suspension system, and heavy-duty brakes. These miniature motorcycles can be used for fun, recreational, or club racing activities, with a choice of motor cross or street bikes to accommodate all riding preferences. Whether that's tearing down a dirt trail or carving up another racer on a fast track somewhere.

Electric & Gas Pocket Bikes

Electric Pocket Bike

A miniature pocket rocket with electric engine is equipped with chain-driven, variable speed motor all designed to achieved a maximum speed of 14 - 15 mile per hour. These mini bikes offer a quiet operation, and rides on 10" - 12" tire to help in absorbing bumps for a smoother ride, with retractable kickstand, headlights, turn signals, etc. Electric batteries (12V x2) can offer a ride time of some 45 minutes on a single charge, all taking a reasonable four - six hours.

Gas Pocket Bikes

A mini motorcycle with a gas engine will operate with a lot more power that their electric cousins, and often outfitted with a 2 or 4 stroke air-cooled engine, for a quick acceleration, strong bottom torque, with a maximum power of 5 to 15hp, and able to go 20 miles per tank. A gas pocket bike can be more difficult to handle, due in it weight, as well as some models being very noisy.

Safety with a Pocket Bike

Before taking out one of these pocket motorcycles, it's necessary to wear the appropriate safety gear, such as elbow pads, knee pads, and helmet, as well as taking a time out to read through the owner's manual to have a complete idea of the operating and handling of said bike. These bikes are recommended for those aged 12 or older - with an upper weight limit of up to 140 - 150lbs. Not all miniature bikes are designed to run on public roads.

Searching for pocket bikes for sale isn't that difficult as its possible to find these miniature motorcycles at a multitude of stores, both on online and off. Taking a moment to search online will soon return a whole host of opportunities. These pocket rockets are a lot less expensive that a full-sized motorcycle. In fact, it possible to find these bikes for as little as $215 - $450, or more in some cases, depending on its capabilities.


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