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UFC 160: Junior Dos Santos VS Alistair Overeem

Updated on February 28, 2013

A lItte History Behind The Fight

UFC 160 will take place on May 25, and there is a fight that will be occurring that night that many people cannot wait to see. That fight is Junior Dos Santos VS Alistair Overeem.

Junior Dos Santos VS Alistair Overeem was supposed too take place awhile ago. However, Overeem ended up getting banned from fighting for a little while, and the fight did not take place. Instead, the former champion, Dos Santos, ended up defending the UFC heavyweight title against Cain Velasquez, who ended up winning the title.

Overeem ended up getting knocked out by Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva, who will be fighting Velasquez for the title on the same night that Overeem will fight Dos Santos.

Junior Dos Santos Strengths

When you think of Junior Dos Santos, you usually think of amazing stand-up technique and amazing punching power. If you think of these things when Dos Santos springs to mind, then you are correct. Junior Dos Santos packs a powerful punch. In matter of fact, the first time Dos Santos and Velasquez fought, Dos Santos ended up knocking out Velasquez in under a minute of the first round. He struck Velasquez with a strong punch and that was it. Dos Santos has demonstrated superior punching power in other past fights too. When it comes to strengths, Dos Santos' punching power takes the top spot.

Alistair Overeem's Strengths

Alistair Overeem has many strengths, just as Dos Santos has many strengths. However, when it comes to striking (both kicks and punches), Overeem demonstrates excellent power. As everyone knows, if they are an Overeem fan, then they saw Overeem deliver a kick to former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar. In matter of fact, Overeem was once the Strikeforce champion and he is considered to be one of the best kickboxers in the entire world. His punching and kicking power are the two best things Overeem has going for him when it comes to fighting. His punching power alone is enough to beat any opponent he steps into the Octagon with.

Prediction One: Overeem Beats Dos Santos

Here is my first prediction:

If Overeem defeats Dos Santos, then the fight will more than likely last three rounds. The fight will be mostly standing, with Dos Santos and Overeem exchanging punch after punch after punch in the first two rounds. Eventually Overeem lands a lucky kick to the side of Dos Santo's face, which will send Dos Santos down to the ground, and that is when the ref will stop the fight.

Prediction Two" Dos Santos Defeats Overeem

Below is my second prediction of what will occur at UFC 160:

If Dos Santos ends up beating Overeem at UFC 160, then the fight will probably end towards the end of the first round. Dos Santos will use his speed to his advantage and unleash a fury of punches on Overeem, and one of those punches will send Overeem straight to the mat. When that happens, then the ref will be forced to stop the fight, and Dos Santos will leave UFC 160 as the winner.

Comparing Overeem And Dos Santos

Earlier we discussed Overeem's and Dos Santos' strengths, but lets compare the two fighters.

Both Overeem and Dos Santos have amazing striking power, but it is probably safe to say that Dos Santos can out punch Overeem. However, it is also safe to say that Overeem's kicking power is unmatched by any other fighter's kicking power, and that goes for Dos Santos too.

Dos Santos also appears to be faster than Overeem, which could help Dos Santos close the fight quickly. Dos Santos also seems to be able to have more stamina than Overeem, but Overeem does seem to have a size advantage over Dos Santos.

When it comes to ground skills, Overeem and Dos Santos is quite equal, so if the fight goes to the ground the chances are slim that the fight will end. The fight will likely come to an end when one of the fighters receive a punch or a kick, which will send them down to the mat.


Junior Dos Santos VS Alistair Overeem at UFC 160 is going to be one of the most watched fights that the UFC has had in a while.

Once again, if anyone wants to tune into the fight, they will be able to do so on May 25th.


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