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UFC 104 Results

Updated on September 1, 2016

I've had better

While I enjoy every single UFC, this one was a little disappointing. There were some surprise wins that made you go WTF??? and one crappy ref stoppage that shouldn't have happened. I wouldn't say I wasted 50 bucks, but I am glad that UFC 105 is free on Spike. I get tired of having great expectations for a fight card and coming up disappointed. Anyway, here's a complete list of results (crappy as some may be) from UFC 104. And just for fun, I've listed the bank these guys made from these fights. Think I may take up training!

Struve Vs Gormley C/O
Struve Vs Gormley C/O
Kingsbury vs Al Hassan
Kingsbury vs Al Hassan

The Blacked Out Fights

Once again, I'm not going to go by someone else's description of the fight. These are just the results.

Stefan Struve VS Chase Gormley

Struve wins due to triangle choke in Round 1 with 4:04 on the clock.

Kyle Kingsbury VS Razak Al Hassan

Kingsbury wins via split decision

Jorge Rivera VS Rob Kimmons

Rivera wins via TKO due to strikes in Round 3 with 1:53 on the clock.

Patrick Barry VS Antoni Hardonk

Patrick Barry wins via TKO due to strikes in Round 2 with 2:30 on the clock.

Ryan Bader VS Eric Schafer

Bader wins via unanimous decision

Yoshiyuki Yoshida VS Anthony "Rumble" Johnson

This fight didn't last long at all. Johnson came out with a mission, and he accomplished it. After a brief exchange from the two men, Johnson caught Yoshida and KO'd him. The bout was over with 4:20 left on the clock in the first round! In the post fight interview with Joe Rogan Johnson said "I just saw somebody chasin me so I just hit em!"

Kimmons vs Rivera
Kimmons vs Rivera

Joe "Daddy" Stevenson VS Spencer "King" Fisher

This was one of my most anticipated fights because I love to watch both men. They didn't disappoint, either. Both guys came with their A games for an exciting fight. Very early in the first round, Fisher is cut over his right eye. It then becomes a very defensive fight, with both men hesitating to become more aggressive. Stevenson takes the back of Fisher after a brief exchange and lands some serious blows to the right ear. Then sounds the bell. Round two starts much the same as round one. There is a takedown by Stevenson and he takes the mount. He pounds Fisher with strikes and elbows and attempts a leg lock. With the leg lock unsuccessful he takes the half guard and throws more elbows. Stevenson eventually traps both arms and throws so many elbows that Fisher is forced to tap out. In the post fight interview with Joe Rogan, Stevenson explains how he mastered the maneuver used to make Fisher tap, "My little sister and my big sister used to team up and do that to me to put makeup on me when I was little..."


Sonnen vs Okami
Sonnen vs Okami

Yushin Okami VS Chael Sonnen

Early in round one Sonnen achieves a takedown with Okami able to get back to his feet almost immediately. This happens a couple more times until Sonnen pins Okami against the cage. Knees to the back of the thigh by Sonnen are answered by foot stomps from Okami. They move to the middle of the ring for a brief exchange of blows before the bell. Round 2 was almost a carbon copy of round 1. In round 3 both men are trying for a KO before the final bell rings. They make it to the ground where Sonnen has Okami's back. Okami tries for a kimora to no avail and the fight went the distance. All three judges scored the fight 30-27 for the winner Chael Sonnen.

Barry vs Hardonk
Barry vs Hardonk

Gleison Tibau VS Josh "The Dentist" Neer

This fight started out explosive but lost some steam as it went along. It was evenly matched so there wasn't as much action as the audience would like. In the very beginning of round 1, Gleison threw Neer on his head. Neer jumped straight up and threw a leg kick to Tibau that very obviously hurt. Tibau then threw Neer down again (I don't use takedown because he literally threw him...) and yet again. They get back to their feet for a brief exchange before the bell for round 1 rings. Round 2 was exactly the same as round 1 with fewer throwdowns achieved by Tibau. An armbar is attempted by Tibau to no avail. He is clearly gassed. Round 3 was much of a defensive fight with little action and, dare I say it, quite boring. At the end Neer throws some body shots and a couple of elbows. The fight went all the way to a unanimous decision. 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 for the winner Tibau.

