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UFC 145: Jon Bones Jones VS Rashad Evans

Updated on March 9, 2012

UFC 145 Jon Bones Jones VS Rashad Evans

UFC 145 takes place next month and this could be the biggest fight for Jon Bones Jones and Rashad Evans. Jon Bones Jones VS Rashad Evans is the main event at UFC 145 and it is one of the biggest fights that the UFC has had in months. Jones will be defending the UFC light heavyweight title against Evans. The fight promises to be exciting and be one of those fights you will not want to miss. So who is going to walk out of UFC 145 as the light heavyweight champion?

Jon Bones Jones will walk out the UFC light heavyweight champion. Evans is a very good fighter but Jones is the fighter who will walk out as the champ. Is it going to be easy though? Probably not.

The start of the first round will most likely be a lot of back and forth action but nothing to explosive. The two fighters will most likely remain wary of one another. However, towards the end of the first round fans can probably expect a lot of attempted takedowns by Jones. Jones will most likely not be able to take the fight to the ground and this will allow Evans to get quite a few good punches on Jones.

Once round two comes along, Jones will realize that he will not be able to take Evans to the ground. This is when Jones will do what he is known best for and that is land crazy strikes. Fans can expect to see Jones unleash a vicious beating onto Evans early on in round two. It is probably safe to say that Evans will be used as a punching and kicking bag for almost the entire round but it is likely that the fight will go into round three. Rashad Evans will probably be able to barely survive round two.

However, once round three rolls around Jones will most likely finish Evans off very quickly. Evans will be knocked to the ground and Jones will unleash many brutal strikes. The ref will be forced to stop the fight and Jones will retain the title.

Who is going to win: Jones or Evans

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