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UFC 118 Fight Event !

Updated on February 9, 2012

UFC 118 Fight Event !

The Ultimate Fighting Champion Ship is finally coming to Boston. On August 28, the UFC is heading to the Boston garden for the very first time in the history of the UFC. The third UFC fan expo will also take place in Boston shortly after the fighting event.

The UFC 118 Fight Event is going to be a great night of fights, with some high level of fighters duking it out in the octagon. There are many ufc 118 fight card Rumars, But one thing is for shore , headlining the show is going to be Randy Couture taking on the very talented James Toney.

Randy Couture vs. James Toney At UFC 118 !

 Randy Couture VS James Toney The Fight Break Down !

The Man who needs no introduction, Randy Couture  is  a pioneer.  some say he  is the god farther of mma. Randy Couture is a very strong wrestler who knows how to wear down his opponents using the cage. also Couture is  the king of ground and pound.Witch i believe is the key to Couture victory against Toney. This Match up is a great cross discipline type of fight.  I believe Randy Couture is the best person to welcome Toney to the world of mma.

James toney is a world champion-golden glove boxer, with many huge knockouts and victory's under his belt. James diffiently knows how to pack a punch. Toney has never fought in the UFC or any other type of mma event. I believe that Toney will not know how to work off the cage, or even be able to handle the clinch work of Couture. But on the other hand if Toney keeps the fight on the feet and away from the clinch game of Couture then Toney could pull off a victory. Couture  relay knows what its like to be in a serious battle, and i believe that Couture is way to much for Toney to handle. I predict that Couture wins VIA submission in the first round.  

Rumored UFC 118 Bouts !

# Joe Lauzon VS. Terry Etim.

# Andre Winner VS Nik Lentiz.

# Nate Marquardt VS Rousimar Palhares.

# Marcus Davis VS. Nate Diaz.

# Mike Pierce VS. Amilcar Alves.

Joe Rogan Thoughts On James Toney !


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