Bader vs Schafer
Bader vs Schafer

"Big" Ben Rothwell VS Cain Velasquez

 This fight gets my fight of the night, even if the stoppage was some bullshit. These men wanted to tear each other's heads off and they tried. Round one starts with an immediate takedown by Velasquez. Rothwell tries for a kimora while they are on the ground with no success. Velasquez picks up Rothwell and slams him on the ground! They stand for a brief exchange only to get back to the ground with Velasquez in mount. Once again they get back to their feet and Velasquez succeeds in another takedown. He's throwing elbows with Rothwell pinned against the fence. Velasquez takes the mount and utilizes some ground and pound! He takes the back of Rothwell then they make it to their feet. Velasquez gets another takedown and continues the pounding. Rothwell's left eye is swollen. *Whew*. That's the end of round 1.

Round two begins with Rothwell as the aggressor. He comes from his corner and throws a kick. He then succeeds in a takedown of Velasquez and takes his back. He gets pinned against the fence and Velasquez throws a number of punches while both men are trying to stand. The ref stops the fight. Ben Rothwell is rightly pissed about the premature stoppage of the fight. In my eyes, he was totally coherent and defending himself. So Velasquez wins via TKO in Round 2.

Tibau vs Neer
Tibau vs Neer

Mauricio "Shogun" Rua VS Lyoto "Dragon" Machida

This fight sucked so much ass that I didn't even take many notes. This is literally what my notes say

"There was a back and forth the fight went the entire 5 rounds with Machida winning a unanimous decision. What some shit"

So let's just say that it really wasn't anything special. And I don't think Machida won at all. Just saying.

Velasquez vs Rothwell
Velasquez vs Rothwell


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  • BeccaHubbardWoods profile imageAUTHOR

    Becca Hubbard-Woods 

    24 months ago from Outside your window.

    He has made quite the ...erhm... impression on some folks. I still haven't decided whether I think he's cocky or confident. I do know I love to see him fight and love his controversial comments to the media as well. But I can't lie, I've been a Diaz fan for years now. I felt empathy for Nate watching him on Ultimate Fighter and so I seem to always pull for him now. My husband and I are toe to toe on this one, as he adores McGregor. It's fun in our house on fight nights LOL

  • Jodah profile image

    John Hansen 

    24 months ago from Queensland Australia

    I saw some trouble at the press conference. Some guys harrassing McGregor and him getting quite agro.

  • BeccaHubbardWoods profile imageAUTHOR

    Becca Hubbard-Woods 

    24 months ago from Outside your window.

    It was quite a while ago. I think we're up to 201 now? I lost count lol. I still remember this one specifically, though. Machida had been so impressive previously and I was super excited to see him! And it seemed like the fight was just a stalemate. Now this Saturday's rematch between McGregor and Diaz is going to be great. I hope. XD

  • Jodah profile image

    John Hansen 

    24 months ago from Queensland Australia

    It was awhile ago, but I think I watched this fight program. I was looking forward to the Machida vs Shogun Rua fight but was totally disappointed. When I first saw Machida fight I thought he'd be something special but he just kept disappointing me. I know Shogun defeated him in a rematch.

  • BeccaHubbardWoods profile imageAUTHOR

    Becca Hubbard-Woods 

    8 years ago from Outside your window.

    Congrats on the blue belt MCL! That's wonderful! I also look forward to UFC 105, and I'm really glad it's free this time. My husband and I are die hard fans of UFC (and no, it's not because of the muscular, sweaty men rolling around on the ground - doesn't hurt though lol) so we watch every one we can. Thanks for the comment! : )

  • More Costen Less profile image

    More Costen Less 

    8 years ago

    Okay, you've just covered my husbands favorite sport ever!! e ahve the entire family involved in Brazilian Jujitsu, even I am involved (I've made it to a blue belt) and we really love it!. Looking forward to next UFC this weekend on Spike...Thanks for sharing!


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